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The Killers
The Killers

Learn English with this rock 'n' roll English lesson

Date: Dec 17 2012

Themes: Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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Most of the acts that fill arenas these days are either pop, like Justin Bieber, or classic rock like the Rolling Stones. The Killers, who formed in Las Vegas and had their first hit in 2004, are a rare contemporary rock band that can fill these giant venues with fans.

The Killers’ brand of dance rock made them stars, but on their latest album, Battle Born, they’re trying something new. The album is full of power ballads. Many of the songs are slow and emotional but still loud and perfect for an arena.

Mason is a huge fan of The Killers. Listen to him discuss one of his favorite bands with Jeff as you learn music English in this English lesson.

近来,各大舞台上粉墨登场的大都是一些流行歌手或经典摇滚歌手,前者有贾斯汀·比伯 (Justin Bieber),后者则有滚石乐队 (Rolling Stones)。而杀手乐队 (The Killers) — 成立于拉斯维加斯并自 2004 年开始首演,则是一个非常难得的能够跻身各大舞台并拥有众多粉丝的现代摇滚乐队。

杀手乐队的招牌式摇滚舞蹈使他们一举成名,但在最新专辑《Battle Born》中,他们做了一些新鲜尝试。专辑以撼动心灵的民谣歌曲为主打。很多歌曲节奏缓慢、情意绵绵,但仍然十分嘹亮,极为适合舞台演绎。



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jeff:  Do you know the band the Killers?

Mason:  Oh man, are you kidding me? I love the Killers!

Jeff:  You do, huh? I’m not much of a fan myself, I’ve just been seeing that they have a new album out. Supposedly, it’s full of ballads. They want to reclaim the ballad.

Mason:  Are you kidding me? How have I not heard of this? I have to go buy it tomorrow! I don’t believe you don’t like them, man…and they are doing ballads? How awesome is that!

Jeff:  Yeah, I’m not a real ballad fan, and, you know, they’re OK. I just don’t pay attention to them or listen to their music. What exactly is it that you like about the Killers? Because I’m drawing blanks here.

Mason:  Well, first of all, I feel like there’s not a lot of bands that get a lot of attention out there these days that are just a rock band, and I feel like they are a pretty solid rock band. And, I mean, the fact that they’re doing kind of a ballad thing doesn’t surprise me because they make their songs really epic and there’s a lot of storytelling that’s in them. So, I don’t know man, their first album was pretty catchy and their second album was just really awesome.

Jeff:  Well, for you, I’m really hoping that this album of ballads is both catchy and awesome.

Mason:  Thanks, buddy.


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Mason thinks the Killers are a solid rock band. He is a big fan, so he is surprised to learn that he didn’t know they have a new album.

Jeff doesn’t know much about the album, but he says it’s full of power ballads. That doesn’t surprise Mason because The Killers’ music is often epic and catchy.

Power ballads were very popular in the ‘80s, but not a lot of contemporary artists play them now. Mason thinks if anyone can bring the ballad back, it’s the Killers.

Do you like power ballads? What is your favorite rock band? Have you ever been to a concert in an arena?



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GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

What a relief! I no longer listen to music. I feel comfortable without sticking my self to any band or singer. But I used to listen to quiet music, making me calm; however, I surpass this and can calm myself using some mental skills.


Hope every one enjoy his/her day as time passes : )

06:54 PM Dec 23 2012 |




I like good music. If a power ballad is good, so I like him. I don’t have the most favorit band, but I like RPM, Legião Urbana e Rosa de Shalon. I have been at a concert in an aren and I liked so much!!

