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Verbs with "ing"

Date: Jul 01 2011

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Who lives near you? Your neighbors can be some very interesting people. The people who live on the same street often have many different jobs and backgrounds. You might find an older person living next door to you who can tell you about history or a family from another country living on your block.

But not everyone likes to know their neighbors. Some people just like to be left alone. Listen to Jason and Amy talk about the people who live around them.


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Amy:  I just moved into a new house recently, like six months ago, and we’re really starting to get to know our neighbors now that the weather is nice people are out and I really am into it. I love having neighbors and knowing my neighbors.

Jason:  So they’re nice people?

Amy:  Yeah, they’re super nice. We borrow things from them. We chat across our yards. It’s totally like in a movie.

Jason:  It can be a slippery slope though, interacting with the neighbors. Sometimes I’ll start saying “hi” to a neighbor and then not too long later they’re talking my ear off every day, every time they see me. I’m trying to hide from them so I don’t get stuck talking for an hour.

Amy:  But doesn’t it make you feel like you live in a friendly place and doesn’t it make you feel safer to know that your neighbors are there and they’re looking out for you?

Jason:  Yeah and I get gardening tips from them.

Amy:  Me too!

Jason:  I don’t know, sometimes they just live life at a different speed than I do because they’re retired.

Amy:  Right, right. Well, I’m worried that we might be those annoying neighbors who you don’t want to talk to.

Jason:  Oh, whoa…

Amy:  Not because I think I talk too much to my neighbors, but because we actually are constantly borrowing things because we’re younger than our neighbors and so we don’t have any of the household things that they have. Like, they have every gardening tool that you could ever need, so we’re constantly asking to borrow something.

Jason:  That’s handy, but yeah, if you find yourself telling stories about your dog, you might be that obnoxious neighbor, you never know.

Amy:  Oh, but the dog is so cute.


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Amy moved into a new house a few months ago and has been getting to know her neighbors. She says they’re very nice people and she talks to them often.

Jason says that sometimes if you start talking to your neighbors, they will begin to annoy you by talking to you too much. But Amy thinks that’s OK. It’s worth it to have a good community around you.

In fact, Amy is more worried about annoying her neighbors than being annoyed by them. She often asks to borrow things from them like gardening tools.

Do you know your neighbors? Who is the most interesting person in your neighborhood?



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Viet Nam

Yeah! because China has developed too rapidly in economy, brought about the large changes in society. The gap between rich and poor increases widely. In China, money is all, and people tend to live aloof

08:32 AM Jul 11 2011 |




Not really. When I was very young, we had good relationship with neighbors. Just nowadays, people gets more and more aloof…

I don’t really know any of my neighbours.

06:36 AM Jul 08 2011 |

bilal sethi


sorry i like my  neighbours

08:43 AM Jul 06 2011 |

bilal sethi


i lide my neighbours alot

08:43 AM Jul 06 2011 |

Tingliang Lin


my neighbors so nice

01:46 AM Jul 05 2011 |




I think good neighbor is treasure ,they are their for you when ever you need ,and may be some tomes better than one of next of kin.

08:12 PM Jul 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

hi, i don’t know my neighbors , because i’ve been here in canada for  5 months and my language not well, i’m shamed of speaking with them.

06:30 PM Jul 04 2011 |




I know my neighbours but we hardly talk with each other. Everybody seems to be very busy with life. However, there would be ocassion on festive session and during this time we will visit one another.http://englishday2day.com/ 

01:12 PM Jul 04 2011 |




neighbors can be very interesting person to talk with,when we have nothing to do. gossiping!! ha ha..

01:05 PM Jul 04 2011 |



eh ….including country >?

09:55 AM Jul 04 2011 |

bushra H.

Saudi Arabia


11:58 PM Jul 03 2011 |



i have a nice relationsheep with my neighbors ….....i think they are like  my familly  we alwayes share the bad momment befor the bad ones

07:45 PM Jul 03 2011 |




i dont live in block of any apartament, i live in a house which is in middle of my neighbors, i can say we have good relationships,and we live in the same place for a long time. i really appreciate the people next door to me, they show respect and help in he needed cases..

04:38 PM Jul 03 2011 |



It is very important to have nice relationships with your neighbours. They can always be there when you need them where you must be there when they need you.

11:48 AM Jul 03 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

no one !!!

11:28 AM Jul 03 2011 |




Me, i´m kind of be left alone, some person doesn´t like to know and talk each other, some person doent´t like to talk their personal life. Just say good mornig and good night every day.

03:31 AM Jul 03 2011 |




i fact ,i am not familiar with my neighbors because i am new i my living area. but we are very polite to each other. and they become more and more like to talk to me about their life. i believe all of people in this world are kind in heart.

01:31 AM Jul 03 2011 |




Yep, i know my neighbors, the one who lives on the side of my house used to give me a ride to the university, hahahAs furuta said, here in Brazil we know everyone around us, they are niice and friendly, hehe ( of course, some of them don’t like each other, but what can we do ? xD)Smile 

08:58 PM Jul 02 2011 |

Abdulkhaliq Al-Jamrah


yes, I know my neighbors,and I always meet them. The relationship a among us is some how strong. Because of we are Muslims, we always cooperate each other. That’s right their is a little bit people who piss me off, so I try to a void them. Cool

06:00 PM Jul 02 2011 |




Yes, I do know my neighbors. Actually, in Brazil we used to know everybody around us. They are mostly very nice people, but sometimes some of them piss me off…

05:27 PM Jul 02 2011 |

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