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Keeping Up with Technology
Keeping Up with Technology

Present Perfect Progressive

Date: Sep 12 2011

Themes: Tech

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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New technologies are meant to make our lives easier, or just more fun. But sometimes they can have the opposite effect. It can be stressful and costly to try to keep up with all the latest gadgets out there.

The era before cell phones might seem like the dark ages to some. But before long, cell phones themselves could seem old-fashioned. Even last year’s model of your expensive new smart phone might soon be obsolete. Hear Mason and Jeff debate about the latest gadgets.



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Jeff:  I don’t know if you know, Mason, but I have a pretty big travel budget. I fly around a lot.

Mason:  Right on.

Jeff:  So, I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 10 years or so. And one thing that has really made sitting on a plane for hours much, much better is my new iPad.

Mason:  Oh, you got one?

Jeff:  Oh yeah. I have the newest iPad.

Mason:  Yeah, that’s my problem with the whole thing, is that, you know, it’s kind of a neat toy, I guess. But, you know, it’s still not a real computer, right? And you can’t upgrade it or anything. So it’s just gonna be this obsolete thing and you need to buy a new one every year or two. And I like to feel that if I’m gonna spend five or six hundred dollars on something, I’m gonna get to keep it for five or six years. It seems like, you know, the whole conversation about the weird things that are happening with the amount that we’re needing to pay for these digital goods that we then can’t resell…I mean, think about it, you know, I own CDs and DVDs that have monetary value, and I can recoup some of that by selling them or trading them, and all these digital things that I own, I can’t really do that.

Jeff:  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sounds like you need to get a higher-paying job.

Mason:  Who can argue with that!


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Jeff says he does a lot of traveling for work. He flies a lot. Owning an iPad has made flying a lot less boring for him.

Jeff has the newest version of one of the newest technological gadgets, the iPad. But Mason isn’t sure it’s worth it to buy an iPad. He thinks it will become obsolete quickly. In a year or two, it will be necessary to buy a new iPad. It won’t even be possible to upgrade or sell the old version.

Jeff’s answer? Make more money. Mason agrees, that’s the only way a person can afford to keep up with all the new technologies!
Do you own an iPad or smart phone? Do you try to keep up with the latest gadgets?



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In the starting time did not contain smart phone then realizing that must have not only showing to other but number of things can do via it. Therefore deciding to purchase it. And now I consist as well. Ecommerce Web Developer Required. By the way great subject has been brought in this place. 

11:35 AM Mar 31 2016 |



South Korea

Maybe , as soon as we buy electronic gadgets , the prices begins dropping. we can’t recope the original ones. it begins to be obsolete.  these days… i feel sometimes behind. little hard to keep up.it creeps me out sometimes.


12:08 AM Sep 26 2011 |




Sometimes, you can make big progress with the new tech and new gadget!

02:03 PM Sep 15 2011 |




Usually! I don’t try to keep up with the newest version of anything technology. I like to consider about to benefit or usefulness with I could to get on themselves.

04:23 AM Sep 15 2011 |



United States

i like all kinds of new gedgets and try to explore all the latest gadgets.

02:13 AM Sep 15 2011 |



i think that despite all technologies,we are always late,or harry up.

11:05 AM Sep 14 2011 |

1 person likes this




i don’t have an IPad or smart phone, for me i prefer keep my money to spend it on an interesting things, am not interesting to keep up with the latest gadgets.

08:50 PM Sep 13 2011 |


Viet Nam

I totally agree with you.

08:54 AM Sep 13 2011 |


Viet Nam

For me, I do not actually keep up with the lastest gadget. I do not have iPad or smart phone, but I do actually understand them. I mean I understand that technology. But i dont use them.

Some people use the high tech product, but they even do not know how to use or they do not understand the technology, just using.

I also do not like to upgrade with the using of the gadget, because it wore the money.

08:53 AM Sep 13 2011 |



South Korea

it is hard to keep up with the newest gadgets.

so is it hard to catch up with the latest ones.

sometimes.it ’s so costly . my budget doesn’t allow it. but sometimes..oh well!!

11:54 PM Sep 12 2011 |




No, I don’t have one. I have three years with my cell phone and as it keep working  I’m not going to change it. I like smart phones but I just don’t need it.

11:26 PM Sep 12 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

For me, computers and laptops still the best and I don’t think they are beatable and I’m completely okay with my LG phone, using it for receiving calls :S 

Keeping up with this updated of information will lead us yarning for more only and worry about it all the time :S, so GO GO PC =D 

08:07 PM Sep 12 2011 |



I have got a smart phone ,but I won’t  and I haven’t upgraded it for year, because there is all what I need-

I think this all ’’new .newest,old’’ is just business for sellers ,they’re earning a lot for all this. It’s the way how to make people spend their money again and again.

It’s publicity stunt.

06:58 PM Sep 12 2011 |



hello ihave alredy to community and  to begin your penpal,my name is derick i’ m a school ,and  i was play a football.

06:22 PM Sep 12 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i don`t think that i can keep up with gadgets and new technologies ,especially in this stage of my life coz it needs much and much money,so Nokia is enough for me these days,i prefer to spend money on completing my study other than to spend them on luxurious things

04:25 PM Sep 12 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

my favorite gadget is read many novels and watch tinnes i like a player roger federer for me i dont like all thing modern just stuff which help us in improvement  our lives for example smart phone and aircraft as we remember we lives with tecnology progress we dont know what will happened after 100 next years maybe will be all thing depend on tecnology i guess the love and feeling and smile will switch on the kyes as computure as phone we will missing all thing to express about natural or old maybe there are a lot people prefere this life but as the same time this life will be very difficult on a lot from people because they are suffer  from ignorance i think we should to find many thing suitable  with our minds as the same time suitable  with our civilization i want to say i am with all thing to reflect about modern but must to contains a good ethics good luck to all

02:06 PM Sep 12 2011 |



if you are not rich,i recommend you should buy anything based on the condition of your life, please don’t buy something you can’t afford,never follow those who always change their gadget,because they can,they are rich,you are not。and to be honest,i am’t favorable to those person who have been loving spending much money in buying some newest gadgets with a high technology.money should be spent in doing something more important,because money is not very easy to come,so we should cherish the money we have paid so much time and energy to make ,

but of course somebody  will doubt what i am saying,may be they will say:“though i am not rich,those newset gadget are really useful in my life and work,it will provide me with so much convenience,why not buy it after some months’saving.

yeah of course you can,this is what i wanna say,if really need it,you can buy it by your own strength,not just ask your parents for doing anything for you to satisfy your own curiosity or compare with others,you never experience how difficult your parents are,you are supposed to encourage yourself to work hard and study hard to make money to meet your own needs,make it being your dream until you are rich,you can do anything you want

02:05 PM Sep 12 2011 |




i wish i could keep up with the latest gadgets, but sadly i can’t afford, and i’m the kind of person who really likes new technologies :) if i could, i would buy new phone every year

01:09 PM Sep 12 2011 |



I don’t try to keep up with this kind of stuffs…I prefer spend my money with others things…sometimes we want to but the latest gadgets cause friends and people around u have…but u have to consider what it’s necessary for u in this moment…what u can buy instead of new gadgets…help your family…

12:37 PM Sep 12 2011 |




I don’t try to keep up with the latest gadgets. I mean I don’t do it intentionally but I do own all of them. I can’t imagine how it comes out.

Yeah, and I agree with Jeff. It’s not expensive, you just can’t afford it.

11:31 AM Sep 12 2011 |

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