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Save the Day
Save the Day English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English idioms with this slang English lesson video

Date: Nov 13 2012

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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There are some things that can just ruin your day. If your car breaks down or someone spills coffee on you on your way to work, your day is pretty much ruined.

But if someone comes along and fixes your car or lends you a spare shirt, then things are OK again. That’s called saving the day. Any time someone unexpectedly helps you or fixes a big problem, you can say they saved the day, even if technically they saved the hour, the year or even your life.

Marni and Devan’s company is in financial trouble. But Amanda thinks she can save the day. Learn the idiom “save the day” and find out if Amanda is successful in this English lesson video.




3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Amanda:  You guys, this really isn’t that bad.

Devan:  Really?

Amanda:  Yeah. Just a few tweaks here and there, and we can have our finances turned around in about a year.

Devan:  A year?!

Marni:  We don’t have a year.

Amanda:  You guys, it’s such a good opportunity. If we just had more…Devan, I know! I know how to fix this. I still have some money saved up from my phone case fortune.

Devan:  OK…

Amanda:  So, you let me buy your shares of the company, nobody has to lose their job, everything gets to stay just as it is!

Devan:  Yeah, except for the part where you own the company instead of me?

Amanda:  Um, yeah, that’s how it works.

Marni:  But you wouldn’t have to lay anyone off, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your bills anymore.

Amanda:  Here’s my offer. We can talk about it further before we finalize anything.

Devan:  Sold! Sold. You got a deal.

Amanda:  Deal.

Marni:  Wow, Amanda, you really saved the day!

Devan:  Yeah, it was looking really bad there for a minute, but you turned it all around.

Amanda:  Guys, have you seen my phone? I haven’t looked at it in about 2 hours. Okay, hello, phone? Oh my gosh, you guys. Mason wants to hang out.

Devan:  Yay!

Amanda:  Oh, and I look horrible! Does anybody have any hairspray? What am I going to do?

Dale:  I do! Yup, I do!

Marni:  Dale, you’re still here?

Dale:  Yup, just doing my part.

Marni:  Wow.

Amanda:  Dale, you’ve saved the day! Thank you so much. You guys, I’ve got to go! I’ve got to…you know…wish me luck, OK?

Devan:  Good luck!

Marni:  Bye! Wow.

Devan:   I’ve got to call Jason.


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Amanda, Devan and Marni are at the office late at night going through the files. They are hoping to find a way to fix the company’s finances so they won’t have to lay anyone off.

After hours of searching, Amanda thinks she has it figured out. With a little time, it can be turned around. The problem is, they don’t have time. So Amanda offers to buy Devan’s shares of the company. Devan agrees, and while she’s sad she won’t own the company anymore, she’s glad that Amanda saved the day and now all the employees can keep their jobs.

Suddenly, Amanda remembers she hasn’t looked at her phone in hours. She missed a call from Mason. He wants to hang out! But after working so late, she doesn’t look great. Fortunately, Dale saves the day with some hairspray.

Have you ever saved the day? When is the last time someone saved the day for you?



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Hong Kong

Really Good

10:36 AM Mar 17 2013 |


Dominican Republic

yes when when i am sick my Tongue outfriend help me with my homework and attent me every day. is so beutifull

04:13 PM Nov 22 2012 |


United Arab Emirates

please save my day by getting me assignments

02:55 PM Nov 19 2012 |



Tongue out I  must  be the last one who study this lesson today,I feel really good!~

02:54 PM Nov 17 2012 |




ARGHAVAN  ,a friend of mine -she is a retired lawyer that lives in San Francisco -California, wrote on Facebook, that she likes to go to the beach  and howling loudly.

Well , it could be a therapy anti stressKiss 

07:10 PM Nov 13 2012 |




I always do my part and sometimes I manage to save the day but not always! Lol! This is a good example to learn it! :)

06:52 PM Nov 13 2012 |

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Son of English

Hong Kong

Mario saved the day by jumping on everyone’s head until they disappeared/died and rescuing the princess.

He saved the day again by throwing fruit at everyone until they died and rescuing the princess.

He saved the day for a third and fourth time by forgetting about the fruit and jumping on everyone’s head again and rescuing the princess…and shouting at her for being kidnapped all the time.

I’m not sure how many more times he’s saved the day…I stopped playing those games around 15 years ago.

02:50 PM Nov 13 2012 |



One time the company’s bus left me and I would have got late to work if a co-worker had not saved the day picking me up at bus stop. really saved the day for me!.

02:02 PM Nov 13 2012 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


Today I’ve saved the day. At last I’ve fixed the problem with the Internet speed on my PC.:)

I’m  on my way to post comments for my friends again.:)

12:28 PM Nov 13 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My familly and I Were On the journey in  north of Iran.You know that there is Caspian sea in the north of Iran.It was rainy and every one got depressed.I offerd to go to the beach and  shout under the rain.At First They refused but I inssisted on it and eventually I saved the the day.ever one said that it was an exhilarating time.Laughing

About  4 years ago when I was studying at uni,My friend save the day for me cause I hadn’t been present for 3 session so it nearby I was faildCry.she spoke with professer and he accept to take the exam.Tongue out

12:07 PM Nov 13 2012 |




My mother was a teacher of German.There was one boy who couldn,t pass an exam from her subject,because of he didn,t do any efforts in learning this language.He made several tries to get a mark only showing himself in front of her at the lesson-all in vain. Then he changed his tactics and began to come to our house with the same intention.When he came in third and got a refuse,my sister said “Mother,put him a mark and stop his coming to us…”.She saved his day and his time too (we lived very far from school).

 Personally I saved the day for many my friends and they did the same for me,but it,s an another story.



save the day is a statment means alot to me. in our daily life we intract with lots of people who save our day sometime save our time and our life too. it would not be wrong if i ll say these people are angels of Allah almighty in form of human. i want to say thanks to all the angels who played their vital role in my life. its truly a virtue to serve others and it makes ordinary person a sage. feeling of being a saver of others is an out of the world kind of thing. its like an oasis for the person in difficulty. i think we all have to adopt it as a chore of our life. but we should not forget the super power who made everything possible and always stand beside us by keeping his blessings on us to tweak our lives. i can’t even pay thanks to Allah Almigty for being a only saver for me if i say thanks on my single breath through whole my life. so i can just bow down with tears in my eyes infront of him and i belive he knows.

10:54 AM Nov 13 2012 |




The plane was about to land in Atlanta  ( Georgia) just then I realized that I had lost my credit card , I was so worried  but there wasn´t anything I could do about it but pray,  while getting off the plane I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder ,turning around I saw an american girl holding my  credit card in her hand, she told me : Sir , is this yours? . What a relief !!! Yes, yes, it is mine,  Her gesture  saved and made my day, otherwise I would have been  in big trouble.  Innocent




Save someone’s day is just amazing, a kind of thing we do need to keep practicing… 

10:12 AM Nov 13 2012 |

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for i remember that some days i gave my friends my oen or my laptop so i save the day for them

07:57 AM Nov 13 2012 |

abdull qader


once my colleague was teaching a powerpoint at the class suddenly her loptap ran out of charge, I lent her my loptap and saved the day

07:05 AM Nov 13 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

saving someone’s day also helps to saving benevolence and humanity.

It has happened to me many times. even if it’s not a serious problem but gives a good feeling.



Yeah, someone have saved the day for me, when I lost my wallet with all the cards, and I gotta pay my car tax for the due time, my brother paid the tax for me! He saved my day!

02:57 AM Nov 13 2012 |

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