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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: May 18 2012

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Second Conditional


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It’s hard to imagine anything more adorable than a puppy. They’re soft, playful, cuddly, and sweet. From their little black noses to their over-sized paws, and from their big brown eyes to their joyfully wagging tails, they might just be the cutest creation there ever was. On the other hand, you might not find them so cute after they chew up your favorite shoes and use your carpet as their personal toilet. Hear Jason and Amy talk about puppies.



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Amy:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just had, like, five puppies here right now, running around, falling all over each other?

Jason:  Yes. Puppies are the best.

Amy:  Why are puppies so cute?

Jason:  I don’t know. Their fur is softer than a normal dog, and they just have such a great attitude.

Amy:  They do. They’re just so happy. They just wiggle all the time in joy.

Jason:  Human babies are so cranky!

Amy:  I know! I feel like puppies are definitely cuter than human babies, too, I think.

Jason:  Here’s the thing about puppies, though, they turn into dogs.

Amy:  I mean, dogs are great. But I wish that you could get a puppy that would stay a puppy for a little bit longer.

Jason:  Exactly.

Amy:  Because they do grow up really fast, much faster than human babies.

Jason:  Yeah. The other day I saw this dog that was maybe, like, two feet long. And I thought it was just the most gorgeous dog I’d ever seen, and then it was pointed out to me that it was actually the puppy of an extremely large breed, and that’s why it was so amazing.

Amy:  It’s true, and sometimes the puppies that grow up to be really big dogs are extra cute because they have those giant paws.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  And they’re really clumsy, which is so cute.

Jason:  Right. Here’s a trick. I just learned about this. If you want to have a constant flow of puppies, you can sign up to train seeing eye dogs, and they drop them off to you when they’re like four weeks old, and then trade them in for a new one.

Amy:  Gosh, you’d just get so attached!


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Amy thinks it would be great if she had lots of puppies around. She says there is nothing cuter than a puppy.

Jason agrees that puppies are the cutest. He loves their soft fur. He even says they have better attitudes than human babies. But he doesn’t like it when they grow up into dogs.

Amy thinks dogs are great, too. But they aren’t as cute as puppies. She would like it if puppies stayed puppies for a little longer. Jason tells her that she could train seeing eye dogs. Then she would have a dog for a few months when it was very little, and when it got older, she would give it back and get a new puppy in return. But Amy thinks she would get too attached to the puppies.

Have you ever had a puppy? Would you rather have a puppy or a fully grown dog? Do you think there is anything cuter than a puppy?



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my younger sister has a dog it’s a cute dog it  is veru funny.

09:55 AM Sep 19 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like them,they are sooooooo cuteWink

12:17 PM Sep 05 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

really this is strange days ,when we respect the animals and disgraced the humans , yes this the end of days

11:43 AM May 28 2012 |



human beings is the worst animal in the planet

12:48 PM May 24 2012 |



i love this photo which shows this cute dog :)

06:58 PM May 23 2012 |


United States

puppies are not my favorite i prefer cats they are more beautiful and clean. And dogs are so cranky.

11:59 PM May 21 2012 |



Interesting,I like dog very much ,the soft fur and the good attitude,expecial some old dog have been feed so many years with you ,you are good friends with your dog,you can feel your dog really so adorable and always wiggle her tail when you back home after your work everday ,you are really so happy that time,but as this article said that,dog always grow up and become old so fast than human babies,so that’s why we have to cherish them when them live in our life.

09:38 PM May 21 2012 |




Human nature is very unique.we alway love dog.cat.and cute animal .However.few people in the side don’t love snake frog.Why the dog have that big Favorited? even I love dog and cat.They are face so cute  really unable to speak I’m too love Small pets>>

01:11 PM May 21 2012 |




I like puppies.When i was young i had one puppy which is very cute.She’s very lively ,She like to hide herself and wait you to find.Sometimes she just jumped suddenly to you from a coner.Her death was a heavy beatern to me.I don’t want to have another dog.Now ,i don’t know why i was scaried of dog.One day my friend asked me to go to the pet shop with her ,buying a brand for her dog.There are many dog coming to the shop ,while we picking the brand.I was surounded by the dog.I was too afraid to move.hehehe.I must look stupid.Embarassed

11:31 AM May 21 2012 |




I love all babies of animals especially kittennnnssss I just cant get enough from playing and staaaring to them

09:47 PM May 20 2012 |




At seven years ago, I brought a puppy from trade one of another city. She send it by air plane. I just to take it at airport… I still remember that day as well… I was excited to see it… I heard the barking from it by did not stop from inside room. When I see it … Oh my baby ” So cute” I just caress to fur it on head. Say softly to it ” We will go to home together” and it sleep on my hand.Seven years that I have it to be real friend. It’s good time for me. :)

08:21 PM May 20 2012 |



Nope, I never had a puppy or a grown dog, though I used to quite want one. If I got to choose I’d rather have a puppy because you get to train him and teach him stuff and I imagine that it’s fun even though it’s probably quite hard work…Plus you can raise him properly and see him grow up. That’s priceless! In my opinion there’s a lot of things cuter than a puppy even though I must say puppys are indeed very cute!

07:49 PM May 20 2012 |

jossef 002010


  1. No i never had a puppy or a dog , and i’m not  looking for that ! i think some people do really exaggerate about dogs, i mean the way they treat them, raising them up like a baby human !! i think there’s no necessity to all of that , a dog should treaed as it should be, like an animal , ok.. we all know that puppies or dogs considered as a pet , the closest animal to people ever but still , there must be limits ,as a friend have said to take care of orphans much better than a puppy , for me i’d rather have a cat than a dog !

04:50 PM May 20 2012 |




If i have the chance to have a puppy i would prefer to stay in the same size for ever, i like every small animal, they are adorableSmile

03:08 PM May 20 2012 |




I like animals in general,but idont keep puppies.Maybe I like cats more,and I keep them.

09:08 AM May 20 2012 |

Simon terminator


I like dog very much ,i just love puppies,when ever i play with them i forget everything.

07:36 AM May 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




Actually i have never had a puppy before, but i’m crazy about them i really love puppies, i consider them the cutiest animals ever.

06:40 AM May 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




I really enjoyed this lesson. I condider it on of my favorite.. I love puppies becuase they are the most adorables animals in the world :) .. I don’t care if they have pedigree, even they are so sweet, so nice when they get grow up…When I was teenager I had a big dog. I called him Ducke. He allways cared my sister and me and never allowed any stranger to approach us… I loved my dog …

05:58 AM May 20 2012 |


Dominican Republic

i think the animal are adorable, i like them but I am a little odd because   i dont like to hug thm, or carry .o.O!!!1

02:31 AM May 20 2012 |


Syrian Arab Republic

I don’t have a puppy, I think it is better to take care of an orphan child than to take care of a puppy.

09:06 PM May 19 2012 |

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