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Study Habits
Study Habits

Learn English with this studying English lesson

Date: Nov 30 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Have you ever been studying for a test in a library and suddenly found yourself asking, “What’s that noise?” It turns out the person at the desk next to you is blasting music through her headphones. It’s driving you crazy. You ask her to turn down the music. She says, “But I can only study with music on!”

People can have very different study habits. Some of us need complete silence, while others need noise. Some of us get distracted if there are other people around, while others can’t focus when they’re alone. Get the room just how you like it to study English and learn about Jason and Vanessa’s study habits in this English lesson.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Vanessa:  Hey, what are you doing over there? Are you studying?

Jason:  Uh, yes. Yes!

Vanessa:  Do you mind if I put on some music?

Jason:  I actually would prefer if you didn’t. I find it easier to study in complete silence.

Vanessa:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah.

Vanessa:  Wow. You sound pretty particular about when you study. What else do you need?

Jason:  I try not to be too hungry, or too full. I like to be by myself. I don’t like to study in a library or anything. There’s even too many distractions for me in a library you know, people walking around. What do you do?

Vanessa:  Well, usually I’ll just pull an all-nighter, you know? Just try to cram and get whatever facts I can in before the sun comes up. You know, I’ll make flashcards, but if I’m just studying for one night that doesn’t happen.

Jason:  That sounds kinda crazy! I try to stay ahead of the game, you know, study things…Maybe if I’m studying for a test I’ll start a few days before the test and just brush up at the end.

Vanessa:  Hmm. It sounds like you have more discipline than I do when it comes to studying.

Jason:  Speaking of… I think I’m gonna get back to it.

Vanessa:  Oh. Alright.


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Vanessa asks Jason what he’s up to, and if he’d mind if she turned on some music. Jason does mind, because he’s studying, and he prefers to study in complete silence.

Vanessa is surprised by this, and she wonders what other study habits Jason has. He likes to make sure he’s eaten just the right amount of food, and he doesn’t like to study in a library, or any place where there might be distractions.

These are very different from Vanessa’s study habits. Vanessa usually just studies the night before. Jason can’t imagine studying so last-minute. He’s very disciplined. In fact, he’s so disciplined that he wants to quit talking about studying and get back to work.

What are your study habits? What do you do if someone interrupts you when you’re studying? How would you like to change or improve your study habits?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I can study only in my bed.even when I want to write codes in computer I must be in my bed …. :D otherwise I can’t understand lessons …



i love to study all the time but its not possible so whenever i got some time i do. nothing can distract me while studing wheather someone yell and bang or blast a music when i am studing i’m studing nothing could peeved me. i’m not kinda geeked one thing is, i just peer on my study and brush up on afterwards. you can say i’m nerdy ostensibly. i use to study painstakingly and eager about it.


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m not fussy about when I study. But the bad thing is that I usually cram for the exams and pull an all nighter!

07:49 AM Nov 30 2012 |

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