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Learn Present Progressive

Date: Aug 10 2011

Themes: Tech, Toefl, Travel

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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OK, turn left at the stop sign, and if you reach the market, you’ve gone too far. Got it?

For many people, gone are the days of writing down step by step directions. There is GPS (Global Positioning System) for that now. Many cars and phones have this handy technology. You just enter an address and it guides you to where you’re going. Well, it’s supposed to anyway.

As with any gadget, the only problem with GPS navigation is when it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes, the little voice tells you to do confusing things. But don’t worry. Buckle up and place your trust in the voices of Jason and Ella as they navigate you through this lesson about GPS.


对于很多人而言,需要写下详细路线的日子一去不复返了。现在,人们使用 GPS(全球定位系统)指路。许多汽车和手机都配置了这个便捷的技术。你只需输入一个地址,它便可以告诉你路线,无论你在什么地方。



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Ella:  So I’m going on a road trip soon, about a ten hour drive. Ready.

Jason:  Nice. I’d lend you my GPS, but it gives almost exclusively bad directions.

Ella:  Yeah, I’d be OK without that. I have one on my phone, just kind of as a just-in-case, but I always print out directions. Always. And I always have a map, too.

Jason:  Wow.

Ella:  GPS kinda freaks me out sometimes.

Jason:  I gotta get those old tools back, ‘cause the GPS…You know, I rely on it, but it does make me do crazy things. Like sometimes I’m driving in a circle and I’m like, “Why are you telling me to do this?” Is that why you bring a map and stuff, does your GPS lead you off course?

Ella:  Yeah, and what if there’s a detour or, you know, something’s closed. There’s just so many things that can happen on the road that you’re not ready for.

Jason:  It’s true. It’s good though for details, like within cities. I remember using it…you know, I’d have a map, and I’d be trying to find the one obscure street on this map that I was looking for, and at least the GPS instantly knows all these alleyways and what have you.

Ella:  Yeah. I feel like it’s perfect for cities, but when those long road trips happen you have to have a backup plan.

Jason:  Please turn left into the lake.


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Ella is planning to take a road trip, or long driving trip, and Jason says she can borrow his GPS. But Ella prefers to print out directions for trips. She doesn’t trust GPS.

Jason agrees that GPS isn’t always reliable. Sometimes it gives bad directions. If the system hasn’t been recently updated, it might not know about certain detours or road closures. That is why Ella always brings a map.

On the other hand, Jason says that GPS is good for city driving. Maps don’t always show the level of detail that GPS does. Still, for her long road trip, Ella isn’t going to depend on GPS.

Do you use GPS when driving, or do you prefer to use maps? Do you find it easy or hard to get around a new place?



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United States

We use a GPS evrytime.

01:17 PM Apr 27 2015 |




When I’m driving I prefer to use both GPS and maps (or printed directions). I mean I think you have to have a backup plan in case you find out you got off course. I guess yes, I find it hard to get around anew place and I’m bad at remebering tracks.

08:16 AM Aug 12 2011 |

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I always use GPS when I drive somewhere for the first time or if I want to try a different route. It is true the maps that come with GPS receivers are not always perfect, and sometimes you may lose quite a lot of time because a road is closed or even doesn’t exist. That’s why when I go on a longer trip I always plan it with my GPS and then check if the directions look reasonable with online maps, such as google maps and viamichelin.com.

08:55 AM Aug 11 2011 |




I usually turn on the GPS when I don’t know directions to go somewhere. I thinks it’s easy to get around a new place because if the GPS give me wrong informations I ask for someone to help me :)

11:32 PM Aug 10 2011 |

1 person likes this




what is meaning of “kinda”?

11:24 PM Aug 10 2011 |

1 person likes this




it is hard to get around a new place for me

10:25 PM Aug 10 2011 |



Russian Federation

well, i kinda hate it when you embraced by the speed waves drive down a highway and then all of a sudden this thingie says something like this: “okay, my little lame friend, so now you gotta do a 180 and drive N miles back”. this deserves the FUUUU meme, i swear.     

06:37 PM Aug 10 2011 |



i always use a gps in my car when i drive in a foreign country. i wouldn’t find the destination without gps. It’s a very good invention.

05:25 PM Aug 10 2011 |




I haven’t had any problems yet….GPS’s soft is always updated, even though I have a mobile phone with GPS service I like it’s stable work. I can agree only with one thing of disadvantage it’s a device with an energy source that some day might run out of energy and this might happen when you are far from any of technolgy hub and you don’t have any map)....so in this case it’s better to hold a map wherever you’re going.    

05:22 PM Aug 10 2011 |


United States

I can say that GPS is a good friend , We can rely on GPS and parllel we should carry printout . Sometimes my GPS does not work and gets hang .But now i came to know that we should not relay only on side.

05:11 PM Aug 10 2011 |

ali makram



04:50 PM Aug 10 2011 |




stupid device, never been right with me, what i really prefer is a compass and a map.

02:29 PM Aug 10 2011 |

nurul afina


In my opinion,it is a better way to know both..both hava pro and cons.

02:27 PM Aug 10 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

GPS  is the best friend you can trust.

02:06 PM Aug 10 2011 |




Just take a look at google maps before and that’s it! have a good trip!Cool

11:40 AM Aug 10 2011 |



South Korea

in the top of my ‘must buy’ list

 disorented person  like me need to instal gps chip in my brain lol

dont know why i love to get lost all the time….*sigh

09:11 AM Aug 10 2011 |




GPS is abbrev to Global Position System

07:49 AM Aug 10 2011 |



I here’d than so manytimes , but here in my country is not usefull.I hope sonner or letter we have a Gps navigator in my country to find to guide wherever you want to go.

02:57 AM Aug 10 2011 |




I have a GPS in my car . I think that is very usefull , but  sometimes  it isn´t a good guide , because it lead you to a  long desnecessary way  .

12:49 AM Aug 10 2011 |

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