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Bon Iver
Bon Iver
乐团Bon Iver

Phrasal Verbs

Date: Jan 11 2012

Themes: Music

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Some people start bands because they want to become rich and famous. But Bon Iver doesn’t seem to be one of them. He prefers a quiet life at home with his family to being on the road all the time or living the high life in a big city like New York or Los Angeles. Even though he was recently nominated for four Grammys, he says he doesn’t care about awards. He just cares about making music. Hear Jason and Marni talk about this humble musician who’s been getting lots of attention.

某些人因为追求名和利而成立乐队。但是 Bon Iver 似乎与他们不同。他不喜欢四处奔波,也不喜欢在纽约或洛杉矶那样的大城市过上流社会生活,他喜欢与家人一起在家中安静地生活。即使他最近获得格莱美奖提名,他也说不在乎是否得奖。他只在乎创作音乐。请听詹森和玛尼谈论这位受到大量关注的谦虚音乐家。


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Marni:  Jason, I am really into…do you call him Bon Iver or Bon Iver?

Jason:  Either way, it’s the surprise of the Grammy nominations.

Marni:  Absolutely.

Jason:  Four of them.

Marni:  Yeah, I think that’s really awesome. Regardless of how you pronounce his name, I think he’s really awesome, and I’m really excited for him.

Jason:  Yeah, I think it’s cool too that he…After his Grammy nominations came out, there was this quote released that I guess the New York Times had been sitting on, that he said that the Grammys are’t very important and had this whole rant about how he thought they were pointless. And now he’s tweeting about how he stands by that still.

Marni:  Well, we’ll have to see. That’s kind of interesting, because I don’t know how I feel about the Grammys, but I just recently watched the Pearl Jam documentary where they, for their Grammy acceptance speech, say, “This is pointless,” and, “This is meaningless.” So there’s sort of that tradition of artists who really view themselves as artists. When they get an award for their art, it’s sort of like…I don’t know, to them it seems meaningless.

Jason:  Yeah, I mean, he seems really interested in being who he is. Like he goes home, I guess, to Wisconsin all the time. He never wants to be on the road for a really long time, which I really respect.

Marni:  I do too, and I can relate to that feeling. I’m also from the Midwest originally, so there’s something very comforting about being in that part of the country, and especially when you tour a lot and you’re on the road.

Jason:  Yeah, and he just says, “The music industry says, ‘You have to do it this way,’ but I’m just not not going to. I’m going to go home to Wisconsin and hang out with my family.”

Marni:  You gotta respect that in an artist.


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Marni is a fan of the musician Bon Iver. She is excited that he was nominated for four Grammy awards.

But Bon Iver said that he doesn’t care about the Grammys. He thinks the awards are pointless. Marni says that he isn’t the only artist who have said they don’t care about winning awards. They only care about their art.

Jason says that Bon Iver doesn’t like to be on the road a lot. He prefers to spend time with his family. Jason respects Bon Iver for doing things the way he wants to, and not the way the music industry thinks he ought to.

Do you like to spend time at home with your family?



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I like being at home not necessarily I have to be with my family. I’m just a home person. I don’t like hanging out a lot and socialize with other people. I’m pretty fine when I’m on my own…

09:44 AM Jan 16 2012 |




I love spending time with my family. even we just live in a simple life and not that wealthy. what important for me is we’re complete happy and healthy. living in a peaceful life and contented with what we have… Money isn’t anything but happiness is…

03:37 AM Jan 16 2012 |



Russian Federation

I’ve heard a point recently that if you make smth in order to get a reward you are just a craftsman. But you are a creator if you make smth ‘cause it’s just impossible for you not to make it. According to this viewpoint rewards can be pointlessSmile

06:30 AM Jan 15 2012 |




Johnny Depp said that,”Money doesn’t change anybody, it reveals them. Same with success.”I’d say, same with Grammys.

Grammys are just labels and they don’t mean anything to changing himself actually.So i pretty much understand why Bon Iver thinks they are all pointless, since it’s who he is and what he wants to do with his life that matters most to him.

04:11 AM Jan 14 2012 |


Costa Rica

i like to hang out  with my family we usually visit new spots in our city 

10:38 PM Jan 12 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually The music industry contribute In creation a new culture in our lives .

We should respect any artist he or she do every action express on ordinary people .

some say the main thing in The cinema industry is money and reputation .

I think the artist should be a reputable with ordinary people .

I dont like any one express on his – her self exaggerate We all are brothers

Unfortunately A lots of artists forget the past life when he was suffer from the poverty from the difficul life when he was a poor person when he was needs others .

There are a lots of different points in this topic I agree with any view says

The main thing in our homework is the humanity and the social values .

10:48 PM Jan 11 2012 |

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Thanks Mnal_F. He owes his success partly to his fans after all,...right? (:

06:53 PM Jan 11 2012 |




Mnal-f       Yes my friend,  it is an opportunity to be  publicly grateful , this is to be real humble .

06:37 PM Jan 11 2012 |




At my holidays I like go to out side with my family. There’re have a lots for learning. I want to see, to hear with anythings aroud me. It’s one of the life learning. But When I want to rest it’s my home that’s first place I want to go…..There are peaceful and safe place for me…..I love my home. :D 

05:27 PM Jan 11 2012 |

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Thanks… Julito (:

I read your first comment before I even read the lesson, and I knew instantly what to expect.

