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Let Oneself Go
Let Oneself Go English, baby! Video Lesson

Present Perfect Tense

Date: Nov 15 2011

Themes: Health, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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It takes a little bit of work every day to stay healthy. You have to eat well, get enough sleep and exercise, and generally take care of yourself. But sometimes, life gets very busy and it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When that happens, you have to be careful not to let yourself go.

Dale adopted a child recently. It seems the stress of being a father is getting to him, because he has put on some weight. He has a large belly now. He’s also eating pizza in the middle of day at work and wearing warm ups. He’s not trying to be healthy or look good. He has really let himself go.

When you let yourself go, you stop taking care of your body. Find out what Dale’s friends and co-workers think of his current appearance.


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Dale:  Oh yeah. Which…alright. Mm…

Devan:  Um, Dale, are you going to pick that up?

Dale:  Uh-huh. Yeah. You know, these days, being a dad. I love being a dad. Kids just make me kind of tired, you know? I just haven’t had the chance to really do stuff and shower and shave and move, so…I’ll get to it.

Devan:  Well, if you could try to be a little tidier when you’re at work, that would really be great. OK?

Dale:  Oh yeah. Absolutely. Would you mind helping me off of this couch, though? Just a little bit stuck in it. If you could help me out, that would be great.

Devan:  OK.

Dale:  I can do it. Yeah. Woo! Alright. I can do this. Bending over is kind of hard these days, you know?

Devan:  Um, I guess so.

Dale:  It happens. Got it! Got it! I got it! I’m good. Good. Alright.

Devan:  Um, have you guys noticed that Dale has kind of let himself go recently?

Mason:  Oh man, I didn’t want to say anything, but I think he’s really let himself go since he became a dad.

Ella:  I mean, have you guys seen how he’s dressed? He’s worn the same sweat pants every day. I mean, I don’t even wear the same outfit twice a year. I can’t imagine what it’s like.

Devan:  He told me he doesn’t even have time to shower anymore. I mean, I know a lot of people let themselves go after they have kids, but this seems a little extreme. Maybe we should say something.

Mason:  I don’t know. I mean, I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. Maybe we could just offer to babysit.

Devan:  Not me. I’m too busy planning the wedding to do that.

Ella:  You guys, I got the best idea. We can motivate him by looking super cute all the time and then, you know, he’ll want to do what we’re doing since we’re setting such a good example. Totally, right?


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Dale is eating on the couch at the office and drops his napkin. Devan asks him to pick it up. He explains that he’s stuck in the couch. She helps him up, and he has a hard time reaching the napkin because his belly is so big now.

Later, Devan asks her co-workers if they are worried about Dale. They have also noticed that he has let himself go. He doesn’t shower or change clothes very often. Ella suggests that everyone else dress well to try to encourage Dale.

What do you think Dale’s friends should do? Do you take good care of yourself? Have you ever let yourself go?



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Well,as far as a remenber i’ve never let myself go.I would suggest Dale’s friends to to the same Ella suggested,maybe that would help.

03:26 PM Mar 16 2013 |

Empty smile


When it is summer and  don’t have anything about to worry I let  myself go, maybe the resent is that I feel happy that  I’m free now and dont have to study anymore  and look good  so I just eat more than I should  :D when there is two weeks or one month  before we are going to school I  start to lose weight , do exersises , eat healthy meal and things that are in need to have a healthy life and body.I should take more care for my self and next summer promise my self that I will not do that :$  just 2 or 3 kg more ;p easy to lose :D

10:44 AM Aug 29 2012 |



Once i let myself go. Remember that i fell in love with a friend. She was just a good friend of mine. We used to spend a lot of time together and i was always there for her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. But sometimes she didn’t want to see me , refused my invitations and those things hurt my feelings. When things like thosed happend to me , i didn’t feel like doing anything. I was very tired, sad and frustrated. But then after a while, i decided not see her anymore. And this worked really well. She was the one inviting me to many different places and i refused her invitations. I had got over her. Now i go to the gym and i look really well. I am very healthy and most importantly i am very happy cuz i met a really beautiful, intelligent girl¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

04:59 PM May 03 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I never let myself go . I like to care of myself .
some mothers let themeselve go after birth, they gain some weight . Honestly, i cant lay blame on them because the physical changes that had  passed made them depressed .  

