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Present Perfect Progressive

We form the present perfect progressive (sometimes called the "present perfect continuous") with have/has been + main verb + ing. We use this tense to talk about an on-going action that began in the past, is still in progress, and may continue into the future.

For example, you might say, "I have been thinking about getting a new car for weeks." You first thought of getting a new car weeks ago, you're currently thinking of getting one, and unless you buy one or decide not to buy one right now, you'll continue thinking about it.

Present Perfect Progressive Grammar Quiz

  1. Have you thinking about moving for a long time now?

  2. Thomas has been silently about asking her out for a week and a half.

  3. Marianne been studying English for seven years now.

  4. I have been to buy those shoes in the shop window for a month.

  5. What have you been lately?

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United States

I know English very nicely yet these minor details were always missing…I am content writer at Jobs Aviator. My profession demands me to have fluent and well understanding knowledge of English.

06:53 PM Jul 09 2016 |


United States

This lesson is helping me to understanding it.

03:56 PM Dec 11 2015 |



i have been working on online earning for month ago.

she hasn’t been feeling well since last night.

09:16 PM Apr 20 2015 |




I’m lazy reading those rules  but i enjoyed the examples.

09:03 AM Apr 02 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’ve been thinking to study seriously as I’m so lazy to do it . Eventually I did a few hours tonight. I meant english language .

03:15 AM Dec 21 2014 |

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I have been thinking about immigration to canada,

06:52 PM Nov 12 2014 |


Russian Federation

Pravilno sdelal)

04:37 PM Nov 06 2014 |




i have been  writing story since 3years  ago

06:59 PM Sep 06 2014 |



I have been finding a new job for half one year.

06:39 AM May 13 2014 |



Burkina Faso

I have been trying to master the present perfect progressif for a long time.

07:06 AM Apr 28 2014 |

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