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Buzz - David Beckham

Buzz - David Beckham English, baby! Video Lesson
沸腾 – 大卫·贝克汉姆

Date: Aug 05 2011

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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As the most famous soccer player in the world, David Beckham is an event. Everywhere he goes, whether he is playing in an MLS game with his team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, or in international competition, his fans come to support him. There is a buzz around town when David Beckham comes to visit.

A buzz is an excited feeling. It’s somewhere between happy and nervous. We were recently at a press conference where Beckham was asked how it feels to visit a new city. He said all the excitement of the fans gives him a buzz too. See what else he had to say and learn more about the buzz that follows this superstar below.


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Jason:  Wherever soccer superstar David Beckham goes, there is a buzz. A buzz is a feeling of excitement.

Jason:  But it’s not just the fans who get a buzz. Beckham feels it too.

Reporter:  A lot of people who aren’t even really into soccer, when they hear David Beckham’s in town, that means a lot to them. Do you still enjoy that and do you thrive off of that coming into a place like this?

Beckham:  It’s great. It’s what gives me a buzz. It’s one of the reasons why I’m still playing the game that I love and I’ve played for many years, because I love going into stadiums and them being a full, packed house and getting that atmosphere. I feel like 36 years old, I still love the game and love playing the game, and I love training the way I did when I was 21 years old. So until that changes, I’ll continue to play. But it’s great turning up to stadiums, coming into new cities and seeing the atmosphere there.

Jason:  David Beckham says that coming to new cities is exciting for him. It gives him a buzz.

Beckham:  It’s great. It’s what gives me a buzz.

Jason:  Perhaps this passion for playing on the road has helped him become such a great player.

Beckham:  Whatever game I’m involved in, I’m gonna give 110% wherever I’m playing, whatever league I’m playing in, whatever team I’m playing for.

Fan:  I love Beckham!


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David Beckham has fans all over the world, so when his team comes to town for a match, people get excited. There is a buzz. A reporter asks Beckham how this makes him feel. He points out that even people who don’t care very much about soccer, get excited to see Beckham play.

Beckham says going new places gives him a buzz. No matter where he is, he tries as hard as he can to win. With a career like his, you can be sure that winning gives him a buzz too.

What gives you a buzz?

See our lesson with Beckham’s teammate Bryan Jordan and learn more about the Galaxy on our blog.



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The best and the most beatiful football player in the fucking world

06:16 PM Jul 31 2018 |




Think for your presence on Ebaby.

04:50 PM May 14 2014 |




02:20 PM Apr 19 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love him very muchLaughing

10:41 AM Nov 20 2012 |



Cocos (Keeling) Islands


03:30 AM Feb 02 2012 |



When I have to plan a trip or when I take a plane, those always give me a buzz.

Also when I am eating some delicious chocolate or when I am about to finish a book that is very interesting also makes me feel happy. These situations also give me a buzz.

I can say it’s a great felling, I like feeling it!

10:53 PM Nov 29 2011 |



do the best job make me buzz.

02:26 AM Nov 02 2011 |



Laughing Oh man…...... you’re SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!

04:01 PM Oct 31 2011 |



Embarassedgreat man~~

08:37 AM Oct 18 2011 |

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Saudi Arabia

i think every body dose guys everybody got a buzz from new places

05:04 PM Oct 08 2011 |




a buzz,yell whenever we have made some success wo should give some to ourselives!

02:52 PM Oct 08 2011 |




he is a great athlete!

02:50 PM Oct 08 2011 |




Planning for a trip abroad gives me a buzz. I get a buzz from the fact I´ll have to interact with people from other cultures.

03:29 PM Oct 07 2011 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi everybody i’ve  sign up in this website right now and i like to find a friend here.BYE  

10:54 AM Oct 04 2011 |

akram faraj


hi aim AKRAM FROM SOUTH OF IRAK iam here to improve my english language and make frineds i wish to chatting with you

10:03 PM Sep 10 2011 |





09:11 AM Sep 10 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

love ya beckham, that gave me a buzz when i saw u playing in real madrid

05:57 AM Sep 08 2011 |



oh thats y Vicky is stack on you ,you know like live ma life like am a celebrity how can i work for re t ,wats up with Vicks music group ,as a kid ,back home my eldest sister always read mags about babes like her so i got to know about you from her come on i like music i would like to do collables the SPICY BABES good songs oh you still can do whet don’t let go!

11:30 AM Aug 27 2011 |



Yeah wherever David Beckham visits thers’s actcualy more than a buzz .go Becks do your thing like play like do atimes a recall you advertisment on tv ,sure practice makes perfection there we go !

11:24 AM Aug 27 2011 |



Russian Federation

Sometimes I feel a buzz in my work before a trial. And last weekend I took part in a swamp olympic games. That was fun and a lot of buzz too.

10:38 AM Aug 13 2011 |

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