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Cold Feet
Cold Feet English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Dec 20 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Fear can be a tricky thing. You can have all the confidence in the world and believe you are prepared to do something. Then, at the last minute, you get afraid. That’s called getting cold feet.

People often get cold feet before doing something important or scary. Getting cold feet doesn’t usually have anything to do with your feet, although you may feel frozen in place with fear. If you have cold feet, it means you are suddenly timid and don’t want to do something.

Jason is engaged. He once had second thoughts about asking Devan to marry him. Can he get to his wedding day without getting cold feet?


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Mason:  Yo. What’s up?

Jason:  Hey, man. Remember when I was having second thoughts about proposing to Devan?

Mason:  And I saved the day? Yeah. Go on…

Jason:  It’s sort of happening again. I mean, I just don’t know if I can do this wedding thing, man. I mean, it’s so much work and we’re, like, not even getting along. I just…I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

Mason:  Dude, that’s just cold feet.

Jason:  You think?

Mason:  Sure, man. It’s totally normal. I mean, getting married is a big deal, and a little bit of cold feet? Let’s just say everyone gets nervous sometimes.

Jason:  I thought this whole thing was supposed to be exciting and fun.

Mason:  I mean, it was once, wasn’t it?

Jason:  Yeah.

Mason:  And it totally will be again. It’s just a little bit of nerves before a really big event, you know? Cold feet’s totally normal, Jason. I’d honestly be a little bit worried about you if you weren’t having them.

Jason:  I guess that’s true.

Mason:  Absolutely. I mean, people get nervous before any big life change, like getting a new job, or moving to a new city. It’s totally normal. I really don’t think you should worry about it. But now that I think about it, there is one thing that might help. These!

Jason:  Socks?

Mason:  Wool socks.

Jason:  You know, I don’t think cold feet really has anything to with how cold your feet…

Mason:  Trust me on this one, Jason. Wisdom of the dumpster.

Jason:  Thanks, Mason.

Mason:  Come by any time!


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Jason goes to ask Mason for advice. He is not sure if he wants to marry Devan as he has planned. The wedding is a lot of work and they are not getting along.

Mason tells Jason that he is just experiencing cold feet. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a bit of nerves before a change in his life. It’s normal, and Jason shouldn’t worry about it. Then he offers Jason some socks. Even though Jason says it doesn’t sound like cold feet actually has to with your feet, he takes Mason’s socks.
Have you ever gotten cold feet?



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nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah ,i think that is too bad,,,cold feet is annoying and it causes everyone cant make definate desicion for everysituation…

i got cold feet so much in my whole life !!specially when i decide to get marrief.it is terrible.

08:34 AM May 28 2015 |




I´ve got cold feet many times in my life, especially when it is something important and a lot depends on the outcome of your decisions.

11:22 AM Feb 20 2012 |



Last week i was cold feet about my workshop at job with costumers…

I was really really nervous, but is normal to be nerves or could feet before an important event in life as Mason said.

Very Good Subject!

06:51 PM Feb 15 2012 |



when i get cold feet about something, what i do is relax and think it better

09:34 PM Feb 08 2012 |

Maria del Alba


I usually get cold feet because I am very indecisive and hesitant about things i take trouble making up my mind and making decisions.

12:25 AM Dec 31 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

everytime I gonna do something especially for the first time I’ll get cold feet sometimes it will turn out an egregious blunder just because I became so stressfulFrown

11:44 PM Dec 27 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

interesting! i think Mason is right:)

06:13 PM Dec 25 2011 |

abang leak

abang leak


cold feet is the most worst thing i ever had ,it just freaks u out when you are really want to do something but u getting nerves and u got no idea about it because you are chicken out and fish lol

08:45 AM Dec 25 2011 |

wael alattarSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

I always get cold feet when I’m about to do my presentation 

07:54 AM Dec 25 2011 |



Tt’s cool

08:58 AM Dec 21 2011 |



I have cold feet al the times, especially in this winter season. The place I live is -26 now and the coldest part of my mody is my feet..:) I know it’s not about our feet..but anyway I have always cold feet and yes, I have gotten cold feet for sure. I guess everyone ( at least most of people) got cold feet. 

Especially before making a very important decisions like “what major I should study at university” makes us get cold feet because it’s a very important part of our life as the rest of our life depends on it. 

Bye the way, “Wisdom of the dumpster” is just like a joke..wisdom and dumpster..haha…like a wise person but his ideas are not useful just throw them away, to the dumpster..

Does really anyway know about this? I will start getting cold feet like Snoopyboy and gavinluck..:)

07:43 PM Dec 20 2011 |

1 person likes this


Saudi Arabia

normal pepole mush have cold feet in some days of the life

05:33 PM Dec 20 2011 |


Syrian Arab Republic

I beleive that if you get more feet warm you will get good feel

04:56 PM Dec 20 2011 |




i’ll get cold feet too as snoopyboy’s.haha!Cry 

02:58 PM Dec 20 2011 |




yeah, and I’m getting cold feet about it, Tongue out

02:38 PM Dec 20 2011 |



@snoopyboy  Thank you for your answer. Let’s wait, maybe somebody will post the meaning of “wisdom of the dumpster”


02:32 PM Dec 20 2011 |




@Cho1Kelly, a dumpster is a place where you dump unwanted items,trash or your ex-lover letters. I have no clue as to what  the expression “wisdom of the dumpster ” is. If you find out, please share with us. The only thing I can think of is Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street , hehehe!


02:27 PM Dec 20 2011 |



What exactly does “wisdom of the dumpster” mean….?

02:05 PM Dec 20 2011 |

lazy girl 2011


I can get cold feet in many situation,that always make me nerverous although I have prepare a lot.I don’t know why,and I don’t like this feeling,it’s just like my heart will jump out from my body and my cerebra is totally blank.

02:01 PM Dec 20 2011 |




Cold feet … I’ve have it in every sense of the term, if you can get my drift (:

I usually get cold feet when I have to make a big decision involving money. Before you get any idea, let me say that I’m not as frugal as I sound. I’d spend tons of money if that can make someone I care about happy. But I get a mixture of cold feet and guilt if I am to spend a lot of money just on me. I always have second thoughts on whether to buy this electronic gadget or not. But most of the time I get over it, I always end up buying that thing I craved, leaving the store feeling darn ashamed of myself

01:56 PM Dec 20 2011 |

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