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Chris Kaman - Hook Shot

Chris Kaman - Hook Shot English, baby! Video Lesson
克里斯·卡曼 – 勾手投篮

Date: Mar 27 2012

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Chris Kaman is the rare combination of a 7-foot player with great basketball skills. His ability to pass and dribble as well as rebound and score, made him and NBA All-Star. He was born in Michigan, USA, but his grandparents are from Germany, so Chris has played alongside Dirk Nowitzki on the German national team at events like the Beijing Olympics. He currently plays for the New Orleans Hornets in the NBA.

One athletic move Chris uses to score is the hook shot. You might think this shot makes the path of the ball curve, but you would be wrong. We will let Chris explain this term, as well as his strategy for learning a language, in this interview.

克里斯·卡曼身高 2.13 米,是一位容身高与高超球技于一身的罕见球员。他的传球、运球、篮板以及得分能力使他入选美国篮球职业联赛全明星阵容。克里斯出生在美国密歇根州,但他的祖父母是德国移民,所以他和德克·诺维茨基在国际比赛中一直为德国队效力,例如北京奥运会。他目前效力于美国职业篮球联赛中的新奥尔良黄蜂队。

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am here with Chris Kaman. Can you tell us what a hook shot is?

Chris:  Basically, most of the time big guys are using them to score anywhere close to the paint. Either hand, whatever hand you’re more comfortable with, kind of set yourself up to use that hand away from the defender and try to shoot it toward the basket, kind of out and away from them to where it’s more difficult for them to affect the shot.

Jason:  Where does the name come from?

Chris:  I don’t know. I think maybe Kareem Abdul Jabar did the sky hook first before most people. I don’t know…Because it kind of looks like a hook, probably.

Jason:  Yeah, can you show us what it would look like?

Chris:  Just like a little J-hook or whatever, you know? I don’t know. Interesting. I never really tried to imitate it on camera.

Jason:  You play for the German national team. You have dual citizenship. How did you decide to play for the German team?

Chris:  I was approached by a couple of people from the organization, and I talked to Dirk Nowitzki a little bit, and then just kind of moved forward from there. I didn’t think it was going to happen, and then it ended up working out and I ended up playing in ‘08 in the Olympics, and it was a great opportunity. Then I played again last summer in the European championships, and we didn’t do so well.

Jason:  How’s your German? Do you know any?

Chris:  I know some.

Jason:  Do you have any strategies when you learn a language? How do you go about it?

Chris:  I just kind of find someone who speaks both really well and then ask a lot of questions. And then, you know, when you’re in basketball, coach is yelling a lot of things out in German, you eventually pick up on what it is and what he means, and then you’ve kind of got that ingrained in your head.

Chris:  English, baby!


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Chris Kaman explains that when you take a hook shot, your arm looks like a hook. Tall players use this shot to throw the ball over the defenders. One of the best basketball players ever, Kareem Abdul Jabar, often used the hook shot.

English is Chris’s first language, but since he plays for the German national team, he knows some German. He says the best way to learn a language is to ask a lot of questions. He also learned some phrases because his coach repeats them so often, they are ingrained in his head.

Do your parents or grandparents come from a different country? Do you feel a connection to their homeland?



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Boyu Duan



05:06 AM Apr 22 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

fortunately my father and mother are both from Iran and unfortunately I am not dual citizenship . therefore i only know one complicated language ,farsi. I am like just other Iranian that like to learn a foreign language , especially english , because now it is the international language that is used in all over th world in business,etc. which one is better ? your parents have the same nationality and you have to try to learn english OR you parents are from different countries and you know two languages,one is english, naturally .?!

if there is any mistake in my writing , don’t ignore it tell me to realize it and correct it … i am at the beginning of learning english .

