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Using Infinitives and Gerunds

Date: Oct 05 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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We’ve all seen it: the soccer match where one player hogs the ball for the whole game, or the group of people at the office who constantly argue with each other. Probably, that soccer player, and that group of office-workers, are not going to be very successful in the long run. Why? Because they are not demonstrating good teamwork.

Teamwork is about putting your own ego aside, in order to do what’s best for the group as a whole. Teamwork is about listening to and cooperating with the people you are working with. When a sports team, or a group at the office, or even a group of friends really practice good teamwork, they get stuff done with a higher level of quality, efficiency, and, best of all, happiness, than if it were every man for himself. Find out how well Marni and Amy work together, as they talk about teamwork.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Man, I have this group project at work that I’m just dreading. I’m pretty terrible at teamwork, to be honest.

Marni:  Really? You prefer to take on the entire workload yourself?

Amy:  I just think sometimes teamwork doesn’t work that well if people don’t know what their roles are. Sometimes you need a strong leader, and if that’s missing or if you have a weak link in the group, it can just all fall apart.

Marni:  OK, I think that’s very true. I think everyone, though, if they know how to contribute, if they know their role, then it can be very successful.

Amy:  That’s true.

Marni:  Yeah. I personally really enjoy teamwork, and I feel like I work better with people, you know, ‘cause I like brainstorming with people and getting ideas from people.

Amy:  Right, Right. You don’t feel like you need to have control over everything, every part of the project?

Marni:  I don’t, no. I do understand certain aspects of that, but I just think there’s nothing like collaboration.

Amy:  You can get a lot of creative inspiration from working with other people. But when it comes right down to it, I just feel like I can’t rely on anyone as much as I can rely on myself.


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Amy is worried, because she has a project coming up at work that’s going to involve a lot of teamwork. She thinks that working as a team can be disorganized, particularly if there’s not a strong leader, or if all the members of the team aren’t working equally hard.

Marni, on the other hand, likes working as part of a team. She thinks that hearing what other people have to say can be inspiring, and that collaboration can lead to great results. In the end, though, Amy is not convinced. She still prefers to be the one in control.

What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of teamwork? Do you prefer working alone, or as part of a team?



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the positive aspect of teamwork is I can learn how to share my opinion and accept others’ opinion and the negative one is if there is stubborn member in the teamwork. Also I think working alone is better than working in a team because it make me more focus and can use time effectively to finish the project.    

01:08 PM Feb 15 2014 |



As a matter of fact, I prefer to work alone, thought it means I should take all responsibility just by myself and have no one to share ideas. I tried working in a team before and it turned out to be an terrible experience. There always are people who don’t agree with others and considering their own opinoin as the most genious ones. Or someone are always trying to control others and act as a powerful leader. Or else, someone is proved to be the weak link in the group and can never figure out his or her roles or do as he or she is expected to. So I would rather work alone, I can get more focused and more efficient, that’s the way that suit me best I deem

03:46 AM Jan 09 2014 |



sometime ’’teamwork’’ like an excuse to curse other person. if you dislike someone who is good, you can tell others that he is not good teamwork even he can….

12:21 PM Jan 26 2013 |




In this modern century, team work is the best way for company. IF everything do it by yourself, you would never be successful.

07:50 AM Dec 29 2012 |

Polat Kizildag


I think although teamwork has advantages, there are also some disadvantages too. First of all, it takes relatively more time to make a final decision than deciding as individual. Second, it is really hard to satisy every group members opinion. However, with group working you can share the responsibilities which is an advantage I can say. Additionally, it depends on the situation, sometimes it is better to work with a group and sometimes not. As a conclusion, it is all a matter of the issue to decide whether or not to work with a group or alone. 

10:01 AM Oct 10 2012 |



As a saying goes ’’Many hands make work light’’    by teamwork,we can gain success more easily.

02:25 PM Oct 09 2012 |




I like teamwork, because there’s an old Chinese saying: The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual(三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮)。By the way, I like someone help me when I’m cooking,even he does nothing but talking to me.

02:09 AM Oct 09 2012 |



The positive side to work at teamwork are many, as: you share ideas, you can listen opinions about ur idea and you can improve that. and when ur idea still isn’t formed you win links of collaboration to set it up. The bad point, is the weak link, of course.

