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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Sep 03 2012

Grammar: Second Conditional


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How much stuff do you have? Unless you’ve moved recently, its likely that you don’t really know.

When you move from one house or apartment to another, it’s the one time you touch all of your things. You have to decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and how you will ever get all of this stuff to your new place.

Even if you’re just moving to a new home in the same city, it can be a challenge. Some people rent trucks, others use their own cars, and some spring for professional movers. Jason is about to move. Find out what advice Amy has for him.





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Jason:  I just got the keys to my new place today.

Amy:  Oh, great, so that means you’re gonna be moving soon.

Jason:  Yeah, in about a week. I’m trying to decide if we should rent a moving van or not.

Amy:  Have you done that before, or have you just always gotten a friend with a truck or something?

Jason:  Yeah. I’ve just made like 15 trips.

Amy:  Ugh, such a hassle. What about hiring movers? That seems like such a luxury, but it would make it so much easier.

Jason:  It might be worth it. I mean, I didn’t even look into it. I just assumed it would be too expensive. But yeah, maybe it is worth it. I mean, can you imagine, just like, “Alright guys, see you at the end of the day.”

Amy:  Yeah, see you at my new place.

Jason:  We’re gonna go have lunch.

Amy:  That sounds worth it to me. I don’t know what the cost is, but that sounds priceless.

Jason:  I think part of my fear is that…like I’m not a terribly organized person, but my stuff is organized in a way that I know where it is. So I think maybe I wouldn’t be able to explain to them how I want it packed up.

Amy:  They don’t unpack it and arrange it in your new place, they just get it into the house. You can always still move your furniture around or set your books up however you want them.

Jason:  There’s always that problem after you move, though, that you can’t find your stuff.

Amy:  That’s true.

Jason:  And I think it would be even worse if I had movers.

Amy:  Yeah, maybe.


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Jason is about to move into a new place. He is trying to decide how to move all his belongings.

Amy asks if he is going to hire movers. Jason has never hired movers in the past. He has always moved himself, making several trips in order to get all of his belongings. He thinks it might be worth it to hire movers, because moving is such a hassle.

On the other hand, Jason isn’t sure he trusts movers to pack up all of his stuff in an organized way. He is afraid that if he hires movers, he won’t be able to find things as easily after he is in his new place.

Have you ever moved before? Did you hire movers, or did you do it yourself? What advice do you have for Jason?



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Russian Federation

I remember how much hard it was to move to a new office two years ago. Besides our work duties we had to pack things and to list them up in order not to forget or lose something. Then we had some trouble with renting a moving van and hiring movers. Nevertheless I think it is a valuable experience in case I will have to go through it once again.

12:11 AM May 18 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh no ! moving is such a hard work and need a lot of attention you should also remember where you put your things:(

07:21 PM Sep 09 2012 |




When i worked in Hangzhou city,i hv rent a house to live.it is really a hassle to move.first i should pack up all of the things and after we went to the new place,i should tidy all of them.it is very tried to move.but usually i ask my friend to help me.

03:28 AM Sep 09 2012 |



When I was living in England in 2002 I had moved 8 times per year before I found properly place for permanent staying. So, I was used to moving)) I kept some of my things straight in my car to make my next moving easily. And now despite on I live in my own flat sometimes I get remember that time with a smile. It was kind of romantic…

11:49 AM Sep 06 2012 |



Yes, 4 times.. and 3 of them happened in 1 year!

My first moving I was 12… I got out from a big house to a small apartment
after that I was 21, I was live alone in the Capital, and 11 months later I got married and we moved to a big house, we had problems with it and we moved to an apartment..

I had to hire movers to carry the furniture, but I brought the small stuffs by car.

I advice him to do like me. It works very well!


03:01 PM Sep 05 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


I don’t like to move not only from house to house even in the hotels from room to room.When there is a possibility to change to better room in the hotel,I prefer to stay at the same room as I hate to prepare my luggage.

If I move,I will spring for professional movers.That’s their job.

10:10 PM Sep 03 2012 |




Well, I don’t like moving because it’s a little bit tiring… And if you were living at your old home it’s unpleasant to move to a new house. You have to say goodbye to your friends and leave your lovely place…

09:40 PM Sep 03 2012 |




I think it is very simple you just need to pack stuff by yourself and call to guys carry your things to the truck so as a result you will have everything at your new appartment without any losses.

08:16 PM Sep 03 2012 |




OMG, I’m moving these days, but fortunately my new flat is just in front of the old one.

07:47 PM Sep 03 2012 |



                           KEEP MOVING

                           DON’T STOP

                           this is my life



05:57 PM Sep 03 2012 |




I’ve just moved. It’s really tiring thing :/

05:44 PM Sep 03 2012 |

heart beet

heart beet

Saudi Arabia

it is a hassle that you move in a few days, and you did not plan for it.  I think you should call some friends to help you out, sometimes movers they could damage something pricless or lose it, so I think you should depend on your self.

05:24 PM Sep 03 2012 |



we all wanna move

05:11 PM Sep 03 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I Was born in Suadi Arabia , we moved to Palestine since a long time ,Really we enjoyed a lot there until If our lives was difficult , I didn’t move to anywhere , I live with my family in one home , this is makes me feel comfortable with them , there’s nothing equals when you live with the correct people who love you and respect you .

My Advice to everyone you have to decide what is the thing make you feel in a good mood and try to do it without any fears . 

05:09 PM Sep 03 2012 |

marija luiza


Well, i have never moved to another house, thats why i dont undestand what a hassle it is. I reccomemd to it by yourself, because in this way you can put everything in their place. Jason should do it by himself, thats all

03:34 PM Sep 03 2012 |




i have moved about 3 times. and i think it is really convenient. and in my place people usually used to hire  movers to move big furniture to their new place. and also there are some people whose friends own an autotruck so they will let their friends to help. however i think  maybe few people will move to new place by themselve when they need big furniture to carry!

and i think it is better for Jason to hire movers!

02:19 PM Sep 03 2012 |




Great topic cause we’re gonna move in so soon and i realize it would be so messy but on the other hand it’s a great opportunity to make changes in your life and to get to know new place, new neighbors. Even though i’m sure i would miss my current home, i would be happy to make this change in my lifeSmile

02:01 PM Sep 03 2012 |




Oh, I hate moving to another house… so bad!

01:37 PM Sep 03 2012 |




Yeah,i have moved indeed, i mean from one dorm to another.Since i have lots of stuff,moving can be quite a hassle for me without help from my roommates. Luckily,i am strong enough to pack up all my stuff and move them into my new dorm all by myself,even though i was exausted after finishing moving.

12:19 PM Sep 03 2012 |



oh my mine, to move from one place to another is a big hassle we have to suffer oftenly. sadly after few months i ll have to move again and i know how it ll be hard and hectic. i always get rid of many useless thing while shifting. many priceless things get broken or expired during whole process of moving, so be carefull. its good to spring for some movers or any domestic help to avoide disaster or loss. it also help us to rearrange furniture around and other stuff at new place.

09:24 AM Sep 03 2012 |

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