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Pronunciation Development Lessons

Pronunciation Development Lessons

Date: Feb 23 2012

Topic: Pronunciation

Author: englishteacher24/7


Speaking a language other than your mother tongue takes practice.  Please use these lessons to develop your English speaking skills.


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United States

Pronunciation Lesson No. 1 – The “L” sound

The following sounds in English are difficult for students: “R” “L” “Th” “V” and “Z.”

Therefore, the first practice lesson will focus on the “L” sound from an indirect approach.  Try to recite the following sentence:

“She sells, sea shells, by the sea shore.”

In this exercise, the “l” sound is at the end of the word, just pronounce the first part of the word and just say the letter “l” and add the “s” sound.  Try it; with practice you’ll be speaking like a native!

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