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R.E.M. Break Up
R.E.M. Break Up
R.E.M. 宣布解散

Simple Past Tense

Date: Nov 21 2011

Themes: Music

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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It’s important to know when it’s time to call it quits. But for some bands, that can be a tough decision to make. Groups like the Rolling Stones have been around forever, or close to it. It seems like they might never break up.

But R.E.M. has chosen a different path. The band recently announced its decision to break up after more than 30 years together. There wasn’t a big falling out between any of the group members. They just decided that it was time to say goodbye. But are fans like Jeff and Devan ready to say goodbye to them?

知道何时终止非常重要。但是,对于某些乐队而言,这将是一个艰难的决定。滚石 (Rolling Stones) 这样的乐队一直或者几乎一直陪伴在我们左右。他们似乎永远不会解散。
但是 R.E.M.乐队却选择了一条不同的道路。在一起合作 30 多年后,该乐队最近宣布决定解散。乐队的任何成员之间都不存在不和。他们只是觉得是时候说再见了。但是,对于像杰夫和德凡这样的乐迷而言,是否准备好向他们说再见了呢?


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Jeff:  So I heard the other day that R.E.M. broke up. That’s pretty big. They’ve been a pretty successful band for around three decades.

Devan:  Are you serious? R.E.M. broke up? They’ve been around my whole life. I thought they were gonna keep going until they were like 90.

Jeff:  Yeah. I kinda respect it, you know? They didn’t really overstay their welcome. I mean, three decade…there’s a lot to be said about three decades of being a band, let alone a massively successful band.

Devan:  But their last album was so good. I mean, I guess it makes sense to try to quit while you’re ahead though, right?

Jeff:  Yeah. You don’t wanna, I don’t know, turn into the Rolling Stones. A bunch of 80 year old skeletons limping around on stage. It’s kind of embarrassing, if you ask me.

Devan:  That’s a good point. Maybe it was time for R.E.M. to hang it up.

Jeff:  Yep.


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Jeff tells Devan that R.E.M. broke up. Devan is shocked that a band she grew up with has decided to call it quits. She thought they would stay together forever. She is especially upset and surprised because she loved the band’s last album, Collapse into Now.

Jeff respects the fact that R.E.M. decided to quit while they were ahead. He thinks it’s better for bands to break up before they get too old and dull. Plus, R.E.M. was together for over 30 years. That’s long enough for Jeff.

Have you ever quit while you were ahead? How do you know when it is time to call it quits?



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Anthony Milk


It was a great lesson I learned very much, but I think that the persons need to know call it quits.

10:13 PM Nov 25 2011 |




I think it’s nice to call it quits when you are on the top, cause you’ll be always remembered that way. But sometimes it’s a little difficult to know if you are on the top, or if you can still grow up more. 

11:47 AM Nov 24 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I know how difficult is quitting while you are ahead when i think in poker cauze you feel this kind of excitement when you’re likely to win that keeps you going on until you finally end up loosing haha

It is difficult to know when it is high time you called it quits, but sometimes you can notice when you are worn out, you are out of time (for example, politicians doesn’t often know when they must retire)...

10:48 AM Nov 23 2011 |



It’s good to quit while you were ahead so people will remember always being at the top….

01:03 AM Nov 22 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I guess we need to such like groups for fun or teach some things in our lives I think we lack to taking our desire to be seriously in actually

break up meaning more than this topic for example if you want to be a profeesional memmber you must to training and a big  focus in your talent for me I appreciate any group to express about workgroup specially in the poorest countries more than rich countries but that thing need to a lot of effort in order to reach to a real life and to quality of life

I dont enough idea reflect my opinion in this time because I really lack to the experience have a nice time

08:00 PM Nov 21 2011 |



I don’t remember if i ever did it before… i’m not the kind to give up… but in R.E.M situation is a different case. They may have their reason. Their fans can’t influence their decision. It is something that envolves their personal live.

Better wishes for them! and tks for all the amazing hits they did…


06:47 PM Nov 21 2011 |



For me, , it’s time to quit if I have a better opportunity!. And of course to quit when you are ahead is better than keep going till become dull. But it should take enough time. 3 decades are quite long and enough.

But anyway it’s sad for their funs.

04:22 PM Nov 21 2011 |



United States

R.E.M breaking up?...too bad I like some of their songs like ” losing my Religion” “bad day”. now that their gone we are stuck with Justin Barbie…oops Bieber, and Rebecca Black’s “Friday” ;). But I guess everything is bound to come to an end one day. These guys spent 30 years making fans happy touring the entire globe, let’s not be too demanding it seems right to close the curtains. Time for them to hit that golf course and subscribe to AARP magazines. hehe!

02:01 PM Nov 21 2011 |

1 person likes this



Personally, I see no problem on keep going with your band as you grow older. Just because you’re old it doesn’t mean you’ve gotta quit. If you like what you do, then just do it!

01:38 PM Nov 21 2011 |

1 person likes this



i think when we call it quiet ,really little bit sadly,such as some workers,want to working in big company forever,but you know ,many things we just unpredictable,boom in today can not prove also boom in future,maybe tomorrow ,boss will tell all of the staffs,today we have to call it quiet suddenly.you will be shocked with it and surprised ,but it’s really true,as for me ,i have never think about working in one place forever,i like get high salary with jumping,change my job,normally ,it’s tough to waitting raised you salary in the same company,for instance,some company just raised 5% salary each year,but if you try to find a new job at the same time ,maybe you can get the salary more than 2 times,that’s why many people like choice change job in new years and don’t like stay in same company to wait salary raised.as for company .always think some guys from other company qualify than internal employee,some time even would rather pay high salary for new employee who recuit from other company than old employee.so many old employee feel so sadly and no hope here,so have to choice quite their job and looking for a new job,i think the trend becoming deteriorated

01:27 PM Nov 21 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

no,and in hope that i wont quit while i ‘m ahead.and when i see that it is impposible to get to what i want ,it is the time to call it quits

12:30 PM Nov 21 2011 |




I think i should call it quits if anything be useless for me, in this case i feel that i’ll waste my time if i keep going.

12:26 PM Nov 21 2011 |

1 person likes this


United States

too bad, I liked their songs

07:53 AM Nov 21 2011 |



Russian Federation

I adore their song “Losing my religion” which reminds me my teenage time…

06:42 AM Nov 21 2011 |



United States

To be honest I haven’t always been that attuned to when to call it quits. On occasion I quit while I’m ahead. It’s nice to finish on top. :)

05:20 AM Nov 21 2011 |

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