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Karina LeBlanc - Save

Karina LeBlanc - Save English, baby! Video Lesson
卡琳娜·勒布朗 - 救球

Date: Oct 11 2011

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Karina LeBlanc is a goalkeeper. She is the last person who can stop the opponent from scoring, and luckily, very few balls get past her. She has appeared in more games for the Canadian Women’s National Team than any other goalkeeper in the history of the team. She is one of the best keepers in the world.

The goalkeeper has a lot of functions, but the most important one is to make saves. That’s how the keeper directly keeps the opponent from scoring. We recently spoke with Karina about the term “save” both on and off the pitch.


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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am Jason here with Karina LeBlanc, goalkeeper for the Canadian national soccer team. We’re going to talk about some keeper terminology today.

Karina:  Well, a “save” is when you come up with a big save. I mean obviously, you stop the ball from going in the goal. That’s you doing your job. You’re saving the ball from going in the goal. But usually the slang is, “The keeper made a save,” or “Make a save,” stuff like that.

Jason:  On the field, what goes into making a save?

Karina:  I think the mentality is just that, “You know what? The ball is not gonna get by me. I’m gonna move my feet, I’m get in front of the ball, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make sure they cannot score.” So that’s me making the save. I think the mentality of goalkeepers is that you understand that you are the last line of defense, so for you, you just want to do whatever it takes to make sure the ball doesn’t get in the back of the net, because when it does, you’re disappointed.

Jason:  And then do you, outside of soccer, like with money and stuff, do you save?

Karina:  I save a lot. Actually, no. It depends on where we are. If we’re shopping, there is no saving. Saving is when you actually put the money in…keep it in your pocket or put it in the bank account. I like to shop, so when I’m shopping, I’m not saving, I’m spending, which is the exact opposite. I like to spend.

Karina:  English, baby! Woo!


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Karina introduces the term “save”, which is very important to a goalkeeper. When you make a save, you stop the ball from going in the goal. She says she does what ever she can to come up with a save every time because it doesn’t feel good when she fails.

Outside of soccer, “save” means to keep your money and not spend it. Karina says she likes to shop. When you shop, you spend money, which is the opposite of saving.

Do you like to play goalkeeper? What do you think is the best way to make a save? Are you better at saving or spending?

To learn more about Karina LeBlanc, visit her website or our blog.



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clovieiraSuper Member!


It’s a long time that I don’t play football; but I like so much, really in my childhood

12:13 AM Oct 29 2014 |




‘A penny saved is a penny earned ’,saving money is a good habit,a best choice to protect the  pocket:)

05:26 AM Jun 04 2012 |

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

Being a goalkeeper, I guess is very tough, if you are tall you have advantage of not getting the ball pass through, sometimes the ball is coming so fast that you hands are not on the right direction to catch it. I dont really love goalkeeping, I did it in high school and it was tough for me.I dont save a lot and dont spent a lot. I am not interesting in pocket moneys or allowance, if I buy I buy what is essential to me not uselessly! :)

11:39 PM Nov 06 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i lpay foot ball but goel keeper,i lke spent and i like savesome,

08:19 PM Oct 13 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I wouldn’t like to be a goalkeeper because I am very bad at sports and I think you must have been born with enough special visual perception and capabilities to manage to save. It is required a lot of natural skills to make it.

I am better at spending than saving, like most of people I think haha but it depends also on the day, I sometimes more frugal than others. For example, on holidays I usually spend more money on trips than common days.

04:29 PM Oct 12 2011 |



goal keeper is alone , important positions

kk is fast mind , plus , cool hair

02:44 AM Oct 12 2011 |

Mr. handsome


LOL XD …. I really got it all wrong when I read the 2nd sentence for the first time, I mean : She is the last person who can stop the opponent from scoring. I was thinking that this means she’s the last person  u can count on in saving, but after second though and extra-check I realized that I was wrong .. the other part of the sentence says: , and very few balls get past her.  so I think that they mean that she’s the last one after Defense that can save the goal from being penetrated. !! English is funny, though !

10:40 PM Oct 11 2011 |



Hi all,

    Im better at saving. Because in this difficult times mainly in my country you have to save money.

08:27 PM Oct 11 2011 |




I like all kinds of footbal. and I’d like to join the maiden football if enter a uni. saving money is a good but difficult thing. on one hand you always indulge in smth and on the other hand you make your future more convinient and wellfixed.

06:20 PM Oct 11 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


wow , it was another good lesson

well , I don’t like football at all, whether gool keeping or kicking the ball , it’s not interesting for me

for the idea of saving , it depends on my needs 

I mean if I want to buy something for a big sum of money , in this case I need to save money and economize in  spendings , but as I don’t have to save or don’t have something especial for a big sum to buy , I’ll not save , I’ll go shopping and spend my money 

03:26 PM Oct 11 2011 |

Khine Shein


i really enjoy playing football but i don’t like to play goalkeeper because i’m worst at saving and i won’t make a save.~:D

11:29 AM Oct 11 2011 |



Russian Federation

just save… ) wherether you go, whoever you’re… save resources, nearest and dearest, money, love, culture

09:47 AM Oct 11 2011 |




The best way to make a save is to buy what we need. If we consume a lot the eart will get more pollution. It is not fair.

07:27 AM Oct 11 2011 |



I like more to run on the field than just waiting in front of net to make a save. The best way to make a save? Well, you have to focus on your game and be able to know where is the ball, I think. I`m better at spending but I have to learn how to save money.

06:27 AM Oct 11 2011 |



i think its kinda challenging if you are going to play goalkeeper, though its a risk and u will have a big responsivilty when u are a goal keeper, i think you should be just do your thing as a goalkeeper, be determined, be focused and all that, and i think you will be the best goalkeeper if  you do that, hehe

06:03 AM Oct 11 2011 |


VOLTSSuper Member!


hey… what about the gookeeper for the U.S. nacional soccer team… Hope Solo!!! talk to her too.. She’s amazing… in all senses…Laughing

04:19 AM Oct 11 2011 |




I’ve never played soccer,but I know a goalkeeper of the team plays a significant role.

02:14 AM Oct 11 2011 |




I am a goalkeepper , I like  to make a save ….. 

01:44 AM Oct 11 2011 |



South Korea

On the pitch, i think probably the goalkeeper is one of the most important things in a soccer game. they can save a ball from the opponent. especially,in a shoot out, if they make saves, they would feel gungh ho….

coming up with a ball is the best for goalkeeper….

01:18 AM Oct 11 2011 |

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