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Let Go
Let Go English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Dec 04 2012

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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When you stop holding on to something, you let go. It’s easy to let go of things with your hands. You just open your hand and let whatever you were holding fall.

But letting go of emotional memories or experiences is harder. You can’t force your mind or heart to change quickly. It takes time to let go of bad things that happen to you and go back to living life the way you did before.

Years ago, Amanda broke Mason’s heart. Now they are back together. In this English lesson video, Mason finds a very special way to show Amanda the true meaning of the English phrasal verb “let go.”



多年前,阿曼达伤了梅森的心。现在,他们重新走到了一起。在本节英文课视频中,梅森找到一种非常特殊的方式,向阿曼达表达英语动词词组“Let Go”的真正含义。

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.















Mason:  OK, so after our perfect, romantic dinner, I’m going to tell Amanda that I left my phone back at the office and I’ll take her back here, make sure to open the door real slow so you guys can hide, and when you hear me say, “Amanda, I have something to ask you,” that’s when you do it.

Dale:  You got it, buddy.

Mason:  Alright. Wish me luck!

Marni:  Good luck!

Mason:  Yeah, sorry, but thanks for coming back with me. It’s just, I hate to leave my phone here overnight. Sometimes people have important stuff to say.

Amanda:  It’s no big deal. It’s no problem, Mason. So, uh, where’s your phone?

Mason:  It’s in my pocket.

Amanda:  What? Then what are we doing here?

Mason:  It’s just that I have something to ask you.

Devan:  Now! Let go!

Mason:  Will you marry me?

Amanda:  Mason, oh my God. Yes. I will. Oh, it’s so gorgeous.

Jason:  Yay!

Amanda:  Oh my God. I am so excited, Mason. There is nobody else out there like you. I have searched high and low. I am so honored, Mason.

Jason:  Woo hoo, she said yes!

Marni:  Congratulations!

Jeff:  I’m so happy for you, bud.

Amanda:  You guys, I have the best friends in the whole world. I mean, one day I think my job is letting me go, the next day I’m part owner of the company and I’m engaged? Mason, I just have to know one thing. How did you get over your fear of having your heart broken again?

Mason:  Well, you know, Amanda, I just let it go. I realized there was no point in holding on to all that fear and pain anymore. So that’s why I had our friends let go of these balloons, to show you that I’ve let go, and I’m ready to be happy finally, with you.

Devan:  Yay!

Amanda:  Mason…


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After going out to dinner with Amanda, Mason asks her to come up to the office with him to get his phone. When they get there, he says his phone is actually in his pocket.

Just then, everyone lets go of balloons. One of the balloons has a ring tied to the string. Mason asks Amanda to marry him.

She just has one question. How did he let go of his fear of having his heart broken again? Mason explains he decided to trust her and that he now believes they can be happy together.

Can you think of a time when you had to let go of the past? Have you ever helped a friend propose?



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The prophylaxis against the broken heart is distrust and the good work of sixth sense

11:05 AM Dec 04 2012 |




Dear, Julito TIME IS A BEST DOCTOR for the HURT ;) Wouldn’t you agree?

11:02 AM Dec 04 2012 |




Good morning , I as Lesya,  want to congratulate  the cast members for the original video that they came up with.  all those balloons and the ring  tied to  one of them is very touching. Have any of you noticed how emotional Dale is, wiping out his tears  and all that. 


 A broken heart is harder to fix than a cut with a knife, for this we apply some medicines and a few stitches  ,but what cure  is available  when we were hurt by someone we trusted. i am glad that Mason let the past go  and with renew hopes is holding on   to her love for Amanda.  




good for the couple and its a big story of today. let the thing go is not easy task to do, i think life is like a maze somehow and its hard to be a stoic for everyone. if we talk about material things, we can let go many of them but if its about human beings and feelings then i admonished it. everybody has some emotional associations and it takes time to let them go and very hard indeed to bottole up feelings. we tow these things hysterically, specially some sour nostalgic memories are linger over. but its good to let the things go for the peace of mind and heart. let go all the loathe and resentment and take a deep breathe by saying yourself hushhhhh. let the things happen let the things go they ll come back for sure if you worth them.

09:59 AM Dec 04 2012 |




It comes the time when we face the choice: to let go of bad things and memories of the past or still continue to carry them on “our back”.Needless to say that to let them go is the best step.But too often we understand that are unable to get rid of them so easy.Why? My point is- the weakness , lack of bravery and fear of smth unknown and new are the main reasons of it.

 Therefore we need changes.Change is life itself.All changes flavour our lives,they bring colours in our world making it brighter or smtm even gloomier.But they don,t let us stop; they,re like an engine of progress and development. One philosopher said:”The greatest sweetener of human life is change.”

 In case when we can,t change the situation,we should change the attitude to it.

 Mason is well done.He could cope with his fears and is going to be happy again.It,s gorgeous.



love somone is so easy but forget it is very hard…

08:56 AM Dec 04 2012 |




Splendid idea of proposal.  Great video!

I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat during the preview:)))))))))))))))

All I know in advance  is Amanda will remember this moment till the end of her life. I only wish more guys on Earth would be like Mason: kind, opened-hearted, full of ideas, loving, caring….... 

Amanda &Mason  are both full of happiness. They both are shining. Congratulations!!!

How nice is to see the bright moments like this one. It filled the  cloudy cold day of Belarus with warmth and romanticism. ;)

Guys, you made my day.

I’m sincerely happy for you both. :) Woo hoo!!!



:) congratulatioooons….ı want to cry :)

07:12 AM Dec 04 2012 |

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