For many years I preffered work alone, but after I had work at teamwork I lost my dread and I thought wonderful!

12:47 AM Oct 09 2012 |



I prefer to work alone  and rely on myself but sometimes It’s better to work with a group or team.

09:25 PM Oct 08 2012 |



To be honest, i like working with myself, i tried many times to work as a team, but that was in vain. I get stressed more, and because i don’t like to argue with anyone, i feel sick inside me, especially when i comfront with lazy people or dependable ones whoare present just with their bodies. On the other hand there are some people who make me really angry when they think that  their ideas are the ones we should work on it , and they are the only ones who know everything, and we should be just their followers…..oh my god, i prefer work with myseld and rely on myself

06:07 PM Oct 07 2012 |



Czech Republic

What about me I prefer to work alone or as a leader in a team. I have this position because i can do something myself and for me it will be easier than in team when i should prove my opinion… If i work in team i always will offer different idea and my idea very often are the best . People are unthankful very often and they can take your idea and no one would not remember that you created this splendid project. 

05:06 PM Oct 07 2012 |



For my personal opinion. I prefer to work as team. The more the better results we have. And i believe that collaboration will surely have great results. And if you will do it by yourself no one will suggest if it’s good or what. You can’t end up with good results if there is no brainstorming in one project.

01:23 PM Oct 07 2012 |



I prefer to work with other people because I feeling lucky and ejoy too much,and if i heard something or maube I have problem I can share with all membersof teamwork.

11:43 AM Oct 07 2012 |



Teamwork can enhance quality and efficiency of the work. That’s why it is so popular today. Through teamwork, the members of the team can complement each other’s advantages. If you meet any difficulty, you could turn for help form others. Besides brainstorming with people help us get new ideas. It is easy for us to find better ways to get things done. In order to reach the same goal, the members of the team need to communicate with each other.  So we may get close friendship and work becomes an interesting thing to do.

I like teamwork, team is stronger than a single person.

01:36 AM Oct 07 2012 |




Previously, I prefer to work alone. So which everything I can be control with myself.And I through got the best successful. Recently everything change with my thoughtfulness when I became to team leader. I learning to listen and help teammates for go to work successful. I try to reduce my ego for the team. And I should to accept what any results from teamwork. On this way I can not run alone. I need to have them help. :)

11:45 PM Oct 06 2012 |



Russian Federation

It immensely depends on the crew you’re working in. Surely, this stuff is much more fun and entertaining and, as for me, as much the following could seem weird, such atmosphere helps me get focused on the issue i’m working on at the certain moment. In addition, it’s the proper opportunity to experience and/or examine your leading abilities. However, in some cases, it can fully fail if your team views don’t suit ones of your own.

07:39 PM Oct 06 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


I like team work if others have different roles.I don’t like to share my role with others.In fact I prefer to do all alone,but as it’s not possible to do all alone,I must to to be in a teamwork.The best part of the team work is to enjoy,kid with team players.  

03:45 PM Oct 06 2012 |

aya hesham

aya hesham


i`m a student in a faculty musical education and in the year required a project sometimes i don`t like to work with a team because in my team work each one want to make in your her mind i don`t like this because we all in one team for me i like to work alone because i complex from this point

03:45 PM Oct 06 2012 |

musab tawtaw


team work is sooooooo good cuz ever member cover  each other  and make the work perfect unin always the way to sucess 

02:28 PM Oct 06 2012 |

Irene Forever


I am a privte teacher, therefore I have some students to teach.

I tried to teach in groups at the very beginning of my career, and I did in a special room outside of my appartment. The students were on different levels of knowledge that was an obstacle on the way of perception the information by them. Those who were very gifted in English felt bored. Later on, I taught a few groups of different aged students. The result was the same.

So I gained an advantage over the school teachers as now I have an opportunity to choose children I want to teach. My work is not a simple job for me. It’s  also a pleasure as I have wonderful, intelligent, willing  and perspective children loving English. I never teach two students simultaneously. All my attention  devoted to the only student at time. Who can be a better company for the student ? We speak only English at our lessons. The result is very good.

When my students are at school, they feel very comfortable among the rest of the schoolchildren. There they can offer a challenge in teamwork.

I also advice my students to take a course in English where native speakers will teach them.

01:42 PM Oct 06 2012 |

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