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Full Moon
Full Moon

Past Progressive Tense

Date: Oct 28 2011

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Halloween is a holiday that celebrates all things spooky, from witches and ghosts to full moons. But wait. What’s so scary about a full moon?

There are a lot of superstitions related to full moons. Some think a full moon makes people go insane. There are even legends about men turning into wolves when the moon is full.

Devan believes that strange things happen when there is a full moon. But Jeff thinks she’s freaking out for no reason. Hear their spooky conversation and decide for yourself who is right.



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Devan:  So all these weird things were happening last night. I crossed the path of a black cat, there was, like, weird people walking on the streets and giving me funny looks, and everything felt off. And then I realized that it was a full moon last night.

Jeff:  Hmm. So?

Devan:  So, you know how people’s mood changes when it’s a full moon?

Jeff:  Well, I think that’s kind of a…an assumption. I don’t know how much truth there is to that.

Devan:  You don’t believe that? You don’t think there’s anything spooky or a little bit weird about a full moon?

Jeff:  No, not really. I mean, it changes the Earth physically. Like it stretches the Earth, it creates the tides, so it does affect quite a bit. I don’t know, maybe certain animals are sensitive to that. So I guess there could be some truth behind it, but as far as the people going nuts, I’m not so sure on that one. I think maybe you noticed a black cat and then thought of that, and then put it together with the full moon, and then noticed anything else remotely spooky afterwards.

Devan:  So I guess a belief in werewolves is out for you then, right?

Jeff:  Yeah, not so much. Although that’d be pretty cool.


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Recently, Devan noticed a lot of weird and spooky things. She thinks it was because there was a full moon. But Jeff thinks she is just being superstitious.

Jeff says the full moon might affect the Earth or animals in certain ways. But he doesn’t believe that the full moon causes people to go insane. He also doesn’t believe that the full moon turns men into werewolves.

Do you believe that the full moon causes people to behave strangely? Do you find full moons spooky?



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Russian Federation

The moon  effects on the Earth constantly,and when it is full this effect becomes stronger and impacts on some peoples health or makes them depressed. So I agree with Jeff that  everything is explainable. 

But I remember in childhood we liked to get together with friends to tell and to listen different spooky stories about ghosts, werewolves and vampires. It seemed exiting to us to think that  such evil creatures could really exist.  

Even now i like to read Stephen Kings novels sometimes, but only if they are not too much terrifying.

07:30 AM Nov 06 2013 |


United States

I never knew the supersition around moon; I always loved it to go out in fool moon.

02:17 AM Mar 28 2013 |



I’m sceptic about any superstitious

I believe in destiny and decided people!

I don’t care cutting my hair during full moon, meeting black cats or to pass under stairs and soo on…. It won’t change me or my behavior…But most people do… their problems who has weak mind lol

Stuff… ;)

12:08 PM Nov 08 2011 |



I’m not a superstitious girl, and i always link the full moon image to romantic pairs…

Last weekend I’ve watched the movie “Red hiding hood” (in a new version) with the actress Amanda Seyfried, and the movie plot is about a man who turn into werewolves at midnight when there is full moon. it is a really interesting and good thriller… I recomend you to watch it… pretty good!

11:59 AM Nov 08 2011 |




No, I think, it’s not spooky but it’s beautifull night, when you stay at beach on the full moon night , lie on the sand , can hear nice sound from wave ,it’s a good night really!!!

07:49 PM Nov 03 2011 |




No I am not superstitious at all

02:49 PM Nov 01 2011 |

javier armando


I do believe that full moon makes people to go insane ,because off it changes their inside balance that keeps us all straight! I do certainly find full moons a little bit scary, cos it´s an universe phenomenon  that we might related in certain way

11:34 PM Oct 31 2011 |




Full moon look like a name for a horror movie ….

full moon + mid night = all of you as a wolfs


09:00 PM Oct 31 2011 |




I love them . . . I put in my werewolf teeth and start biting necks everywhere without anybody complaining about it.

07:03 PM Oct 31 2011 |

xman 22k

xman 22k


i am from uae

04:59 PM Oct 31 2011 |

xman 22k

xman 22k


i like the full moon but same  amepeople do not andersst but i know every think in full moon

04:55 PM Oct 31 2011 |



I’m really sceptic about that. They are probably stories that were told many times and suddently has become truth for some people. I don’t find full moons spooky. On the contrary, I find it very romantic. ;)

03:45 PM Oct 31 2011 |

1 person likes this




I’ve never stopped to think about it. Coming to think of it now, there may be some element of truth about it. But not so much as to make people go nuts. 

12:12 AM Oct 31 2011 |



I can’t listen to the audio… What’s necessary to hear the audio?

10:57 PM Oct 30 2011 |




A full moon definitely affect the living beings. As to spooky things, everything is made up.

10:29 PM Oct 30 2011 |

1 person likes this




no i don´t believe that the full moon causes werewolves or another monsters. but i think the full moon is a bit mysteriousSealed

08:45 PM Oct 30 2011 |

1 person likes this




why do men discribe women as  full moon?Tongue out

04:15 PM Oct 30 2011 |

vtis 2

vtis 2


I love HaLloWeeN ^_@  !!

03:51 PM Oct 30 2011 |

1 person likes this



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

the moon is the most beautiful created Allah .

02:41 PM Oct 30 2011 |

Learner of Life


Full Moon, one of the signs of the greatness of God!

12:00 PM Oct 30 2011 |

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