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Under Wraps
Under Wraps English, baby! Video Lesson

Under Wraps Meaning

Date: Oct 16 2012

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Not everyone needs to know everything. Privacy is important. Timing is important, too. It’s best to deliver big news at the right time, and sometimes that means keeping things under wraps for a while.

When you keep something under wraps, you keep it a secret. You don’t tell many people, and those you do tell, you ask not to tell anyone else. You might say, “We are keeping this news under wraps for a while.”

Marni has a secret, but it isn’t one she can keep under wraps much longer. At least, not without some bigger clothes.




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Marni:  Oh! Um, hey, Jeff, would you mind picking up this pen?

Jeff:  Uh, you mean that one?

Marni:  Yeah, I just, I can’t quite reach it, and I just don’t feel like getting up. Please?

Jeff:  Yeah, OK.

Marni:  Thank you. Actually, you know, while you’re up, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love a snack. Something from the vending machine, just any old junk food will do.

Jeff:  OK. Alright.

Marni:  Thanks. OK. Oh man, why does the bathroom have to be so far away?

Dale:  OK that’s it, Marni! I can’t keep my feelings under wraps any longer. You have let yourself go, and honestly, I think I should be the one to tell you this.

Marni:  Let myself go? What are you talking about?

Dale:  Every week you’re getting bigger and bigger and it’s getting harder for you. I can see it. It’s right there! I can tell. I can tell.

Marni:  Look, I appreciate your concern, but I’m not letting myself go, OK?

Dale:  It’s harder for you to get up. You’ve been asking for junk food, and we just finished lunch! I’m serious. What’s up with the belly?

Marni:  Alright. I’m not getting fat, I’m just…I’m pregnant.

Jeff:  Wait. What?

Dale:  Yeah! She’s pregnant! Isn’t that great?

Jeff:  Wait, she’s what? She’s…Uh…Who’s the father?

Marni:  Jeez, can’t anyone have a private life in this company? Look, guys, I’d rather not say who the father is right now. I want to keep that under wraps a little while longer. But, you know, everything’s great. It’s not going to affect the company in any way. If you’ll excuse me, I really need to go to the bathroom now, OK?

Dale:  She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant!

Jeff:  She’s…She’s pregnant?

Dale:  Yeah! But I wonder why she doesn’t tell us who the father is?

Jeff:  Um…

Dale:  I wonder.

Jeff:  Dale?

Dale:  Yeah?

Jeff:  Do you remember my lost weekend? The one where I had dental surgery and blacked out? I can’t remember anything. What if the father is…what if I’m the father?

Dale:  What if you’re the father? That’s right! Congrats bud! Oh, now we really can’t keep this under wraps. Alright, who can I tell?


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Marni drops her pen while sitting on the couch. She asks Jeff to pick it up for her, and then asks him to go get her a snack.

When Jeff leaves, Dale tells Marni he thinks she has a weight problem. Marni tells him that she isn’t fat, she is pregnant! She had hoped to keep it under wraps for a while longer.

Jeff overhears this and asks Marni who the father of her baby is, but she won’t tell. Dale wonders why Marni would want to keep the identity of the baby’s father under wraps. Jeff asks Dale if he remembers the weekend he had dental surgery and can’t remember anything, and wonders if he could be the father and just not remember.

Were you surprised to learn Marni is pregnant? Who do you think the father is?



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Perhaps Marni just made a joke.

09:00 AM Dec 20 2012 |



I’m also interested in who father is. Does he work in the company?

06:00 PM Nov 11 2012 |



I’m the type of peolple who can keeps things under wraps, i’m really good in keeping secrets. but, unfortunatelly, no one  keeps my secrets under wraps for a while, as my sisters told me once, the secrets cause stomachache for them, so they have to get ride of that secret sooon, to feel better LOL..

06:28 AM Oct 21 2012 |

kali Ruok

Saudi Arabia

she is pregnare ? i like that ?

but i cant find any think funny ? i am here to find some browser help me but i cant find that ??

10:30 AM Oct 20 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Yeah, I’m so surprised and so excited to know what will happen next… Maybe Jeff is not the father, so Dale will make a big mistake and tell false news…

01:31 AM Oct 20 2012 |




So nice video. I don’t know why they can truth Marini is just fat of belly it’s impossible. I think they were  stupid because there is no one become fat just on member of body . I were in their place i was discovered Marini Wink

01:44 PM Oct 18 2012 |



Syrian Arab Republic

No i’m not surprise to learn Marini is pregnant because she have just big belly… about baby’s father i keep it under wraps for a while longer :)

11:05 PM Oct 16 2012 |




No, I wasn’t surprised to learn that Marni is pregnant. Who is the father?? ... hmm I wasn’t there… I don’t know Wink

10:39 PM Oct 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




yep! i was surprised to learn that marni is pregnant,i do not know who is the father,cus,the relationship of them are so mess!

