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Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn about Modal Verbs

Date: Jul 17 2012

Themes: Soap Opera, Time

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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There are certain things you never expect to see again. And then, boom! There they are. Blast from the past.

When something you thought was long gone or over for a long time reappears again, it’s a blast from the past. A blast from the past isn’t something that recently ended or something that has been going on continuously. It has to have been dormant for a while.

For instance, music can be a blast from the past. If Vanilla Ice started touring again, that would be a blast from the past. But U2, even though they’ve been around longer than Vanilla Ice, is not a blast from the past. They have been making music nonstop for a long time.

Everyone at the office is about to get a blast from the past. Can you guess what, or wh, it is?

例如,音乐可以是旧事重现。如果香草冰 (Vanilla Ice) 再次开始巡演,这将是旧事重现。但 U2,即便比香草冰 (Vanilla Ice) 存在更久,也不能称为旧事重现。很长时间以来,他们一直不停歇地做音乐。

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Jason:  Morning, guys!

Mason:  Morning!

Jeff:  Good morning.

Devan:  Um, that’s what you’re wearing today?

Jason:  Pretty much.

Mason:  Cool, man.

Jason:  Thanks.

Jeff:  Whoa, blast from the past. You in an ‘80s rock band now?

Jason:  I wish. Just sporting this vintage tee I picked up at a thrift store.

Devan:  Well, we’re interviewing candidates for Ella’s old position today, and the first one’s going to be here any minute. You should probably put your shirt back on.

Amanda:  Hello, hello! Just want to introduce you guys to the new Assistant to the Regional Manager. Blast from the past…

Jeff:  His shirt? Yeah, tell me about it.

Amanda:  No…

Mason:  Uh, what are you doing here?

Amanda:  Um, I was gonna interview, but I think that I should go. Right? I should go.

Devan:  No.

Amanda:  I think that’s probably best. It’s OK…

Devan:  No, wait. Didn’t you become a nun?

Mason:  Yeah!

Amanda:  Yeah, actually, funny story about that. That was the original plan, and then I got this message from Him and he told me that I should design this phone case that looks like a cassette tape. Check it out. Pretty cool, right?

Jason:  Talk about a blast from the past!

Amanda:  Yeah. It’s pretty successful, too. It’s actually in my resume. I can back it up. I sold like a million units…

Devan:  This is a really impressive resume. I think you’re highly qualified for this job. Do you want to come in my office and talk about it?

Amanda:  I don’t know…

Devan:  Here. Come this way. Let’s chat.

Amanda:  OK. Mason…

Jeff:  You OK?

Mason:  That girl broke my heart, Jeff.

Jeff:  But you’re in a new relationship now.

Mason:  I was not ready for a blast from the past like that.


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Jason arrives at work wearing a funny looking shirt. He explains that it’s vintage and he got it at a thrift store. Everyone agrees that it’s a blast from the past.

Devan tells Jason to put his shirt back on because they need to interview people for Ella’s old job. Their first appointment walks in and she looks familiar. It’s their old friend Amanda!

Amanda almost leaves but everyone keeps asking her questions. She tells them that she made a popular phone case that looks like a cassette tape. Both Amanda’s phone case and her sudden presence in the office are major blasts from the past.

Devan agrees to interview Amanda for the job. As they walk off, Mason looks confused. He explains to Jeff that Amanda broke his heart.

Have you ever experienced a blast from the past?

Watch the last episode in which Amanda appeared back in 2009!



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yesterday i met my friend after 4 yrs  suddernly . i think that is blast from the past for me


04:52 PM Aug 07 2012 |




Not as I recall…

06:52 AM Jul 18 2012 |



These days, i’m wondering about my last occupation. It was a long time, 10 years ago. This is a really blast for the past!

02:00 AM Jul 18 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

That happens from time to tome , i mean , I got astonished by an old friend of mine surprised me lately , I totally forget him but by the time he appeared to me again I remembered him. I think that a blast from the past. I guess.

12:01 AM Jul 18 2012 |

Daniel Mv

Daniel Mv


My last blast of the past was be hearing old school music, it was really exciting, a lot of different memories and things came to my mind that night, but what I found more intersting is that a lot of people currently like the same kind of music, I honestly thought that it was me over 1 million of people listening to it, but it wasn’t !! hahaha 

11:59 PM Jul 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I want to learn English how is that ?

05:27 PM Jul 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia


05:25 PM Jul 17 2012 |




It’s a mixture of happiness and sadness in my life . But anyway the past will not hurt me anymore. 

08:01 AM Jul 17 2012 |




Maybe that should read, “Blasts from the past.”

There they are. (plural)

Blast from the past. (singular)

Anyway, good article.  Keep up the great work that I am sure will help bring together a better communicating world.  When we are better able to communicate, I believe that we will have better understanding and hopefully greater tolerance for our differences.

With love and respect,


04:36 AM Jul 17 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

we need something like blast from the past to remind us the good or bad days. the life like the school so we need someone to remind us to keep our memory working and if you fall in any trouble you can find solution.


I liked the topic and it has really simple sentences and enjoyed the dialogue between them.

04:13 AM Jul 17 2012 |



I do like this subject because it reminds me of the old days.

I often dreams.In my dream,there is a man accasional standing in front of me ,keeping looking at me ,smiling ,but non-talking.He just stands there,not far from me,but refuses to walk to me,just keep the distance between us.I try walking to him,he walks back…...silently ,not talks and explain to…...

I would cry from those dreams.It was one of my friends,especially closed friend.However we fell in love with each other,we didn’t become lover.It was regretful story .What a pity! And what  more pity is,we fail to contact with each other from gradugation.

When reading this article,I rememble all of those. Blast from the past.It just likes a mother trying to comfort me…...

03:53 AM Jul 17 2012 |


Viet Nam

Is Amanda back? Oh I am excited. More drama please…

03:51 AM Jul 17 2012 |



A blast from the past can be a big surprise to us.We thought it had been long ago,we neven think it could reappear.So,when it does,we feel it like a heavily blast into our heart.We might be too surprise to think,we even think it is not true.

Everyong has dreams and we have to admit,those dreams can not always come ture.Specially,we have some wish we really like in our deep heart,we often dream it in the midnight.We might not talk about it with others,we even might not admit we have those wishes when being asked,But it really exist,not far from us,just waiting for us quitely and patiently . Even though it doesn’t come ture at present,we keep trying our best silently.

We don’t expect it will come ture one day.It just become a beauty in our heart and nobody could force it away from our heart.It lives in our heart forever.


03:30 AM Jul 17 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like the subject because it remind me about the old days.

03:08 AM Jul 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t know whether dreams can be considered as blast from the past or not , but if yes ,I had a few ones ,a dream in the childhood and then after 10 years or more again that dream :) even while dreaming I laughed to this fact.funny enough those were really silly and nonesense dreams by the way second time I saw some more episodes than first time and from that point of view they were not useless :))

10:34 PM Jul 16 2012 |



United States

i didn’t really have a blast from the past before but i wonder how it feels like to have one. do you feel all grumpy every day after you get the feeling, do you just feel random surprised, or do you feel sad. 

09:51 PM Jul 16 2012 |

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