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Break the Bank
Break the Bank English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn Modal Verbs

Date: Aug 23 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Who doesn’t love to get a good deal? But with some expensive purchases, even if you get a bargain, you still have to spend a lot of money. You just have to hope you can find something that doesn’t break the bank.

If something breaks the bank, it is very expensive. Jason wants to buy something nice for his girlfriend Devan. He knows he will need to spend some money, but he doesn’t want to break the bank, so he asks his most financially savvy friend, Jeff, for advice.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Hey Jeff. Do you know anything about jewelry?

Jeff:  Jewelry?

Jason:  Yeah.

Jeff:  No, not really. Although I am invested in commodities.

Jason:  Well, I don’t know what that is, actually.

Jeff:  You know, silver, gold.

Jason:  Do you know anything about diamonds?

Jeff:  Diamonds…not a good investment.

Jason:  I’m not really looking for an investment. I want to get Devan something nice, you know? But that doesn’t break the bank...

Jeff:  Break the bank? Why? You’re not going to pop the question, are you?

Jason:  No. I just want to get her something nice. You know how girls are, if you don’t get them nice things every now and then, they freak out.

Jeff:  Well, tell me about it. Ella, recently…We had to settle the score, so I bought her this pair of shoes. Man, those things set me back.

Jason:  See, that’s what I’m talking about. I gotta get something that’s not too expensive.

Jeff:  Well, you know, jewelry’s a good idea. I mean, you can always get vintage stuff.

Jason:  Vintage…like, used? Doesn’t that break the rules?

Jeff:  Ha! Would you rather break the bank or break the rules? Break the rules, man.

Jason:  Alright, alright.

Jeff:  Women love that stuff. It’s from a more romantic time. Think of it.

Jason:  Yeah, you’re right. Old-school jewelry…

Jeff:  Yeah.

Jason:  ...from when the world was a more romantic place.

Jeff:  Clark Gable.

Jason:  Thanks, that’s good advice. Thank you.

Jeff:  That’s not free advice. I’m gonna have to charge you for that. But I will give you some good advice.

Jason:  What’s that?

Jeff:  Start packing your own lunches. This stuff can really break the bank. That adds up.

Jason:  It adds up to a delightful meal. And that, my friend, is priceless.


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After she planted the seed that she wants to get married, Jason has decided to propose to his girlfriend Devan. He needs to buy an engagement ring. But they’re so expensive. He needs one that doesn’t break the bank.

Jason knows Jeff knows a lot about money, so he asks him for advice. Jeff suspects Jason is going to propose, but Jason tells him that he isn’t. He says he just wants to get Devan a nice gift. Jeff suggests vintage jewelry. He says women find it romantic.

But Jeff isn’t done giving advice. He tells Jason if he wants to save money, he should start bringing his lunch to work. Do you need to buy something that might break the bank? Have you gotten a good deal lately?



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E-Baby is a very good deal for me.  I am making it a habit that I visit one lesson a day and write up a comment as I am doing it right now.  I used to write a lot in the past but I stopped doing it until I started working with E-Baby structures. I’ve been very persistent since to my surprise. I think that’s because E-Baby is affordable (well, it’s free), stimulating and best of all enjoyable. It is a deal I would recommend to anyone who wants to maintain and improve their English without, you guessed it, breaking the bank!

03:45 AM Mar 17 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


thank you

who i can have to venture for speak english


08:07 AM Jan 27 2012 |



South Korea

i started packing my lunch. it addes up…it will break the bank….so i did it.

one meal sets me back


12:08 AM Oct 03 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i `m about to start packing my launch to my new work.

03:35 PM Oct 01 2011 |



I use to bring my lunch to work, it’s a good way to save some money))

10:08 AM Sep 30 2011 |



How to save the lesson

02:51 AM Sep 30 2011 |



imagination is important than teh knowlegde

07:17 PM Sep 10 2011 |


Viet Nam

I’m going to have a journey, so I need to have a good camera to keep beautiful moments and a laptop to keep in tough with my friends. But the point is, if I buy both of them, i’ll break the bank. I have to settle a score because they’r really necessary, so I decide to borrow a hight camera owned by my bf and connect to everybody by my selfphone, save all money to ea special food :D

04:00 PM Aug 28 2011 |




it’s very interesting and useful.

06:30 PM Aug 27 2011 |




When I want to give something for someone, I will choose something with myself and that’s doesn’t break the bank but more of value mind inner.

05:06 AM Aug 24 2011 |



If you are creative person, you can find great ideas and you don’t need break the bank. As a romantic poetry :)

08:59 PM Aug 23 2011 |




03:56 PM Aug 23 2011 |




I think you don’t need to break the bank to  pick out valuable gifts as you can find something suitable for your lover that you could afford its costs

you can use bargaining tricks or check some vinatage commodities even though I never value the gift by its cost ,may be some simple gift deliver hunderds of sweetness and make you the happiest at all

03:50 PM Aug 23 2011 |


United States

Jeff is a such cheap-skate!

03:11 PM Aug 23 2011 |

snowm4nSuper Member!


I guess Jason must be frugal for buy a good engagement ring; otherwise he is not able to engagement.

02:42 PM Aug 23 2011 |





11:41 AM Aug 23 2011 |




Of course,i faced some situations which might need to break the bank like everybody Tongue outGenerally these are valentine days and birthdays which are owned by my close friends or family for me Smile 

As in the dialog, what should we do ? :) Break the bank or break the rules ? I sometimes do both of them :) Well more cash means more valuable things if you use in a right way.  

Yeah i nearly broke the bank for ones. I bought antiquarian necklace from antique dealer for my ex girl friend Cry The necklace is old-school and valuable at the same time. First dealer wanted amazing amount of money which i cant afford for that time. Also  i am a tough bargainer Tongue out When i really want to buy something, i push the saler until i get a fair price Laughing Yeap i used my bargain skills and bought it Wink

I have just gotten a good deal today from my friend. He wanted to sell his iphone4. The price is so low if we compare with here’s conditions. But i like my blackberry, i don’t need an iphone Tongue out

11:18 AM Aug 23 2011 |



I feel.. there may be the trouble of this situation :-)

09:58 AM Aug 23 2011 |




break the bank or break the rules? ??

i think you better check your self before wrecked you self

09:52 AM Aug 23 2011 |




I have to start packing my own lunches too!

02:36 AM Aug 23 2011 |

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