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blowing up

blowing up

Date: Jan 10 2013

Themes: Celebrity, Tech


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I keep saying to her, I don’t need my phone blowing up at 4am to alert me to the fact that you’re having your second cup of coffee.”

- Actor Will Arnett on his mom discovering texting. (Us Weekly)

“我不断告诉她,我不希望我的手机在凌晨 4 点响起,而只是为了告诉我你正在喝第二杯咖啡这件事。”

- 演员威尔·阿奈特 (Will Arnett) 谈论他母亲的短信。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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getting very popular; becoming popular very quickly; getting lots of phone calls

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Explosions attract a lot of attention. Think about how many movies you’ve seen where somebody blows up a building, or a car. There’s fire, smoke, a loud noise. When something blows up, people are going to notice.

You also use the expression blow up to describe the act of breathing air into a balloon to inflate it. When you blow something up in that way, you use your breath to make it bigger and give it shape.

Both of these meanings influence a third meaning of blow up, which Will Arnett uses above. In this case, to blow up means to get really popular and attract a lot of attention all of a sudden. If you’re blowing up, you’re attracting attention, like an explosion, and getting “bigger,” like a balloon filling with air.

Will Arnett uses the phrase ironically. In this case, the fact that his phone is blowing up doesn’t mean he’s gotten super popular; it just means that his mom is enjoying her newfound skill at texting.

Can you remember a time when you felt as if you were blowing up?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“My phone seriously has not stopped ringing all night. I’m really blowing up!”

“Norah Jones is blowing up right now. Her music is so good and so many people like her.”

“It’s kind of sad. He gets two text messages in an hour, and he’s like, ‘I’m blowing up!’”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

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by FUN777

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07:10 PM Jan 17 2016 |

bb fallata

bb fallata

Saudi Arabia

after i finished my first level in college
my friends called me and told me that im get high marks i was blowing up :)

12:26 PM Jan 14 2013 |

1 person likes this


yuminagaSuper Member!


when  i was a student ,I joined in competition first, nobody knew who I am ,but i won  in 400 meters ,at that moment I felt  i werer blowing up .

11:29 PM Jan 13 2013 |




a 2020, you’re lucky!! Now I’ll be coming more to your page to get a little bit of luck too.

Congratulation!! When someone wins, I blow up as thought I’m a winner. I’m so happy for these guys. Wishing you all win a lottery!!!

10:48 PM Jan 10 2013 |



yonks ago once my phone was ringing all night non stop with a wrong call of some loony one and i was really blowing up whole night. i dont know why people recklessly behave like that. its a peevish act out and out. somebody wrote ’ life is a full blown calamity’ . i dont agree with it by the way. i always try to knock on wood. its lil funny but to keep positivity in life we should assume others as smurfs, the tiny blue people whom express fun and love always. there is another option too for the people who are not into with smurfs, we can assume fireflies, lightning bugs or cucujo beetles instead. blowing up in its other meaning is just great every body like to get popular and want fame i think. one of my friend is blowing up right now but i’m feeling that his popularity is going to make him lil arrogant so i’m worried about it. i wish as he mount the ladder of sucess he ll get more down towards because the shoots with the fruits always bow down to earth.

02:46 PM Jan 10 2013 |




Julito, if life were that easy…;)

but actualy if one-way communication is the problem, than we’ll survive without resorting to laugh ;) it’s always interesting to listen and to watch someone.

11:53 AM Jan 10 2013 |

1 person likes this




Ola, the only way to survive  , a good laughing .!!!

11:42 AM Jan 10 2013 |




 Julito, if you laugh at it, it’s not so frustrating.

11:40 AM Jan 10 2013 |




OLA ,hello…  I know the etiquette but  is so frustrating  that  with her is only a one-way communication, her way. lol

11:38 AM Jan 10 2013 |




Julito, in a house of a host speak about her coolinary skills. It’s just the etiquette ;)  you’re having a treat, so why not to be polite and even say white lies to please a person. 

11:33 AM Jan 10 2013 |

1 person likes this




I have an intimate  friend  hard to deal with. She is a good cooker  and   each time  she invite her friends over to dinner  blows  herself up  on how well she cooks  and is expecting  from her guests  words of appreciation  to her culinary skills. The problem is that  she wouldn´t hear  if others  female guests  want to talk about  the delicious  preparations they made, then she is dead deaf  to the commentaries.:))))


11:00 AM Jan 10 2013 |


United Arab Emirates

very good experince

09:59 AM Jan 10 2013 |




Nice expression – the phone is blowing up :)

Well, blowing up is not that bad unless it is a flash in the pan. 

09:48 AM Jan 10 2013 |




I am usually blowing up when something wrong is happened with project. In that case all people around want me to help them:)

06:45 AM Jan 10 2013 |




nostrdamose predict when dectory world who blowing up many people but he couldnt had correct prediction.

05:32 AM Jan 10 2013 |


United States

Yes modern movies have an overdose of blowing things up

04:27 AM Jan 10 2013 |

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