09:01 PM Apr 05 2012 |




I am a pure Chinese, which means my parents are both from China. But China is a nation with a vast terrioty. My father’s hometown is very far from my mother’s. When I was little, we got to spend 2 to 3 days taking trains from nanjing to jishou. And personality between the two provinces is quite different, which means so interesting to me. Diversities make something new. On the other way , we should protect the purity. They are another kind of men. Although the psychologists say the mixed race are better, we should still question cause one coin has two sides. Overally, we should rememeber that we all live once in this world. we should cherish our lives and make them worthy and meaningful.

12:22 PM Apr 01 2012 |




thanks, you’re welcome !)

10:59 AM Mar 28 2012 |




I’m sorry to hear that Mnalf , hope Allah bless you and your families in Palestine :) ,

10:55 AM Mar 28 2012 |




Mnalf, aren’t you going back to Palestine?

10:37 AM Mar 28 2012 |

1 person likes this




C’mon, mrSam, pick yourslef up, brush it off and get back on your horse. Life is not that boring as you think :)

07:02 PM Mar 27 2012 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

ummm, Bored Topic, I Think it is Better if the V.I.P was more Famous and The Topic Was More Interesting . :(

05:32 PM Mar 27 2012 |




I’ve learnt recently my dad is descent come from arabian roots..And I found out why I like arabian songs..I think I’ve got some kind a connection..


04:39 PM Mar 27 2012 |

2 people like this




Yes i’m, i’m Egyptian and i live in Egypt, but my grandfather was from Sudan so my skin looks like Sudanese even more Egyptian and i like it so much, although i haven’t been to Sudan before, but i feel a connection to my both countries.

08:24 AM Mar 27 2012 |

Irene Forever


Jobee psychologists say  that  mixed-race people are healthier, the most attractive and successful.

 We know mixing two different strains of plant can lead to a more healthy and vigorous offspring. We also know that  inbreeding where the parents are related is not beneficial because it weakens the gene pool, so there is more chance of the child dying young. I think we should be proud of whatever your genetic inheritance is but evidence is leading up to the fact it is more beneficial to be mixed-race because you tend to be healthier and have a lower risk of infections.

08:24 AM Mar 27 2012 |




Jobee, a Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is mixed race. He speaks perfect English:), I don’t think his Chinese is good.

I’ve always wanted my son to play basketball. But he is not that tall as other basketball players are. This is one of the main characteristic for candidates in this game. You’ve got to be tall like Yao Ming to who, looks like, is no sweat to shoot in a basket with dropping a dime or without, and an opponent  is really needed to have heart to beat it up.

About learning the language—” ingrained” is a good word for it. The words, phrases should get stuck in your head like a catchy song. It all comes with practicing. Asking  question to words, as Irene said, helps me as well when cracking grammar. Sometimes you read many times but what you’ve read is not with you until you embed it into context. Here the questions come. Kind of wakes you up and you start thinking…

Russian is my native language, though I’m not pure Russian :)

02:56 AM Mar 27 2012 |




Hook shot is the tall player’s trick.I am not so tall that I could play hook shot.Of course,if I did,I got a block.I don’t want that.

Actually,I am proud of my playing Basketball.I remember the days I got myself trained in college.I dribbled,shot,passed and played on court.The skill was finally ingrained in my muscle.I was the best of my class when I graduated.hoooop.

that’s called ‘get paid’

BTW,I am a native chinese.I mean pure chinese.I haven’t met anyone who is mixed blooded.Do you know any?

01:53 AM Mar 27 2012 |




01:19 AM Mar 27 2012 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


My grandmother comes from Poland,

my grandfather  comes from Ukraine,

my father  comes from Russia.

My mother is a Pole.

Where do I come? It’s a riddle.:)

By the way, Chris is right saying that it’s a great way to learn a foreign language by asking and answering questions. To speak any language well is to have a good skill in making sentences by using grammar rules. How to do it in the easiest way? It’s rather simple. Make questions to every word in a sentence in different tenses.

There are certain schemes for making questions with weak and strong verbs. Just use them and go ahead towards mastering English.

The best way to remember new words and phrases is to repeat  and to use them  several times. It’s obviously useful to write them down making your own sentences.

I wish a pleasant time while learning English to everybody.:)

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