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How to Form Contractions and Abbreviations

Date: Jul 11 2012

Themes: Music, Party

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Rock n’ roll has always been young people’s music. Since the days of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, it’s been all about energy and rebellion. People in the music industry know, if you want your record to top the charts, it has to appeal to the young.

That may be why the New York band Fun’s song “We Are Young” has been such a hit. Even though the song appeals to people in their teens and twenties, the lead singer of the band is 30 years old. Is 30 the new 20? Or is the band Fun just young at heart? Find out what Jason and Jeff think.

摇滚音乐一直是年轻人的音乐。自甲壳虫乐队 (Beatles) 和滚石乐队 (Rolling Stones) 诞生以来,摇滚乐一直充满能量和叛逆。从事音乐这一行业的人知道,如果你想让你的唱片成为最流行的唱片,那一定要吸引年轻人。
这或许就是为什么纽约的 Fun 乐队的歌曲《我们还年轻》(We Are Young) 能够如此之火。但即便这首歌能吸引十几岁和二十几岁的青年,而乐队的主唱已经 30 岁了。30 岁是新的 20 岁吗?或者,Fun 乐队仅仅是拥有年轻的心态?看看詹森和杰夫是怎么想的。


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Jason:  It’s pretty rare that I actually am really into the number one song in the country.

Jeff:  What is that? I don’t listen to the radio.

Jason:  Well, it may still be, it recently was “We Are Young” by Fun.

Jeff:  Fun, huh? What is it?

Jason:  They are a new band from New York. Sort of a dance indie rock kind of thing. But it really reminds me of Queen, the vocals.

Jeff:  He’s got some pipes, huh?

Jason:  Yeah. But it’s funny, the song, do you know it? It’s about being young, basically.

Jeff:  I remember those days.

Jason:  It’s funny because the lead singer is 30 years old. And that’s not old, but I don’t feel like I am the youth anymore, and I’m 28.

Jeff:  Well, I’m 30 and I feel old.

Jason:  Yeah! You’ve gotta admire him. I guess he sang that song to a record executive in a hotel room, and convinced him to sign him, so he’s got a lot of ambition.

Jeff:  Yeah. That takes guts.


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Jason tells Jeff about the indie rock band Fun. They have a hit song called “We Are Young.” Jason likes the band and thinks the lead singer has some great pipes.

“We Are Young” is a song about how great it is to be young. Jason points out that the lead singer of Fun is 30 years old. Even though he sings about being young, he isn’t exactly young himself.

Jeff thinks the lead singer of Fun must have guts. He sang “We Are Young” to a music executive and convinced him to give him a record deal. The executive must have known that Fun would appeal to young people.

What do you think is the best part about being young? What is the worst part about being young?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when you’re young you have lots of friends and you go out togrther ,you laugh ,you dance ,you do some rediculous things and generally enjoy your time and it’s great.

there’s nothing wrong about youth in Iran even money.because their parents give them enough money and they also help them for finding a job in other words they’re financially supperted by their parents! :)

08:02 AM Aug 25 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

haha jeff was very funny in this dialog

11:21 AM Oct 09 2013 |




The best part of being young is – what the name of the band tells us – a lot of fun. If u r young you seriously enjoying your life. Parties, dances, alkohol, music, friends and the rest of this stuff. It’s really great.

The worst thing? Small moneys – I think. When u are young you have no limits, you can do incredible things like bungee or the other but usually you have the problem with money, u cannot aford for everything. U need to work or improvize :P

07:56 PM Jul 06 2013 |



hello everyone 

the best thing  when you are young is that you feel powrful , brave,entousiastic creative  but imature and disobediant  and rebelious 

01:01 AM Oct 10 2012 |



the best part of being young is no reponsibilites, care free life. eating sleeping and chatting are the only things to do. having fun with friends and parties are on. lots of choclates, big beautiful boquates, yummy cakes, icecream, coffee dates, music and rommance all in air. just waoooooooo worst part is parents taunts, u r late, not allowed for this:(, show ur result, be responciable etc etc and etc