12:42 PM Apr 17 2012 |

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Russian Federation

When I’m feeling a disstress, I take care of myself more than usually, just force me myself to live. So when I was sure that my friend betrayed me I have spent around 5 hours in the fitness-centre every days during two weeks, before was able to calm myself down. I need to be very happy to allow me to be lazy

05:51 AM Nov 22 2011 |




Dale’s friends should let themselves go as well.

07:22 PM Nov 16 2011 |

1 person likes this



i think thre is a point in your life whre you let yourself go, perhaps cause we´re worried about something or simply you´re lazy

06:03 PM Nov 16 2011 |

1 person likes this

Maria del Alba


I’ve never let myself go in such an extreme way like him but it depends on the season I usually take care of my appearance more: in summer I have more time I usually go to a gym, to a swimming-pool, I make-up more often… but when the uni starts again I let myself go a little haha

I think Dale’s friends should talk to him about he hazards his health doing that

12:07 PM Nov 16 2011 |

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05:30 AM Nov 16 2011 |



United States

I lack the motivation to look after myself. I have a gym membership I barely take advantage of. I definitely don’t have enough sleep, my diet? well…it’s the microwave food aisle, If the box says heat for more than 5 minutes this food isn’t for me ;-). I’m also a couch potato… Heavens only know why I’m not fatter. I admit I would look and feel better If I embrace a more active lifestyle,and opt for a healthier diet. but that’s next year’s resolution .. hehe!

04:38 AM Nov 16 2011 |



South Korea

This Story EXACTLY corresponds to mine. After having a baby, my wife and I lost lots of time and chance to take care of ourselves. However, as time passed by, we have adjusted to new enviornment. Thesedays, I wake up early in the morning at 4 am in order to do what I want and hope. Smile

03:50 AM Nov 16 2011 |

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When falling in love you have to be careful not to let yourself go with someone who only loves you because they just need you. :(

12:49 AM Nov 16 2011 |

1 person likes this

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Honesty is the best choice,  just be careful with his feelings guys Smile

08:48 PM Nov 15 2011 |

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United States

Recently, I’ve been letting myself go. Finally, I got myself to a yoga class last night. It’s just the beginning of getting myself back into shape and balance.

07:42 PM Nov 15 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

initially  I dont know what can comment about this topic specially but I will say a lot of peole let.s to themselves to go away far in our traditional food

we should to maintain on our bodies I guess we have as many as bad habits in eating in late time before sleep as the same time all people over the world now going to fast food for example homporger and hogdog

if you dont maintain a good health I think we will suffer from many of disease

for me I prefer cooking my mother more than any food

I really like natural food for example olive oil with some tomato engoh for me

I dont like when a man go to restaurant every day

I know a women she is very perfect in cooking she is here on baby

I know her she always cooking very delicious

I wish when she see my words recognize about her I guess she will know

the first letter I

good luck to all

04:46 PM Nov 15 2011 |



It is very difficult all time to take good care of yourself. I wish I also could eat eat and don’t care about putting weight. But unfortunately it impossible for me. If I will do so, soon I also will have a belly like Dale lol)))) In fact no one must let herself (himself) go. No matter you merried or not, have you got children or not. Even if you are housewife you must care about you looking:)

04:24 PM Nov 15 2011 |




I thik his friends should tell him straight and encourage him not to let himself go. Most people can be so stresful when teh first time being parent, but I think they also have to take care of themselves a bit. 
Yup I do take care of myself, I am trying to put on my weight because I am too thin :)Cry 

03:18 PM Nov 15 2011 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

they should help him and advice him to not let himself go…..

sometimes  and in occasional days i let myself go and eat delicious things like pizza and ice cream….but the problem starts when i try to lose weightTongue out

02:44 PM Nov 15 2011 |

Mai Mei

Mai Mei


I think I never let myself go, I like sport and I go to the gym two or three times a week. But I also have to say that I’m lucky, because I can eat and eat and is hard for me getting weight. 

02:23 PM Nov 15 2011 |




oh…I think I’m letting  myself go!! For our teacher told us”Do what you like is enought!” and  I enjoy food very much..= =It’s a panic for me to keep  fit~

01:38 PM Nov 15 2011 |

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