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Used To Do vs. Be Used To

Date: Jun 13 2011

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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The idea of walking through a cemetery alone at night is pretty creepy. But during the day, cemeteries can be beautiful and peaceful spots. Still, not many people like to hang out in cemeteries, unless they’re visiting a loved one’s grave.

In the US, people sometimes bring flowers to the graves of their relatives. On Memorial Day, which just passed, soldiers’ graves are often decorated with flags. But overall, cemeteries aren’t visited very often. They have a reputation for being spooky or haunted, especially after dark.

Hear Amy tell Jason about her recent visit to a cemetery.


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Amy:  It’s such a nice day, it was a really good day to go visit my grandmother’s grave.

Jason:  Whoa, where’s your grandmother buried?

Amy:  Oh, you know, in a cemetery. It’s really beautiful. It’s so well-kept, and I go there a few times a year and bring flowers. It’s a pretty nice place to just take a walk, too, it’s really pretty.

Jason:  Really? I just think of cemeteries being so creepy and depressing.

Amy:  Well, maybe if you go there at night, but if you go during the day they’re really peaceful.

Jason:  And so you leave flowers on her gravestone?

Amy:  Yeah, I mean I think it’s important to honor the dead and everything, even after they’re gone.

Jason:  Yeah, I guess. I don’t know, I just always am a little superstitious about cemeteries. Like I don’t know where to step. I’m worried I’ll step on a grave and that’s like bad luck or something.

Amy:  Right. Yeah, I mean, I felt differently I guess when I was younger. They used to be kind of scary. But no, now I find them really, you know, really peaceful and…especially if they’re older cemeteries, there are some beautiful old gravestones and mausoleums that can be interesting to look at.

Jason:  Well, maybe next time when the park is too crowded with people playing ultimate Frisbee I’ll venture over to the cemetery.


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Amy just returned from the cemetery where she went to put flowers on her grandmother’s grave. She says it’s a beautiful day for visiting the cemetery.

Jason thinks it is weird that Amy enjoys going to the cemetery. He finds cemeteries spooky and creepy. He has a superstition about stepping on people’s graves. He thinks it is bad luck.

But Amy says it is important to honor the dead by visiting their gravestones. She agrees that cemeteries can be scary at night, but she thinks they can be peaceful and pretty during the day.

Do you ever visit the cemetery? What do you do to remember your loved ones who have passed away?



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Viet Nam

This talks make me feel guilty as I did not go to visit my grandparents’s grave for the last long time. 

02:19 PM May 06 2012 |




i visit cemeteries 2 times and i take flowers for my grandmother but i feel scary from cemeteries._ thank u.

09:42 PM Jul 09 2011 |




No i never vist any cemeteries

08:52 PM Jul 09 2011 |




Yeah… i go there every 2 or 3 months…
I have alot of people to visit there…
who have passed so far away…
I go to their graves with flowers… put flowers on their graves…
Pray for them… & when i find all alone there then i speak to them…
as if they’re right infront of me…
I feel lighter inside after that…
To remember them i just think about the THOSE GOLDEN MEMORIES

10:06 PM Jun 17 2011 |




no,I don’t . I just listen to blue music …...

02:56 PM Jun 16 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I visit the cemeteries very often to visit the graveyards of the loved ones who have passed away. My family brings some food, that we put on the graves, like giving it to the ones who aren’t with us any more. We sit there some time, and then go home. It is a custom that we always wash our hands when we get back from the cemetery.

05:24 PM Jun 14 2011 |



Viet Nam

I have visted my grandfarther’s grave a few times every year. It’s not really spooky in the morning, so I walk around cemetery for a while. In my country, we have to bring fruits, food, flowers and some kind of paper clothes, car, or money to pay tribute to your relatives. After the ritual, we will burn all of paper as a way to send those things to them, because people in my country think that they die in the real world, but they would live in another world as it seems to be called under world

12:19 AM Jun 14 2011 |




no body like cemeteries not beacuse they are spooky its just we are afraid to accept the fact that life is not that long

11:18 PM Jun 13 2011 |

Ari Soto

Ari Soto


I have visited cemeteries and I think they´re a placeful places. In Mexico we celecrate the died with parties and diferents mmm rituals. The cementeries are to reflect and think in your family.


09:09 PM Jun 13 2011 |




THE visiting of cemeteries is important to whom we love. In Islamic legislation, when you visit the Dead must be praying for him and ask God to bless his soul.

08:56 PM Jun 13 2011 |




In Buddhism, the cemetery is the place that kept the left bones after cremation. When people want to remember their loved ones who’ve passed away, they just visit to the cemetery, clean it up, put a flower, and sometimes foods at the charnel house.

btw, i’m 1st!! ;P never ever before hahahaha

08:19 PM Jun 13 2011 |

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