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Learn about the Unreal Past

Date: Jan 31 2012

Themes: Fashion, Holidays

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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Everything becomes cool if you just wait long enough. Glasses are a perfect example. For a long time, glasses were nerdy. Now they’re so hip, even people with perfect vision are wearing them.

When shopping for a new pair of frames, there are many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. You can get thick and chunky frames, or small, sleek frames. You can even get glasses that turn into sunglasses when you step outside. It’s never been so good to be a four eyes. Hear Jason and Amy talk about glasses.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Something miraculous has happened for people without perfect vision everywhere.

Amy:  What?

Jason:  Glasses have become cool again!

Amy:  It’s true! I kind of wish I could wear glasses.

Jason:  You could, I mean…

Amy:  No, but you cannot wear glasses if you don’t need them. That is ridiculous.

Jason:  But people do!

Amy:  I know, but I think that’s really silly.

Jason:  You can buy them in stores with just regular lenses that don’t do anything.

Amy:  I know. I think glasses are cute. I really like glasses. But I think it’s ridiculous to wear them if you don’t have to.

Jason:  Yeah. I have these vintage Buddy Holly glasses, and people often ask me if they’re real. And I say, “Yes! They’re real glasses.”

Amy:  That’s crazy. Well, I recently went shopping for glasses with a friend of mine who needed to get a new pair. And I was just amazed by how much putting on a pair of glasses changes your face. It’s really a big thing to put glasses on your face. And different ones have such a different effect.

Jason:  Yeah. I have two pairs. I have one that’s really…you can’t miss that they’re glasses. And then the others are trying to be as minimal as possible.

Amy:  But now, you’re right, people just go all out when it comes to glasses. Big frames, you know…

Jason:  What happened? Was it Weezer? Who started this?

Amy:  I don’t know. That was so long ago.

Jason:  It was slow. It was a slow build.

Amy:  It was.

Jason:  Because glasses were so nerdy for so long.

Amy:  It’s true, but times have changed.


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Jason says that wearing glasses has become cool. That’s good for him, since he has to wear glasses anyway.

Amy thinks glasses are cute and sometimes wishes she had to wear them. Jason tells her she can wear glasses even if she doesn’t need them. Stores sell frames for people whose vision is fine. But Amy thinks it’s silly to wear glasses if you don’t really need them.

Jason wonders why glasses suddenly became cool. Nobody knows, but he and Amy agree that glasses have gone from nerdy to hip.

Do you wear glasses? Do you think glasses are cute? What kind of frames do you like?



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United States

Glasses are nerdy indeed. Especially with large frames. But nowadays it`s so popular some even wear glasses without lenses.

However, glasses can be found not only on human face. You can find some exceptional stained glasses in churches or houses. Stained glass repair service is the one many of them need


09:48 AM Apr 27 2017 |



I wear glasses but I don’t like them, I don’t think that wearing glasses is cool. It is necessary for short sight that have no choice, but it is ridiculous to wear them if someone dosen’t need. Wearing glasses is very inconvenient if I want to make up I have to wear contact lenses instead it. I hope to take off glasses let my face reduce the stress.

08:55 AM Sep 05 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I WEAR glasses i like them .i like the shape and its black color.generally i dont like to be a person who sees better through glasses because of her eye sight.

06:12 AM Aug 05 2014 |



I wear glasses but I hate them because they are nerdy I think. But I couldn’t live without the glasses. Anyway, many people use glasses on the door. Toronto stained glass is one of them. You can watch it here  stainalive.com . Thanks.

03:44 AM Nov 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




i used to wear glasses. but my friends told me that i looked like a nerd. and it makes me looked older lol . nowadays i only wear sunglasses when im driving. ^ ^

12:42 PM Nov 07 2012 |




i use it at work because help me much.i have a black glasses.

09:59 AM Sep 19 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


yeah I’ve been wearing them for 7-8 yrs !!!! yeah I think they r cute beside ppl say that they suit me :) I like unique sporty onse :)

11:30 PM Jul 29 2012 |


Russian Federation

Yeah, I wear glasses. I started to wear glasses when I was 12 – a problem, of course it was a big problem for me. I was really sick of them – you know that wearing glasses isn’t comfortable when you, for example, do sport or have an active lifestyle. Also I felt so nerdy but I couldn’t live without the glasses. Contact lenses have helped me. Now I can see THE REAL WORLD. By the way, some days I can easy wear the glasses so that isn’t a problem for me anymore. Who cares, right?

09:31 PM Jul 29 2012 |



Russian Federation

I stop wearing my glasses because my eyes were very tired because of them, so I decided to do exercises for improvement my vision. And now I don’t need the glasses

01:52 PM Feb 19 2012 |




Why glasses are important :)


05:03 AM Feb 07 2012 |

marques11Super Member!


I wear glasses, because I need them, but I don´t see any problems to wear them

12:02 AM Feb 07 2012 |




I wear glasses and i feel comfortable wearing them. Until now, nobody has made me feel bad abt them. in fact, they encouraged me  when i put on them for the  first time ; eventhough, there are ppl who might call me  four eyes I dont find this offensive ; on the contrary, choosing suitable nice frames are hip nowadays.

05:39 PM Feb 06 2012 |

Mexican Curious


You won’t believe me this, that it is named “bulling” and in Mexico now it is against law, parents of kids who are blulling makers can be on problems!

03:09 AM Feb 06 2012 |



I became a four eyes since primary school,so I detest glasses,it changs your faces,especially eyes,like a fish,it was really a hard time when you were a kid,some classmates laughed at you because you weared a pair of glasses,they call us four eyes。

02:16 AM Feb 06 2012 |

Blues W

Blues W


i have many glasses. i mean frames, i love them.They make me cool.Cool

05:51 AM Feb 04 2012 |

Mexican Curious


Then Ryo, we found that you are a girl, and younger than 81.

I invite all to show your real photo, this will make us feel nearer… I’m just suggesting!

11:09 PM Feb 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




I’m game!

 you always come here to anoint us with some nice words

: )

08:15 PM Feb 03 2012 |

Mexican Curious


Ultimate pleasure comes after death! This an other big issue, you and me always make good debates. Why don´t we have a tv program?


08:12 PM Feb 03 2012 |




so is living the ultimate pleasure?

08:09 PM Feb 03 2012 |

Mexican Curious


No matter where are you from, no matter your social position, if someone breath is lucky, still having the oportunity to be with the Lord! This is what i think really matter.

08:07 PM Feb 03 2012 |

1 person likes this

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