10:09 PM Oct 16 2012 |




ok, I got it Kotlesya. About me, a part for Football matchs, I like watching cartoons, all kind of cartoonsTongue out

08:51 PM Oct 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




manu_wj  soap opera worth to watch if is has any profits out of it. For example learning new words or phrases as eBaby suggests. 

I can’t imagine myself watching soap opera on TV with tears on eyes and cheecks. I’m too harsh with my character for boring, meaningless and endless serials, believe me ;)

There is the only one serial in this world I have a patience to watch  and this is “Wilfred” :D:D :D :D :D:DLaughing

07:40 PM Oct 16 2012 |




06:23 PM Oct 16 2012 |




I agree with you lovelife but I guess it’s very very hard to keep something under wraps. I’ts the human nature to share own thoughts, bad or good news. People need to talk with others to express the own mood or ideas. 

02:37 PM Oct 16 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

It’s depend on your mind , How we can keep each others away from Under warps as the same time we are prefer do everything amazning , For me I dislike to see myself in a bad look specailly when you will beome older .

02:29 PM Oct 16 2012 |




It looks funnier than tragic. I’ve never believed at these “blacking out moments”, even if one overdrinks. It’s just an axcuse to escape away from own responsabilities.

kotlesya, you seems very interested and passionate on soap operas. I hpe for you that E.baby will put on the follow Laughing

02:01 PM Oct 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




     I’m surprised none of Marni co-workers took notice of her belly hump and her new eating patterns and thought something was brewing. I always look at Marni as the Ebaby’s cast mediator, she’s always there to restore morale and defuse tantrums when things are escalating in the workplace. She’s very professional and she proves it again by keeping her pregnancy a secret. I know people like her; some people just don’t want to discuss their private affairs at their jobs.

     But in Marni’s case she really didn’t have to bring anything up, the signs were quite visible. Now she can count on stoked Dale to spread the good news like wildfire, this is how most guys react when they know they’re not the father, so I rule Dale out. My prime candidate is either Jeff otherwise Ebaby is going to introduce a new character in its cast I can’t picture Mason, Jason or John as the father. Jeff’s reaction is typical of a soon-to-be father, you seldom see someone spring with joy upon hearing that he’s going to be a father, it usually takes that person a moment in order to grasp the significance of such prospect. There are cases the man would faint and come back in a state of grogginess with glassy eyes and unwittingly ask his partner who the father was. Pregnancy albeit a good news always come as a shock to guys at first. What? What do you mean….oh that’s great!! :)).

Yeah, I can’t see myself inquiring about whose child a woman is bearing, that’s a little …mmm intruding . Even worse, that’s a little degrading to her, like she’s been so promiscuous one had to wonder who could possibly be the father of her child.

We all know that’s soap opera so it’s safe to say “ JEFF YOU DID IT TO HER  you sneaky father-to-be ” Laughing

Congrats Marni!!

01:57 PM Oct 16 2012 |




one of my nieces ,although she was very young got pregnant out of the wedlock  ,anyway, she decided  to go ahead and have a formal wedding  through the Catholic church.  I can still  see her walking the aisle  wearing a white wedding gown  and a  BIG BIG bouquet of flowers  in her hands  hiding as much as possible  her pregnancy as  it was too advanced to  keep ip under wraps.  LOL




Congratulation Marni! This the greatest news! You look fantastic!


In Russia we keep it under the wraps until it’s visible. When a child is born, we keep him “under the wraps” as well until three months and then all the guests, godfathers mothers, relatives are coming. That’s how it used to be. Maybe it’s different now.

11:08 AM Oct 16 2012 |

Jagdeep Kaur


sometime we do like this…

07:17 AM Oct 16 2012 |




There was no soap opera around Marni so far, hence I suprpised to see her on the late pregnacy. When has she managed to conceive? From whom? :D

Anyway, congratulations, Marni!!!! :))))))))))))))))))

Pregnacy is something that is hard to  keep under wraps for long time. ;) Fetus is growing :) 

So, today is a day when Marni eventually took the wraps off ;) Pregnacy is visible by the naked eye and there is no sence to be secretive about it.

Who is a father?? It is an intimate question. :D

As we say in my country:” I was not there, standing near the bed with a candle” :DDDD

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