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Make a Deal
Make a Deal English, baby! Video Lesson

First Conditional

Date: Jun 14 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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When you make a deal, you agree to something that benefits you and someone else. Business deals happen every day when one company agrees to work with another. In business or in relationships, making a deal always involves compromising.

Imagine there’s one company that sells a product and they make a deal with another company to buy the product. They have to agree on a price. That’s how you make a deal.

Ella recently adopted a child. Her boyfriend Jeff isn’t happy about it. See if they can make a deal and find a way to stay together.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  Alright, so, how about this. Let’s make a deal.

Ella:  What kind of deal?

Jeff:  If you get rid of Table, I’ll start introducing you at parties and other social functions as my girlfriend.

Ella:  How about this? If I get to keep Table, I’ll hire someone to wash your car every day and wax it too.

Jeff:  If you get rid of Table, I will throw away my toenail clippings from the bathroom floor.

Ella:  That’s sick. You should already be doing that.

Jeff:  What? That’s your job!

Ella:  If I get to keep Table, I will shave your neck for you. You need help with that.

Jeff:  Come on. I can do that myself. If you get rid of Table, I will start holding your hand in public.

Ella:  Come on, really? If I get to keep Table, I will make reservations at that fancy restaurant you really want to go to that you have to wait a year ahead of time because, you know, I know the boss, and then tickets to the opera that you’ve been wanting.

Jeff:  We still have Table. That’s a problem. How about this? If you give Table up, I’ll buy you that pair of shoes you’ve been talking about every day for the last three months. You know those ones? Come on. And…we just give Table to Dale. He’d have a place to live.

Ella:  This is true.

Jeff:  Dale really seems to care for him. We’d have more time in our relationship.

Ella:  Yeah. I’m past the nine-day trial policy, so that would work.

Jeff:  Sounds good to me.

Ella:  We made a deal.

Jeff:  Deal it is.


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Ella wants Jeff to accept her adopted son. She offers to do all sorts of nice things for him if she will.

Jeff wants Ella to give up the boy. He finally offers to buy her a very expensive pair of shoes if she will give the child to Dale. Dale seems to like him a lot anyway. Ella agrees.

Have you ever made a deal? What is the best way to make a deal?



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Viet Nam

Sometimes I have to make a deal. However, I’ve learned the hard way to compromise. For small things in life, i think there’s no need to fight too hard. Instead, both parties will be happier even if one of them know how to give up on time.

07:28 AM Jun 14 2011 |




All life is relationship and making deals//  how well you cave in to it in order to keep going with life//sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is hidden.

06:12 AM Jun 14 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am really lucky ella didn’t adopt me because so i worth just a pair of shoes :(

05:55 AM Jun 14 2011 |



In my opinion,we should calm down,and think more about others,then we can make a deal friendly。

04:10 AM Jun 14 2011 |



Viet Nam

When I make a deal, I always want to have win-win solution. Compromising is best way to control to make sure both of the sides satisfied with the solution in the end

12:30 AM Jun 14 2011 |

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