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The World is Your Oyster
The World is Your Oyster English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this jobs English lesson

Date: Jun 11 2013

Themes: Food, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Oysters are some of the coolest animals. No, not because they get to live at the bottom of the ocean. Not because they get to live inside a shell. And not even because some people find them to be a delicacy. Oysters are so cool because they’re the only animals that actually create a precious jewel. Oysters form pearls when a foreign substance slips into their shells.

Because they may hide pearls, then, oysters can be very valuable. To find an oyster could be like finding a wonderful opportunity. What does it mean, then, when someone tells you that the world is your oyster? It means that the world may hold many wonderful opportunities for you. It means that around the corner in your life may be the equivalent of a beautiful, precious pearl.

Lily’s got some surprising news for Amanda. Find out whether Amanda thinks there are pearls in Lily’s future in this jobs English lesson.




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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So, how are things working out for you here at AmericanDreamD8? Do you like being an intern here?

Lily:  Yeah, it’s really cool. I’ve really enjoyed the marketing and publicity stuff that you’ve given me to do.

Amanda:  Good. I think you’ve been doing a great job helping publicize this whole “Win a Date with Greta Vanderlake” promotion. I was really impressed that you got that seafood restaurant to sponsor the date. Good job. I want to know what your long-term plans are. Do you see yourself working towards a full-time position here, with this company? Or…

Lily:  Well… Am I supposed to say yes?

Amanda:  What you’re supposed to say is the truth. We’d love to have you on board, but only if that’s what you want.

Lily:  Well, when I went to that seafood restaurant to talk to them about the sponsorship the other day, I got to spend some time back in the kitchen, watching the chefs work. And they were making lobster, and crab, and fish, and oysters. It was so exciting to me. So since then I’ve been researching culinary schools.

Amanda:  So you want to be a chef?

Lily:  Yeah, a seafood chef.

Amanda:  I think that’s great, Lily. I love seafood: fish and chips, clam strips, clam chowder, bouillabaisse. All of it.

Lily:  You’re not disappointed?

Amanda:  No, I think that’s great. You’ve been doing a great job working at this company, and I actually do see marketing as being in your future if you wanted that. But you’re so young. You have plenty of time ahead of you.

Lily:  Yeah. I don’t know. I’ve heard that going to culinary school is really hard. And I know it’s hard to break into the restaurant business.

Amanda:  I’ve heard that it is difficult, but you’ll do great. The world is your oyster. Honestly, you should pursue your dreams while you still can.

Lily:  Is that what you did?

Amanda:  Yeah. Actually, owning a company like this is pretty much a dream come true.

Lily:  OK. You’re right. I will apply to those culinary schools. And then I can maybe bring in a sample of this oyster stew recipe I’ve been working on. I could share it with the whole office.

Amanda:  Mmm. I think that’s a great idea.


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Amanda is having a meeting with Lily to check in about how things are going with her internship. She thinks that Lily has been doing a great job, and wants to know if Lily is interested in being with the company long-term.

Lily likes working in marketing for the company, but it turns out she has another passion. She really wants to be a chef. Ever since visiting the kitchen of a seafood restaurant recently, she’s been thinking about applying to culinary schools.

Amanda thinks Lily should follow her dreams. She tells Lily that the world is her oyster, meaning that she is young and has many choices available to her. When she’s older and has to worry about things like a house or a family, she might not be able to take that kind of risk. It’s funny that Amanda says this, because Lily’s favorite new recipe is for oyster stew!

Do you think Lily should stay with the company or follow her dreams to be a chef? Have you ever made a risky decision involving your work or schooling? Did you feel like the world was your oyster?



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lizaolamaribel@yahoo.comSuper Member!

United States

it does not metter how many times you fail always follow your dreams

09:48 PM Jul 27 2018 |



Viet Nam

I think  everyone has a dream and it’s really perfect if we can make that dream come true.


07:17 AM Jul 16 2014 |




everyone should follow his or her dream ,just as lily i supposed.