Another controversial artist who wants to make the center fold, and front page of the tabloids, boost up his public image a little and sell more records.

no wonder why so many singers tend to be actors as well… they sure can put up an act


04:08 PM Jan 11 2012 |

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Snoopy, believe me, I am going to cast my vote  and accolade to your last post, priceless.

03:59 PM Jan 11 2012 |

1 person likes this



I love spend time at home with my family and I respect these famous people that prefer to stay home with their family intead of being on the road.

02:43 PM Jan 11 2012 |




First off, I’d like to say that I learned something new today and that is “Bon Iver”. I had no clue that such guy or band existed, pardon my ignorance on this. His name is sort of comical though, it is very close to Bon Hiver (which is French for “Good Winter”). But anyhow, let’s attack the real matter at hand here.

What is the matter which this bearded modest guy? So you think an award is pointless yet you are here to attend the Grammys? ( I agree with Julito on this). Bon Iver is displaying some kind of false humility. His views about the awards is just an act – he knows deep inside he wants it very badly, but being controversial it’s what sells nowadays, so he’s just putting up an act to stand out from the rest of other artists who drool over worldly acclaims, and consequently being seen as the saint whose only award is to play music for his fans.

But let’s assume for a moment that my opinions were wrong and mean. Let’s accept that the guy is in fact, the more modest and humble of all artists. But I  still think it’s wrong, and if I were a fan of his I would’ve felt hurt to hear him say such things about a trophy that symbolizes my appreciation to him and that of all his other fans. A trophy is a piece of metal embellished with some glittering and attracting matter, gold, silver or spray paint; it’s heavy and pointless… until…until it is offered to you with love and recognition, then it  becomes very valuable. A trophy symbolizes that a hard work  has been recognized, that your voice has been heard, your messages has been received and liked, that you have moved a lot of hearts, that you have people who look up to you as a mentor, a source of entertainment and inspiration. A trophy should be cherished regardless of what it’s made of, paper, plastic, gold, silver, platinum or wood.

So, Bon Iver when you are on national TV and thousands and thousands of your fans are viewing the awards ceremony, have the decency to be grateful, deflate your egocentric humility and grab this opportunity to say thank God for the talent and the fans for their unyielding supports, keep the trophy as a reminder of that day, the day your fan expressed their love to you.

Bon Iver, I will look you up on YouTube because I’m curious to hear about your music, I really do. I might even like you as a fan. But when I cast my vote to select you as the best nominee for a particular award of whichever form, regard   it as a sign of encouragement, nothing more, nothing less.Tongue out

02:31 PM Jan 11 2012 |




I thought Bon Iver was a movie. Sorry =/

Oh, I’m definitely a homebody! All I need is here, at home: my family and my stuffs! And, if I need anything else, I just have to make a call. It’s that simple. Today’s society is more practical, I think. Here in Brazil, for instance, you don’t need to leave your house anymore in order to get something, ‘cause you can order almost everything by the phone like food, medicine, and even books! And the Internet has this purpose as well. You don’t need to face a crowded mall in order to buy a CD or a new sunglasses, you can just buy it online.

Nowadays everything is so easy that some times scaries me! Maybe this a huge plot against Humans, in order to isolate them even more and make them indifferent to what is happening in the world! Or maybe not :)

01:48 PM Jan 11 2012 |




As Kotlesya i know nothing about him

and to tell the truth there in the world i think very but very little people who is so modest , humble as said in text .I dont know really the singer such person or not but i think every person should have some goals and ambitions . To live without them is meanless .

12:37 PM Jan 11 2012 |

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I like spending time at home with my family….There is no good place except our home actually….
Whenever I am on the road, I feel good to move but when I come back to home then I feel too relaxed… I also don’t go anywhere in the weekend too because I feel good spending the time with my family.

11:05 AM Jan 11 2012 |




Home Sweet home,  after spending a time abroad  ,a friend asked me :what it was the best part of your trip:  coming back home ,I answered back  without a shadow of a doubt.

10:20 AM Jan 11 2012 |




Don’t laugh, please – I know nothing about Bon Iver. Sorry,I sound quite ignorant, but I promise I will google his music to listen :) Do you like to spend time at home with your family?” – it’s an amusing question for me anyway, because there is no  place that would be so warm, comfort, dear etc like my family is. I enjoy every possible spare minute with my family. I’m living of the sake of my family. I worth nothing without my family.Smile

08:32 AM Jan 11 2012 |




It’s funny to say that he doesn’t care about a Ward, this is his hard work he served to have it, I think the way to say don’t care it’s so ungrateful ::D, I don’t like to be on the road for long time, my school take half an hour riding a bike, and I don’t hang out with my friends a lot, I prefer stay at home with family, but it won’t wash when weekend hhhhhhhh /play time I:-P

08:06 AM Jan 11 2012 |

The Last Joke


In these days of busy world  With the economic downturn : it’s harder than ever to set aside time for family activities. More than ever, though, it’s important to stay connected with each other. One great way to do this is by spending time with your family at home !!!!

What kind of activities can you do with your family at home?

Watching Movies(TV) – Camping in the backyard – Playing video games or Going for eating out – Running all over town – Or Going to shopping and buying things for the fun .

Spending time with your family that requires less money, but still an abundance of laughs and fun. Sometimes it’s still the simplest activities that children remember and enjoy the most!

There is no place like home

05:54 AM Jan 11 2012 |

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