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The Hangover Part 2
The Hangover Part 2

The Modal Verb "Can"

Date: Jun 24 2011

Themes: Party

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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They say lightning doesn’t strike twice. But that doesn’t mean the same group of guys can’t have a crazy bachelor party that results in at least one kidnapping, one bizarre incident involving an animal, and a ton of other things going awry. According to Hollywood, that is.

In the first Hangover, a group of friends shared a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas and woke up the next morning to find they’d lost the groom. In the new movie, it’s another member of the group’s turn to get married, and he wisely decides on a quiet pre-wedding brunch instead of the traditional guy’s night out.

But a quiet pre-wedding brunch wouldn’t make a very interesting movie, would it? Luckily for fans of the first Hangover, it isn’t long before things start going terribly wrong for the guys…again. Hear why Mason and Jason can’t wait to party with The Hangover Part 2.


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Jason:  Mason, will you be part of my wolf pack?

Mason:  I will. Are you asking me to go see The Hangover 2 with you?

Jason:  Yes.

Mason:  Absolutely. I gotta say, and this will probably sounds silly, but the premise just seems a little ridiculous for me.

Jason:  For the second one?

Mason:  For the second one, whereas the first one was a pretty ridiculous premise, but the fact they say it’ll happen another time. You know what I mean?

Jason:  Right, right. You’d think they’d learn the lesson the first time, the Hangover guys.

Mason:  Right. But nevertheless, I certainly don’t know what will happen, like how they’ll make that shift from a nice well-planned event to everything going awry.

Jason:  I mean, it can happen. Like have you ever just been on vacation and you anticipate it’s gonna be completely normal, and just, things go crazy?

Mason:  I generally play it pretty safe, so I don’t know, have you ever had things just go off and turn for the worst?

Jason:  Yeah, I mean things can go awry if you get the right person out of their home environment. Like some people just kind of lose it when they get out of town or out of the country. And you can sometimes not tell who those people are going to be until you have them with you.

Mason:  Hmm.

Jason:  Best to play it safe, go with people you’ve seen photos of them on vacation, evidence it seemed to go well. Those are the friends to travel with.


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Jason is excited to see The Hangover Part 2 and he wants Mason to go with him. Mason agrees, even though he thinks the premise of the Hangover sequel is a little silly. He can’t believe a bachelor part would go terribly awry twice for the same group of guys.

Jason thinks it’s easy for things to go awry when you’re on vacation, especially if you’re traveling with people you don’t know very well. He says it’s better to travel with friends who won’t surprise you by doing something crazy that could ruin your vacation.

Do you like to have wild nights out with your friends?
Have you ever had a vacation go awry? Who is your favorite person to travel with?



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This is definitely one of my favorite movies! :)

07:49 PM Apr 13 2014 |

Vina Novalina


I have watched The Hangover Part  I and the second one and i can say that its never get old, the awesome funny movie ever, i never get tired watching Bradley Cooper CS , they are really out of the rockers hehhe, can’t wait for The Hangover Part III next year in LA. Cheers Tongue out

08:03 PM Dec 06 2011 |


Viet Nam

Nope, It is pitty to said that I have not any vaction go awry. Sometime, I think I lost something in my life. Everything is going on safe is not good as you not enjoy your life.Now, I think, I really like going awry with a pretty girl I don’t know before. We can actx all wild night. I can not stop thinking about it.desiring it happen on a vacation or at a bachelor party very much. It is ridiculous but I like it.

04:29 AM Jun 27 2011 |





09:14 AM Jun 26 2011 |




No, I don’t like,it’s insecure with myself. No, I never Normally, I make a good plan always. My favorite person to travel with people of my family.

08:23 AM Jun 26 2011 |



Viet Nam

How could I join in chat room?

06:29 AM Jun 26 2011 |

Eza Robert

Eza Robert



04:36 AM Jun 26 2011 |




very nice crazy movie!!

10:56 PM Jun 25 2011 |



I have a rediculouse experience when i travel with a friend i did not know very well. That was nightmare. He tried to take photoes when i took shower, of course, he was hiding it. When i realized, i chucked him out right away. That was horrible.

03:49 PM Jun 24 2011 |




Depends, if I can trust these friends, I don’t mind.Never, normally I make good plans.Probably my best friends or bf.

08:45 AM Jun 24 2011 |



hi,I really would like to improve my english more because I am an english teacher,I would like to keep in touch with u Mr.timechangebest,I do like your comments,and I would like to say that things sometimes really get awry ,especially with me,I expect things will go right but they most of the time get wrong and turn for the worst and vice versa

08:34 AM Jun 24 2011 |




Sometimes I’d like to have wild nights out with friends and I love this movie!! :D :D

06:04 AM Jun 24 2011 |

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