07:45 AM Jun 23 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think she should fpllow her passion

01:08 PM Jun 12 2013 |




Life  like a road which I walk along ,in it I meet many people, chances, troubles, happiness, sometimes it be full of flowers, others with thorns, whatever I deal with are my choices. There are many sub roads  ,I try  to concentrate robustly ,that’s why I put my goals in front of my eyes to get my dreams in my cup, I know I have a responsibility toward my family, the world ,and myself too.

To get support ,be within family, under the patronage is very well, nevertheless I know someday  I’ll split my own road, I’ll pack my instruments ,and be ready for the trip:)HEEEE. I’m in May ,love to know eagerly what I’ll achieve tomorrow, wish to be satisfy with the final portrait of my life, wish when I look back someday I say: Nijar, you did your best… well done!!





I think she has to follow her dream and even if she fails she will learn a lot.

09:05 PM Jun 11 2013 |

1 person likes this



i think she gotta follow her dreams,i have happened same situation today.i’ve been having internship at accounting department 3 days in a week though i wanna become auditor .i had an interview today one of 4 bigs.they wanted me to hire full time.i thought a lot and i decided to resign from current job and working for that audit company. that’s my best dream ever.i’ll follow it .i’m also young as Lily i have plenty time to gain experience in that area and also world is my oyster :)

06:22 PM Jun 11 2013 |



what does mean you got that seafood restaurant to sponsor the date. ?? does anybody knows ? the date makes me confused

06:10 PM Jun 11 2013 |




I think Lily & everybody should follow their dreams, no matter how old is. sometimes people need change in life & take risk to be more happy and feel that the world is their oyster. And as long as you breathe, can make something good for yourself, cuz only limits are in minds, so just follow the heart and do the best stuff. 

04:31 PM Jun 11 2013 |



United States

I think Lily should apply for the culinary school, and if she wants, she can continue working for the marketing company as a part time job to get experience for her future proyects.

My greatest decision that I can sort as a risky one was to get out of my country, leave my family, bussiness, friends, and part of my life to come to USA when I got married.

When it comes to the future of my life, I am still young to pursue and keep figthing for my dreams… so yes, the world is still my Oyster!

03:26 PM Jun 11 2013 |

Irene Forever


I really don’t know what kind of job Lily should choose. The only right decision is her own choice. None can be a good advicer in such an important matter but her. If you ask me, I wouldn’t choose a profession connected with cooking because I am full of it at home. :)

Everyone can feel like the world is their oysters when they are young and have lots of opportunities and choices.

11:15 AM Jun 11 2013 |

Ya Nina


I’m sure that Lily should try to follow her dreams to be a chef. I believe that if you have even single chance to try to realize your dream, you need do it. On the other hand, you will be pity about misopportunity during whole your life. Certainly, neither knows how your attempt will finish, but the most thing is you never ask yourself what if? I want to tell I think that the best thing is to pity about realising things, even about unsuccessful realising that vice versa. 

Definitely, all our lives are the one big risk: the choice of your education, the choice of your occupation, the choice to say “yes” or “no” when your boyfriend to make the offering of marriage, your decision about your children – to pregnant nowadays or wait several years and build your career etc. All our lives are the big interesting adventure which managed by God, but a lot of plenty things depend on our decisions and our wishes also. The world always will be your oyster, in any your ages – you need to have a desire and courage to use that opportunity.

11:13 AM Jun 11 2013 |




I think Lily should pursue her dreams as Amanda says she was so young and for young people they to deserve to do what they want,

07:42 AM Jun 11 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

chef work is great i like it .

but i think the seafood that we saw in this text is not familiar for all culture at least for the middle eastern people

04:34 AM Jun 11 2013 |



Yes, my world is my God, He who has everything.

03:37 AM Jun 11 2013 |




Hallelujah Creator oysters. Human and enjoy the grace of God.

03:14 AM Jun 11 2013 |

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