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Eating Locally
Eating Locally

Learn English with this Food English Lesson

Date: Oct 15 2012

Themes: Food

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Do you know where all the foods on your dinner plate came from? Do you think it would taste better if you did?

The local food movement is gaining popularity in the US right now. It is all about eating locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and buying meat and dairy products from locally-raised animals. People who believe in eating locally say that local foods are fresher, healthier, and better for the environment than foods that have to travel long distances to get to your plate. Hear Marni and Amy’s take on this new trend.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  Devan, I had the most amazing meal at a local restaurant. And you know what was so amazing about it?

Devan:  What’s that?

Marni:  Everything on the plate was local ingredients. That’s what they specialize in.

Devan:  Local? You mean, like, they grew them around here? Like a farm nearby?

Marni:  Yeah. Actually, outside the restaurant they have a little garden area, so a lot of the vegetables and herbs are grown there. And then all the meat they get sourced from only 30 miles away or something like that. So everything is within a 30-mile radius.

Devan:  So what’s the benefit of that? Is it more flavorful or nutritious?

Marni:  I think so. I think having homegrown ingredients you really taste a difference, because it’s picked more recently, prepared more recently…

Devan:  Was it all organic?

Marni:  Most of it was. And I just absolutely loved it. I would eat there again day after day.

Devan:  What did you order?

Marni:  I ordered an heirloom tomato salad, and it had a lot of fresh basil, and there was cheese from a goat farm that was about 20 miles away. And then I had a steak.

Devan:  That sounds pretty good. But I doubt it beats McDonald’s.

Marni:  Ah! We need to go there and you will see that eating local is the way to go.


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Marni just ate a great meal at a restaurant that only serves food made with local ingredients; everything they serve, from vegetables to meat, comes from, at most, 30 miles away.

Devan wonders what the big deal is: is local food more flavorful, or nutritious? Marni thinks it is. In fact, her salad and steak tasted so good that she could imagine eating there every day. Devan’s still not sure…could local food really be better than McDonald’s?

Do you know where the food you eat is grown? Do you care? Do you think that locally-grown food is more flavorful, or better for you—or do you prefer fast food?



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I think fast food is good to eat but in the long run it can cause cancer and it’s a proven fact…...Those who dn’t have time to cook food at home, I really feel pity for them..

03:58 PM Apr 06 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


McDonald’s tastes good and is convenient for me but I know it’s not healthy.

In a restaurant where I work for part-time, the chef uses only organic foods. According to the chef, we are confident in cuisine because we know the farmers who cultivated the vegitables.

it is important that we know the farmer who made it, I think.

08:11 AM Dec 19 2012 |

Jay chen

Jay chen


Fast food is not a healthy food ,isn’t good for ourself .we still can eat em but dont so much.

04:43 PM Nov 02 2012 |

giti yekkalam

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


02:46 PM Oct 21 2012 |



For most of the food I eat, I don’t know where they come from, but I prefer locally-grown food than food transported from far away and I don’t like fast food at all. Fast food contain too much energy and they lack Vetamine and mineral substance. If you often eat fast food, it’s easy to get fat and become unhealthy.

By comparison, locally-grown food is more healthier. Cause local farmers tend to use fewer chemicals than large factory farms. Local food don’t need to be transported for a long time, so they are fresher.

It’s nearly impossible to eat locally-grown food only in China. Most of the food are transported from far away. While for my family, we have a little garden area. We grow lots of vegetables in it. Like spinaches, green vegetables, turnips, yams and so on. They do taste great. I love homegrown ingredients.

03:07 AM Oct 21 2012 |




I don`t like fastfood,because I feel sick after eating it…My parents have a little garden,and I try to eat homegrown herbs and vegetablesSmile

06:37 PM Oct 18 2012 |




wow~Manu,your excellent work makes me slobber  0

01:45 PM Oct 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



local foods are fresher, healthier

05:06 AM Oct 17 2012 |

Irene Forever


Manu, what a delicious dish!

Bon appetit!

07:23 PM Oct 16 2012 |




Seriously speahing, this is wath I’m going to cook Saturday, when friends will come to visit me


Second my own recept:

- spaghetti;

-  squid cut into pieces;

- mussels;

- clams;

- prawns;

- sheimbs;

- cuttlefish;

- fresh tomatoes;

- garlic;

- parsle;

- white wine;

- hot pepper;

(thank you google translator).

I raccomand you a good looking of the plate!

01:43 PM Oct 16 2012 |




don’t worry Irene, we can clone you,

but I want the original Tongue out

01:23 PM Oct 16 2012 |




o me, it’s no doupt that the locally-grown food is healthier, fresher and especially it tastes much better than any other kind of food. But when you don’t have opportinty to get locally-grown food such as living close to this areas or even having an own piece of ground to let herbs and vegetables grow then it will be difficult to concentrate in only eating homegrown things because on the one hand you mostly have to go far, so this takes a lot of time, on the other hand it’s expensive to regulary go to such restaurants or to buy organic things. When I am in Morocco in holiday, I get this opportinty and I almost just eat homegrown things since I can find such Restaurants and souks wherever I go and that’s not expensive.

Regarding the comparison between McDonalds food and homegrown food: they are polar opposites. Nevertheless I from time to time due to time resons eat in McDonalds;)

11:43 AM Oct 16 2012 |

1 person likes this


MasbararSuper Member!


I like to eat international foods,but as all my best friends,good friends,new friends,customers like to eat local food,I eat local food too.But once I’m abroad I miss our local foods and I eat in a Turkish restaurant.But in abroad my friends want to eat local foods of that country.My favorite cuisines are Italian and Japanese.But our local foods are always number one for me and not comparable with others.

12:08 AM Oct 16 2012 |




yep,i do care about it.i prefer the locally-grown food.

10:05 PM Oct 15 2012 |

Irene Forever


Manu,I also love wine.:))) But I am only one Irene.:)

One Ukrainian woman for one man only.:)

 No plural marriage!

09:33 PM Oct 15 2012 |




ahahaha! ok, all Englishbaby men will take a plane to go to your house. 

come on guys, harry up, Irene is cooking for us!!        i hope it will be red wine too! you know, I love red wine.

08:42 PM Oct 15 2012 |

Irene Forever


Oh, thank you, dear Manu. It would be an honour for me.:)

All men love women who likes cooking and have good housekeeping skills.

Most of Ukrainian women are great in keeping house.:)

Men, come to Ukraine!:)

08:37 PM Oct 15 2012 |




You’re great Irene. If I didn’t have wife I would be married to you ;)

(don’t be afraid, just joking)

08:00 PM Oct 15 2012 |

Irene Forever


Manu, in winter I eat preserved veg and fruits picked  from my own garden.  I also have  some frozen ones. As I don’t have much room for keeping all my jars at home, I immediately give them out to the members of my family. They feel lucky to have me as the main preserver.:)))

07:57 PM Oct 15 2012 |




Sometimes it’s impossible have time to cook prperly, the only one way is “take away” but I don’t like take away food very much. I prefer pizza or a simple sandwich made from myself.

07:57 PM Oct 15 2012 |

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