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Keeping Up with Technology
Keeping Up with Technology

Present Perfect Progressive

Date: Sep 12 2011

Themes: Tech

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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New technologies are meant to make our lives easier, or just more fun. But sometimes they can have the opposite effect. It can be stressful and costly to try to keep up with all the latest gadgets out there.

The era before cell phones might seem like the dark ages to some. But before long, cell phones themselves could seem old-fashioned. Even last year’s model of your expensive new smart phone might soon be obsolete. Hear Mason and Jeff debate about the latest gadgets.



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Jeff:  I don’t know if you know, Mason, but I have a pretty big travel budget. I fly around a lot.

Mason:  Right on.

Jeff:  So, I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 10 years or so. And one thing that has really made sitting on a plane for hours much, much better is my new iPad.

Mason:  Oh, you got one?

Jeff:  Oh yeah. I have the newest iPad.

Mason:  Yeah, that’s my problem with the whole thing, is that, you know, it’s kind of a neat toy, I guess. But, you know, it’s still not a real computer, right? And you can’t upgrade it or anything. So it’s just gonna be this obsolete thing and you need to buy a new one every year or two. And I like to feel that if I’m gonna spend five or six hundred dollars on something, I’m gonna get to keep it for five or six years. It seems like, you know, the whole conversation about the weird things that are happening with the amount that we’re needing to pay for these digital goods that we then can’t resell…I mean, think about it, you know, I own CDs and DVDs that have monetary value, and I can recoup some of that by selling them or trading them, and all these digital things that I own, I can’t really do that.

Jeff:  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sounds like you need to get a higher-paying job.

Mason:  Who can argue with that!


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Jeff says he does a lot of traveling for work. He flies a lot. Owning an iPad has made flying a lot less boring for him.

Jeff has the newest version of one of the newest technological gadgets, the iPad. But Mason isn’t sure it’s worth it to buy an iPad. He thinks it will become obsolete quickly. In a year or two, it will be necessary to buy a new iPad. It won’t even be possible to upgrade or sell the old version.

Jeff’s answer? Make more money. Mason agrees, that’s the only way a person can afford to keep up with all the new technologies!
Do you own an iPad or smart phone? Do you try to keep up with the latest gadgets?



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Any sort of technologies become obsolete quickly, and unless you have a lot of budget for those items, I think it is better to consider about functions needed.

10:38 AM Sep 12 2011 |

funny bunny

United States

Yes I have one and i try to keep up with the latest gadgets…

10:18 AM Sep 12 2011 |




I think we should determine the functions that we basically need in our cell phone or laptop,then we’ll save dozens of money would be spent on upgraded options we normally won’t use whether they might be satisfy other users needs such as a graphic designer or a programmer

by the way the sound of the dialogue unable to work here

10:03 AM Sep 12 2011 |



New car is more exciting than new iPad ;)

09:09 AM Sep 12 2011 |




i don’t have ipad or smart phone,,a phone with functions of call and short message is enough for me

09:02 AM Sep 12 2011 |



i don’t have any ipad or smart phone, just have nokia 56-10, it is enough for me

07:53 AM Sep 12 2011 |



I gree with Mason, too. Keeping up with the uptodate gadgets will cost me a lot. I cannot afford them.

07:51 AM Sep 12 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

beside mobile phone is a useful thing but if u pay attention it has a lot of problem with itself…..

if ur mobile phone price high, u fear everytime nobody snatch it, and also i ve heard if u speak with it for a long time u hurt by radio activite of mobile…..

and also we must speak low beacuse of cost it make for speak is more than double to cell phone….

as i tell mobile phone is just good for nesseccery time when cell phone is not possible to use…

05:24 AM Sep 12 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i like own smart phone.

05:01 AM Sep 12 2011 |




I dont own an ipad but i do have an iphone 3g. I think that the new gadgets definitely make your life more convenient and less boring. But they are expensive and fragile. if you dont have a high paying job, you should stick with your basic stuff. New gadgets are nice to have, but you can get by with the laptops and nokia phones.

03:56 AM Sep 12 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

even if we don’t follow technology, technology will follow usLaughing

02:15 AM Sep 12 2011 |




even u cant afford for that,but we should still keep up the latest development in the technologies

02:46 AM Sep 11 2011 |




I agree with Mason,  we end up  being slaves of  the necessity of keeping up with the  latest gadgets that   flood the market every year. The flat screen, IPAd and so forth, after a year or two of use  are “cool” anymore. I remember older times when a TV, radio, fridge  were kept in the house  through generations.   

01:26 AM Sep 11 2011 |

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