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Learn English with this food English lesson

Date: Mar 22 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Two-thirds of the world is covered in water. The ocean seems huge and empty, but actually it’s full of wonderful things to eat! From shellfish to swordfish, there are almost as many kinds of seafood as there are kinds of food.

Seafood is often used to refer to fish that come from rivers and lakes too. Some seafood, like caviar, is very expensive and considered a delicacy. Others, like canned tuna, make great everyday meals.

Many of the healthiest foods in the world come from the sea, but not everyone likes seafood. Some people think there’s just something, well, fishy about eating fish. Find out what Lily and Mason think in this food English lesson.





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Mason:  I’ve been kind of lazy with my cooking lately and I just picked up these frozen salmon burgers at the grocery store.

Lily:  Yum.

Mason:  Pretty good, right?

Lily:  I always think it’s kind of funny when they make different meats into burger form, but salmon is kind of an interesting thing. It’s good to have in a sandwich.

Mason:  Well, first of all, what’s not better in burger form? But yeah, you’re right, seafood is generally not something that is graced with burger format.

Lily:  That’s true, it’s usually chowders or bisques. Crab bisque is really good.

Mason:  Crab bisque is very good, but honestly I’m kind of a purist. I just love sushi. I’ll just eat the fish.

Lily:  Yeah, that makes sense. But don’t you love a good lobster roll?

Mason:  I do love a good lobster roll. I have not seen lobster in burger form, but I would be all over that.

Lily:  Of course, I guess a lobster roll is kind of a lobster in burger form. It’s a sandwich.

Mason:  OK, obviously you and I are down with seafood. Do people give you crap if you crack out a tuna sandwich at work or something?

Lily:  I don’t usually do tuna at work because that’s kind of an etiquette thing. You don’t usually eat tuna in a public place where it can stink up the room, you know?

Mason:  I protest.


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Mason recently bought some frozen salmon burgers at the grocery store. He likes seafood, but he hasn’t seen this particular kind before. Lily likes seafood too. She’s more used to chowders and bisques.

In general, when eating seafood, Mason is more of a purist. His favorite is sushi, which often includes raw fish. However, unlike Lily, Mason won’t eat tuna in public. She thinks it’s bad etiquette because of the smell.

Do you like seafood? Why or why not? What is your favorite kind of seafood?



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Viet Nam

 I like seafood but not all kinds of seafood. When I was living in Houston, I loved to eat crawfish so much that I can eat  until I was very full without having lunch or dinner. It may be funny to hear so, but many of my relatives & friends who live there have the same idea with me.

06:47 AM Jul 16 2014 |




I would be really grateful if englishbaby let the members at least to listen the lessons free. As online paying system does not work in my country, I had such difficulties studying with englishbaby although I love the lessons so much. :’(

09:51 AM Sep 12 2013 |

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Sea food is my favourite  after fruit and veggies.

08:54 PM Mar 27 2013 |




Yes,the Seafood is very tasty kind of meal,but for some of us it´s like eating a rotten pottatos and for another ones it´s a pleasure food experience…

I was working in Scotland some time of my life and it was very grate change for me to see and eat this extraordinary food.Fresh and tasty…..

My the best one of the Seafood things are the Periwinkles ans the prawns

05:49 PM Mar 26 2013 |

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United States

i love korean-style seafood it’s cooked with various spicy ingredient.


03:28 AM Mar 25 2013 |

1 person likes this




i like seafood we(me and my friends) ll go to the beach. i hope the weather be soney. absulatly we ll have seafood especialy many kinds of fishes  

06:36 PM Mar 24 2013 |

1 person likes this




haha,I like it.because Seafood is good for our heath and the red color is beautiful.do you agree?

03:14 PM Mar 24 2013 |

zhong yulu

zhong yulu


i love seafood, and i am a big fan of sushi.

Definitely seafood is not graced with burger form. It’s ruining delicay. 

02:41 PM Mar 24 2013 |




Yes of course i love eating seafood a lot and my favorite are Crab and Calamari and Shrimp and yes i agree with Mason, it’s an embarrassing thing to have seafood in public, for me i can’t imagine myself having seafood , for example, at a restaurant or at my work, i would fill the place with this fishy smell not good at all, i’d rather having seafood at home, in this case i would have it comfortably and enjoy myself.

10:18 AM Mar 24 2013 |

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It’s a good lesson , that makes me know some new words related to the seafood.

12:25 AM Mar 24 2013 |




there’s no sea here so i’ve never seen seafood for real - we’ve ongly got a river

i guess it should taste like fish ? -

11:40 PM Mar 23 2013 |

1 person likes this



i like seafoods,it’s not popular in our country especially caviar,oyster,lobster are very expensive .not many people can eat it.when my father catches fish sometimes we find caviar in the fish .we eat it so.

05:55 PM Mar 23 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

Go a head

01:06 PM Mar 23 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I love seafood very much but unfortunenately i can eat fresh seafood in Beijing so I can have too much whhen i take a trip to Dalian .raw fish is good but i’d like to eat it in Japan ,best of all ,i am going to Japan next month,  i cant wait .

12:57 PM Mar 23 2013 |



Seafood is good and more healthy. But except fish and seaweeds, I don’t really like seafood like crab, clam or something else.

I work at a coffee shop and people usually like tuna more than salmon.

12:51 PM Mar 23 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m not a big fan of seafood but yeah sure seafood is really healthy. They have lots of proteins and something that we hear a lot lately is Omega3 which our body needs it and doctors say it’s something that we have to eat regularly. One other thing that might be interested to my friends is that here in Iran at the new year it’s traditional to eat fish together with rice as our first meal of the new year.

10:09 AM Mar 23 2013 |

1 person likes this




It is very delicious.I love it.

08:30 AM Mar 23 2013 |



seafood is one of my favorite food ,I like it very mush ,they taste good.

06:13 AM Mar 23 2013 |




I love seaweeds. Very much. Sometimes, I feel like diving into the ocean and get a bunch of sea weeds there and eat them all. I don’t know, it’s wierd, but it’s like oxygen for me. They have something that I miss greatly and I try to replenish the missing nutrients. And they’re so tasty. It’s totally a delicacy for me.

I don’t mind the smell of canned tuna unless a person will share a sandwich, then it’s no problem for me. :))

01:20 AM Mar 23 2013 |

S01142923Super Member!


Seafood is food found in the ocean, such as fish, clams, oysters, shrimps and lobsters.

12:32 AM Mar 23 2013 |

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