12:05 PM Aug 04 2012 |




Have time being crazy; crazy. lol

06:53 AM Jul 18 2012 |




i love this sonnnnnnnnnng very much 

11:15 PM Jul 15 2012 |

marija luiza


Lovely song, perfect to dance :) haha 

07:05 PM Jul 15 2012 |




so let’s set the world on fire… we can burn brighter than the sun… “  sorry.. just singing… but.. that’s really strange the feeling you feel when singing this… like, if you’re not a teen anymore or if you’re getting closed to thirty(as am I), you just stop and wonder.. am I young ? Am I supposed to sing this ?

11:06 AM Jul 14 2012 |

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Saudi Arabia

What a great lesson !

It’s really Awesome !


Ummm , the best part of being young is to have fun , and you feel you have dreams and ambitions  that you wanna  achieve it !

The worst part of being young , maybe people try to put you down by saying you’re young , you cant do anything , blah blah blah ..

Anyway , I liked the lesson .. Thanks !


12:08 AM Jul 12 2012 |




I think that the best part is the active power of the youth.When u r young,u feel that the life is front of u & between ur hands.& the worst part is the precipitation of the youth & the little experience.Our prophet recommended the youth,cuz they can be more useful to the society.

07:13 PM Jul 11 2012 |




It isnot importent ” how old ” but the importent is your feeling in life , what you present even if your  age seems old

03:05 PM Jul 11 2012 |




‘Take That – When We Were Young’is my favorite song ,when i listen this song which give me more passion to my life ,making me feel still younger

10:41 AM Jul 11 2012 |




I love this song!

I think a person is as old as he/she feels. Ok, if you’re 40 you shouldn’t go to parties where young people are. But if somebody is fashionable, always do sports, enjoy life, why should he/she worry about his/her age? You can feel young at every age… that’s my opinion.. Laughing

10:09 AM Jul 11 2012 |




09:33 AM Jul 11 2012 |




I haven’t heard the song of “We Are Young ” Yet. But I feel rebellion when I hear alternative genre.

07:37 AM Jul 11 2012 |



young people want to getting older,old people want to getting younger

 it’s nice to feeling your age and live the moment happily

ı want to believe that youngs can know and olders can do

07:33 AM Jul 11 2012 |



United States

I haven’t heard the song ‘We Are Young” yet. I don’t think it sounds too appealing either! I I am still pretty young, and I love it that way! You don’t have to go to work, and you can still go to particular summer camps. You would have summer camp and winter break. On particular days, you can chat and text with your friends. But here’s one catch, younger is not always better than the older!! Older people are more mature and wise. they can take care of households, pay bills, and take their time and care to take care of a child or two. They go shopping for them, earn money for them, and tuck them into bed at night along with a good night kiss.   

04:51 AM Jul 11 2012 |



i like this kinda course

04:16 AM Jul 11 2012 |



The childhood is considered as the best years in our life. We all wish we could get back to childhood again.That might because,in our memory,childhood is full of happiness and joy.We don’t need to take the responsibility of the society and family at all.When we grow up enough,our life is filled fully with study and work.We have less and less time to enjoy what we really like .We have the task to complete in our work,we have the children to be feed up…...There are countless things waiting for us.We are lost in the life,actually, we are not really ourselves ,under the pressure of the socity ,we are doing what we don’t like.awful life, we hate to grow up…...

But wait ,wait ,I also have some question about the childhood.Were we really happy and free enough in our childhood.Did we really have no pressure at all when we still were a child? Were there no pain about our childhood? 

We have cried loudly to show our sadness. We have been fearful about our examination.We have been stopped when ,playing with our good friends,eating candy,watching TV,chatting and singing and dancing…...We have been punished when failed in our exam,lost something, got the cholthes dirty,forgot something,and got up late…...

There are too many things we could list.

Childhood is also full of happiness and pains.

03:12 AM Jul 11 2012 |

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