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Summer School
Summer School

Present Progressive Tense

Date: Jul 20 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Most students look forward to the summer. Not only is the weather good, but classes are over. Summer offers a break from school and a chance to relax.

But not if you decide to do summer school. Crazy as it may sound, plenty of people choose to take classes in the summer. They might want to try to graduate early, or catch up on a class they missed during the regular year. Students who fail a class are sometimes forced to do summer school.

Amy is a teacher. Find out if she’ll be in the classroom this summer, as she and Jason discuss summer school.





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Amy:  I’m pretty excited. I’m not teaching summer school this year.

Jason:  Oh, really? Well, I can imagine that would make for a more enjoyable summer. But, I don’t know, summer school’s gotta be pretty cool, right?

Amy:  You know, in some ways it’s not that bad. You kind of figure you can have a little bit more of a laid back attitude. Everyone’s there during their summer. You can’t be too strict. You get to kinda treat it like half school, half vacation.

Jason:  But the pace is a little faster, right? It’s kind of intense. You have to do a lot in a short period of time.

Amy:  Yeah. Usually 10 weeks is squeezed into four weeks, or something like that. So it is, it’s longer days. And sometimes I guess students have to take summer school classes to kind of catch up with things that they’ve maybe missed during the year. Or the classic is, like, you fail a class during the regular year, and then you have to take it again. So that’s not fun for anybody.

Jason:  The one time I took it I had a lot of fun.

Amy:  Oh really?

Jason:  It was because my favorite professor was leaving after that summer. So I took one more class from him, and there were only five people in the class.

Amy:  Nice.

Jason:  And he came over to our house for dinner and stuff, so it was really fun.


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Amy is a teacher, and she often teaches during the summer. But this year, she is not teaching summer school. She is taking the summer off.

Even though she is happy to have the summer off, Amy doesn’t mind teaching summer school. She likes the laid back atmosphere of summer classes. However, as Jason points out, the pace is usually fast in summer school, because you have to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Sometimes students are forced to take summer school if they fail a class during the regular year. But other times, students choose to take summer classes. Jason had a great experience taking a summer class from a professor he really liked.

Have you ever done summer school? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of taking classes during the summer?



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In fact .I also want to go to summer school .there are a-two-month vacation in china,I really do not know how to spend my vacation.But sometimes I think school is boring

01:47 PM May 10 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Here I study in a very good highschool preparing student for arrival of university . We have to go to school from the middle of summer and I think it’s not ba d because I don’t miss my friends and it guarantees my future

05:52 AM Jun 08 2015 |




SUMMER SCHOOL! I can’t say anything now .. Bcuz I havn’t it yet, but this summer I will have so many HM and studying .. I don’t see any interest in that! GOSH! I think it must be a vacation where you can be totally free and relax and you can travel and shopping . I will miss those days LOL! (PRAY FOR ME! It’s my last highschool year _

09:47 PM May 06 2015 |

marija luiza


Fortunalety, I haven’t done a summer school. I try to work hard at school before holidays.  However, there are a lot of advantages one of them, is that students can finish their own course soon, in less time. One of the disadvantages is that students have to pass it, because it is their last opportunity to get a good grade. 

It depens what is your situation at school, but it is a short period to learn a lot of important things.

11:40 PM Aug 10 2012 |

Alan Bloggs Lin


In fact .I also want to go to summer school .there are a-two-month vacation in china,I really do not know how to spend my vacation.But sometimes I think school is boring

08:51 AM Jul 27 2012 |

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I have never gone to summer school. But i think it would be a good opportunity. If you do not go to summer school you have to wait to next year. It is not a good thing. On the other hand it would be exhausting if it is so hot :)

07:49 AM Jul 27 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I never have experienced the summer school which you mean . but I take some classes during the sommer to study something that I will not study in school.

for example my field of study is physics but in summer I study art whenever I like at home  and at last I take an exam at school so I will have 2 field to study!


02:02 PM Jul 25 2012 |




In chiina summer school is different from other countries.We took summer class to learn the courses that we would take next term.The advantage is that would be more easier for you when you learn those lessons in the new term.The disadvantage is summer class took a lot of time that can be used play or travel.

11:10 AM Jul 25 2012 |


Viet Nam

Great, I think summer school is good for students. Some students who do not want to force to do summer school, they need to study hard. if they dont want to take off the summer break, they can not laid back any more in the summer, and no vacation that time. Ohw, awsome.

Is there any student want to jont summer school beside of force? I don’t know, but after gardutated and go to work, I reallly want to back to school.

08:45 AM Jul 25 2012 |



We do should put Jason’s opinion in mind,but on the other hand, there are more disadvantages than advantage in my opinion.

We have had so many classes in the regular year,during that time,we have to put so much time studying and finishing homework.We have little time for us doing something we really like.Now that,summer offter us a break from shcool and a great opptinuity to relax,why not choose to enjoy it fully? Once we have had a really enjoy vacation,when we come back shcool,we are able to concentrate our study.


03:22 AM Jul 24 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

Iam don,t go the school in summer Laughing

07:09 PM Jul 23 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’ve never done a summer school before and indeed i don’t like to try it ever.

I think it has no advantages, but we can put Jason’s opinion in mind, but I don’t think it’s so reasonable for most students, though.

01:14 AM Jul 23 2012 |

Daniel Mv

Daniel Mv


I think it’s cool when you’re bad in your classes or you just want to catch up with your friends on any subject, but come on! summer is to have fun and relax of everything for a little period, all our life is being study and working, it isn’t bad to have some fun sometimes!

But it all depends of how you’re going in school!

11:06 PM Jul 22 2012 |

Whisper of Hearts


Ibelieve we can do more useful things in the summer…we have summer school

but Idon’t like it any moreCool

10:26 PM Jul 22 2012 |

nop william munandar


i dont know ,,,because indonesia has not summer …..............

03:10 PM Jul 22 2012 |



This summer I need to work and pick up some money. No time for school. I think summer school is still a great opportunity for many students.

12:26 PM Jul 22 2012 |


Russian Federation

Our school has never been arranging school classes.

05:29 AM Jul 22 2012 |

abdull qader


i have read all the comments, the place im living in is named Herat. Here the regular classes start spring and continue until the end of fall, we are off during winter. if we fail in any subject we should take winter school and its obligatory, the weather is very cold here during winter so i used to stay home during winter. we were studying 9 months a year and were just off during winter.

05:15 AM Jul 22 2012 |

lisha yu

lisha yu


we must make the best use of summer vocation

04:10 AM Jul 22 2012 |

francisco lazo

El Salvador

estoy estudiando mucho el ingles, esta leccion es muy interesante.

02:43 AM Jul 22 2012 |

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