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Learn English meaning of makeovers

Date: Jul 24 2019

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Is your look current, or do you feel stuck in a rut? It’s easy to become complacent when simple maintenance is cheaper than buying new clothes and getting a haircut. But making changes for the better can be good, especially if life feels stagnant, so it may be time for a makeover.

There are people you can pay who will analyze the way you look, but just asking friends and family for ideas is a good place to start. Maybe all you need is a quick haircut to look a little more 2015. Or perhaps the jeans you love aren’t a color people wear anymore. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look a lot better!

Brian’s friend is getting a makeover, and he wants to know what’s going to happen. Kellie explains in today’s English lesson about change.


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Brian:  Kellie, my friend’s getting a makeover.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  And I don’t understand what that means.

Kellie:  Oh, it’s so nice. A makeover is when you get a whole new look. You get someone to analyze your current look and try to make some changes for the better.

Brian:  In school, I had a lot of friends. And when they went through big breakthroughs in acting classes, or whatever classes we had, they would dye their hair and change their style of clothes. Would that be considered a makeover? It’s like they were bored of being stagnant, so they wanted a brand-new look and routine.

Kellie:  Yeah, totally. Sometimes people get stuck in a rut with their current look. The day-to-day is kind of boring. You look in the mirror, and you’re just not thrilled. Not because you don’t look good, just because you’ve had the same look for too long.

Brian:  Would getting a haircut count as a makeover, or would that just be just maintenance?

Kellie:  It’s part of a makeover, but I think a makeover involves a lot of different areas.

Brian:  It’s like becoming a new person.

Kellie:  Sort of! Yeah.


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Brian’s friend is getting a makeover, but Brian doesn’t understand what that means. He wonders if a makeover can just be a new haircut, or if it’s about changing one’s hair, clothing, makeup, and anything else that will give someone a new look.

Kellie explains that makeovers are usually about more than just one’s hair. When a person becomes tired or bored with what he sees in the mirror, he might choose to change everything. Getting a makeover can feel like a new beginning.

Have you ever had a makeover? How did it make you feel?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes sometimes I have a makeover like changing my hair style but nowadays women want to change everything.

They are bored of their faces and bofies!!

These dats wimen and also men do many plastic surgeries.

They want smaller noses,  bigger lips , no wrinkles , shining skins and many other things.

I think they look at the mirror all the time to see what part needs a new look.😁

Therefore you see similar faces abd bofy shaprs in streets.

I dont like it😏

04:42 PM Jul 24 2019 |




I think I have never made any makeovers. The biggest chance I had was getting a new haircut. That’s all. But I think I am going to consider about a makeover. That would be fun!

06:23 AM Jul 15 2015 |


scheyllaSuper Member!


I’ve never had a makeover, just changed my hair style and color. But I’d love to getting a makeover, especially now I’m almost in my 50s. I guess it’ll make me feel totally brand new and ready. I love changes. 

03:39 AM Jul 15 2015 |

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I had tried wild makeover and i never posted them online only weared it at home.I always attracted by people with exaggerate makeover on the street.I will think how dare they are and they looks calm and relax .

01:23 AM Jul 15 2015 |

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Sri Lanka

Once I had a makeover and gave myself a wild look. It was really cool. When I posted my photos on Facebook I got plenty of “likes” and “wows” from my friends.

Now also sometimes I have a wild look when my kids make me run around the house all day long. Unfortunately this wild look doesn’t get any likes or wows. People just tell me to go and freshen up!!!




I saw a man riding a bike in all that cool biky gang leather outfit with metal studs all over, high heel boots and all in that vain. I was more stunned when found out the man was 82!! Kudos to this wonderful makeover! Dare to be different, way to go! All for it. It’s fun!

09:32 PM Jul 13 2015 |




I have never had such a thing as a makeover .A week ago i saw on the street a woman, she was in her late sixties and had her  hair  dyed in red . Wow , i thought , too intense color for a woman that age, she is not looking natural.

09:15 PM Jul 13 2015 |



I had one of those, and I’m really happy for what I’ve done till now , keep it up ;)

08:07 PM Jul 13 2015 |




I also have never had a makeover. Maybe it’s because of I have a natural long hair and it’s to scary for me to change it. I’m also lazy in this areas so I go to hairdresser once a year. If I dyed mi hair, I would do it very often. I don’t like this idea :)

03:26 PM Jul 13 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have never had a makeover.I just think the importance of a person is a bout his or her personality.and a bout appearance I think its not so important to be tired of it and being neat and organized is enough :)

02:02 PM Jul 13 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have never had a makeover! Sometimes it may seem so ridiculous.
What I need is refreshing my mind, mentally being stagnant is a big problem for everyone, so everyone tries to change for the better, someone in terms of look, and another in terms of mental.

I prefer to be normal in terms of appearance but I try to change my mind for the better by reading a new thing or thinking about wonderful creatures and of course thinking about how can I change situation for the better or going to nature to find somewhere or something new.

11:34 AM Jul 13 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m not really much of a fashion girl. Of course I care about my appearence but not about the latest fashion. 

Fortunately, I don’t often get stuck in a rut with my look, ‘cause I’m complacent when it comes to that, so I never got a makeover. But I may get sick of routine in my life, so I need to start a new course, or go out with my friends, or go on a trip, that helps to get things back on track and life goes on.

12:09 AM Jul 13 2015 |




A makeover makes it obvious that you have changed your point of view. It functions as a suprising message for many people. And its consequences are pretty interesting.

06:15 PM Jul 12 2015 |


shixiaonuoSuper Member!


a makeover is a kind of breakthrough of your old image, which means you look more good-looking and more attractive, or are the same attracitve but of different style. But first,you have to know exactly what you really look good in and what can accentuate your undesirable feartures. It seems like  many celebritis are really into getting a makeover, but sometimes the effect of their whole new look is not so pleasant. For instance, their new hairstyle may make their faces look fatter ,or the color of their new clothes make them look older. So, for me, what matters is not if I change a lot. I care more about whether this change improve my appearance in good ways.

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