12:01 AM Dec 21 2012 |

1 person likes this

Liana's Dream

United States

they are really famous

09:52 AM Dec 20 2012 |



i really dont like power balland also i dont pay attention much to them.i totally agree with Jeff.even if their songs are catchy and awesome.after a while most of people especially me will fed up hearing this song.like Gangnam Stayla song.it’s not power balland but i used to think it is really catchy and awesome.this song’s time expired :)

06:27 PM Dec 18 2012 |



i dont know much about killers, but i like power ballads. infact i like different type of music including classical too. if you would have ever got a chance of listening eastren classical melodies tthese are just great. catchiest tunes always spellbound the audience. i can’t pit against different kind of music because every kind has its specific charactristics and we have lot of choices according to mood which we can avail. there are many fine singers on my hit list. i have been to concerts in arena but not very often and its amazing to get lil wild with some favourite music and loony fellows. tempestuous atmosphere with joviality around is an entity of a concert. to get rid of ennui its a wonderfull idea to reboost.

02:06 AM Dec 18 2012 |




Julito, as soon as you get that Metallica tattoo, Nothing else matters! :)

11:57 PM Dec 17 2012 |

Forever young



10:24 PM Dec 17 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont know anything about them.but it seems they r amazing…....

10:20 PM Dec 17 2012 |

omer baher

omer baher




09:05 PM Dec 17 2012 |

Joao Paulo Murara


Well, I know them but I don’t like so much. In fact I like the songs and not of the band. I’m sorry if my English is not so good, but I’m learning yet!

06:52 PM Dec 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



Hi Gentlemen and Ladies!

In fact, I’ve never heard about “The Killers”, I wonder if they are a very famous group!! After finishing this lesson, I decided to know much more about “The Killers”, so I checked Youtube out and searched for some of their songs.

I found out that this group is doing a great Job! Now, I’m listening to “Smile Like You Mean It” =)

Thanks eBaby for this lesson.

Anyhow, I prefer “Westlife” !!

They have nice songs like “Us Against The World” “I Have A Dream” and “Solidad”.


05:43 PM Dec 17 2012 |




Pieterwindmill: even you would be …. so what?

The success of the music of Celine Dion underlines, that she is doing a great job! I don’t like metall too, but is my personal favorite music (trance, jazz etc.) normal? Who can determine?

04:22 PM Dec 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



I don’t like metal!! :) I like normal music! I’m just a all rounder with music, I like the oldies and the new music!  Hahaha! :) Not music were they are screaming! Horrible! :) Haha, why I am the only boy who is fan of Celine Dion! :) She has so peacefull music!! I seriously like that :) And I’M NOT gay! :)

03:48 PM Dec 17 2012 |



ı like all kind of music without propaganda.music heals the soul

03:44 PM Dec 17 2012 |



South Korea

i like them they’re very excellent,i like them much;)

12:23 PM Dec 17 2012 |

Shirin 1801

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

:D hahaaha

Dear julito

It would make’em fun ;) ( I mean Metallica band )

Well….we don’t have such an open society to listen to these kinda music play in radio or TV….so maybe we r more interested to get what is new in the world..as they’re kinda forbiddens 4 us…..so then listen to my advice carefully :D n go 4 it then u will find so surprising that some songs r truely valuable…even by contemporary bands ;)

11:45 AM Dec 17 2012 |




Dear Shirin,   I do appreciate your suggestions, Not today, but  I will  try  tuning in  internet radio stations  airing  rock bands.   let´s see… who knows, I might even   get   a mettalica tattoo on my chest and arms…..:))))) what do you think???....

11:20 AM Dec 17 2012 |

Shirin 1801

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear julito even I love those kinda music….I really can’t say what kinda music I like more…but I listen to any worthwhile feat….so the ones u noticed could be other’s favorite too….but I suggest u to try some Rock n Metall songs….;)

11:11 AM Dec 17 2012 |



United Kingdom

I hope all be okay  have good day .

10:53 AM Dec 17 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi again;)i searched in some blogs and i found them,yes they are very famous group that’s right,i understood this group made by( Brando Flowers,Ronni Vennucci

Dave Keunin and Mark Stoernier)

i think,i heard one of this group’s song that was good but not aowsome but i like them now:D

10:33 AM Dec 17 2012 |

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