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Fuel Prices
Fuel Prices

Learn the Present Progressive Tense

Date: May 30 2012

Themes: News

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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In many parts of the world, the weather has started to warm up and the days have been getting longer. With summer approaching, it would be fun to plan a road trip. But with fuel prices on the rise, you might decide on a staycation instead.

For many of us, gas is a necessity. We don’t like spending money on it, but we have to. People often complain about the cost of fuel. But lately, fuel prices seem to be higher than ever, and increasing more rapidly than ever. Will it ever get better? Find out what Amy and Dale think.



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Dale:  So, I was watching a movie, and in one scene, they were at a gas station, and the gas was $1.10 a gallon.

Amy:  No way. That’s unimaginable.

Dale:  And now look at it. We’re in the four-dollar-plus range, and it could even hit five dollars in the summer. And we haven’t really earned a lot more money.

Amy:  Yeah, people aren’t making five times what they made ten years ago.

Dale:  Correct. And so it put me into a shock, and also a realization, going, “We had it pretty good at that dollar range.”

Amy:  Right. But probably people were complaining then, too, because it’s just one of those things that people always seem to be upset about, you know, the price of gas.

Dale:  Pretty much, but it seems to get higher and higher.

Amy:  Right. Well, you can see that people are choosing to buy cars that get better mileage. You know, everybody wants a fuel efficient car, and I guess that’s one way to deal with it, at least on your end.

Dale:  It is, but of course it’s not cheap upfront.


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Dale was watching a movie from about ten years ago, and he was shocked to see the price of fuel in the film. The cost of gas is nearly five times higher than it was back then. But Dale points out that we don’t earn five times as much money. The price of gas has increased more rapidly than anything else he can think of.

Amy agrees that the price of gas is high. But she says that people always complain about fuel prices. She also points out that if you want to save money at the gas station, you can buy a more fuel efficient car. Dale agrees, but he says that fuel efficient cars cost a lot of money upfront. So it might take some time before you really start to save money.

Are gas prices high in your country? What do you think we should do to deal with high fuel prices?



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United Kingdom

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10:13 AM Oct 27 2017 |



The gas station and realm times conditions of the travelling and transport are beneficial and interesting http://essaychest.com/. It is imposed and organized. If the success of the modern human is to be elevated and adjusted, it is ought to be mentioned with research and assessment.

11:49 AM Feb 16 2016 |




I think fuel will increase more and more each year. Stay or rise, never decrease.

09:10 AM Jun 10 2012 |



Yes, i always hear fuel price rises per few days or months. I think it is changing in any time.

The best way if we can buy less cars to againest fuel price rising. But we can not do it in real life. We want to buy a car if we have enough money.

05:42 AM Jun 06 2012 |



Well, I’m planning a roadtrip for this summer. I hope the fuelprices are not going up again. 

05:30 AM Jun 04 2012 |




it‘s seem that fuel cost is a big problems in every country.

03:01 PM Jun 03 2012 |

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Gas is rising high, the price might choke your neck. I think no more producing cars or any other vehicles. People should less drive car and start riding bike. Less pollution and the air will be much more fresher, right?

07:53 AM Jun 02 2012 |




Price of fuel in Poland is definitely to high!

02:46 PM Jun 01 2012 |

1 person likes this




I havent got acar,so I use the transports.The problem is that no gas.Its very little,& to get it u must fight.The governments must find asolution,thats why we elected them!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:03 PM May 31 2012 |

Rana 74

Rana 74


In Bangladesh gas is limited. So that trafic system must be design properly. May  be use renewable energy. Low cost and protect our environment. 

12:20 AM May 31 2012 |

1 person likes this




well I don’t have a car and now in my country is almost winter but I do think gas price is really expensive in some countries. But we have to think that there are other kinds of fuels, like alcohol, and more sustainable too.

11:40 PM May 30 2012 |




In my country, the Municipality  of the city  spent milions on  bicycles lanes ,in spite of  very few people  are getting around  using them. The trafic  is congested all the time,driving  in my city and finding a place to park the car is nerve-racking.  the cost of the gasoline is : average  1 dollar a liter   ,that is gas super,. premium is higher. 

09:40 PM May 30 2012 |




The price of gas is nearly 60% higher here in Poland then in the US. If we take today’s exchange rate, we have to pay $1.67/liter that is $6.33 per gallon. This is the price for regular gas, and it is very similar for diesel fuel.

09:02 PM May 30 2012 |

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Here in Algeria we don`t have the problem of fual prices. My country is rich of petroluem.gas and so on .But if we want to reach the best things we have to forget about how much ;ony they cost.

08:52 PM May 30 2012 |



I think the best way to deal with high fuel and save money we should use a carpool it’s good way first for the environment and help each other for many ways ,a carpool or Ride or lift sharing, is shared use of a car by people who travel together to save costs. As drivers and passengers you can enter your ride offers and requests here, easily and free of charge. Travelling together saves fuel and protects the environment. At the same time you can also get to know nice people.

07:40 PM May 30 2012 |



People usually prefer driving to office in the raining day.

However, the fuel prices is too higher for people to driving even it is in a heavy rain.

The best way to save money and earth is to take public transportation to anywhere. Ha!

05:03 PM May 30 2012 |


United States

one way I will save on gas is by taking online classes!

03:59 PM May 30 2012 |




I think that price of fuel is definitely too high. It’is probably conetcted with deficient in natural resource. We can only change car to bicycle to save some money. It will be good for our pocket and health.

03:30 PM May 30 2012 |


United States

Very interesting comments.  I learned some things I didn’t know.  Thanks.

02:59 PM May 30 2012 |

The Last Joke


Dear TITO007

In Ebaby believe in free speech. So ,please , do never hesitate to say whatever you want to say & feel very free to tell me !


May Allah have mercy upon anyone who points out my faults in me !

رحم الله امرئ أهدى إلي عيوبي 

Thanks a lot I appreciate that………….

02:27 PM May 30 2012 |

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