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Sunday School
Sunday School

Learn English with this religion English lesson

Date: Apr 03 2013

Themes: School

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Even kids need weekends. But just like adults sometimes have to work on Saturday, many children go to Sunday school. Instead of extra pay or respect from their boss, they learn about religion. These lessons may help form who they are. But are they the lessons the Sunday school teachers hope to teach?

Sunday school is when Christian or Catholic children go to special religious classes. Other religions have classes like this too. They don’t always take place on Sunday.

Some kids like Sunday school, but others would rather not go. While some of the lessons may sink in anyway, sometimes kids grow to resent Sunday school and rebel against their religion. Find out what effect Sunday school had on Lily and Mason in this religion English lesson.





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Mason:  I was just talking with my parents and they brought up this one time that I refused to go to Sunday school.

Lily:  Oh, I always refused to go to Sunday school.

Mason:  Yeah? Now, I was raised Jewish. Were you raised Christian?

Lily:  Catholic.

Mason:  Catholic…but I find it weird though that every religion basically has Sunday school, or some equivalent thereof. For me, I went for a couple of years and then one day I woke up and I’m like, “I’m not going anymore.” It wasn’t any sort of religious protest, I just didn’t find it fun or useful in any way.

Lily:  I think there’s also a difference between going to Sunday school every Sunday versus going to Catholic school where your entire education hinges on a particular religion. But Sunday school in general was always, for me, just a way to socialize with people and talk to different people, instead of necessarily absorbing all of the information that they were giving us.

Mason:  Sure. At least…I’m OK with it happening there rather than in public schools. If there needs to be a school for religion, let it be on Sunday.


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Mason was talking with his parents recently and they brought up the time he decided he wasn’t going to go to Sunday school anymore. He wasn’t trying to rebel against his religion, he just didn’t like the classes and didn’t feel the information was sinking in.

Lily often refused to go to Sunday school. She and Mason agree that it’s interesting that so many different religions have a version of Sunday school. Mason is glad Sunday school exists because it keeps people from trying to have religious classes in public schools.

Did you ever go to Sunday school? What kind of classes are offered for kids in your religion?



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United States

ok you guys seem to be missing a couple of things.

1. Sunday school lasts about an hour or so and occurs for the children to attend while their parents and older siblings are at regular Bible studies classes before church services.

2. no one makes them go except their own parents.

3. It has absolutely nothing to do with regular school unless you attend a religious school.

4. Families commonly do family worship daily, sunday school is not a replacement for daily worship.

5. it’s something each individual church sets up in their own building mostly for their own members. It’s not anything official from any government at all. It meets the needs of families with young children who belong to the church or those children who just want to attend.

It didn’t seem like you were getting that part. I am with Imperium. They are some of my happiest childhood memories.

08:23 PM Apr 06 2013 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

In my religion, we practice it every day but, definitely, not all people practice it to the same degree. They differ from one to another according to their environment in which they grow up.  

Let’s take Friday’s prayer as an example of a fixed period that most people attend. The opportunity we believe that we will benefit from this short-term speech and the knowledge we actually gain when listening to the Emam will nurture our religious values. One reason why people get benefits is Emam brings up new theme each Friday. However, when people are far away from this precious moment, they build a long gab, and there are greater numbers of ignorant people—who knows little about their religion although they allege they act as if they know every thing.

let’s hope for the best  

03:41 PM Apr 06 2013 |

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South Korea

Many of children can get precious values from Sunday school. As you know, most of churches make efforts to select teachers who are owned well qualified knowledge, experiences, and deep faith.  They teaches them what is okay behavoiurally and what is not, and the appropriate actions towards other. It helps them make sense of the world and answers all the why questions in ways that secular society can’t. For children from troubled homes or who are lonely or victimized by others. It would offer peace for they know someone loves and cares for them. Ideally parents should provide this instructions, but many homes lack of input.

07:12 AM Apr 06 2013 |

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We dont have a school sunday in our country (morocco ) but we have a holidays in  sunday because we practise our religious every day , 

10:40 PM Apr 03 2013 |



there in Egypt we have friday school

but never go to school or work just holiday

09:02 PM Apr 03 2013 |




I have a cousin living in Los Angeles .she is retiring now but for many years has been a teacher at the los Angeles district school . My cousing is a member of  ” Self  Realization fellowship ”, now a worldwide  organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda ,a hindu monk . As a teacher she has volunteeared that every sunday will  teach  to little kids  at the sunday school  of the church. My point is that while their kids  are at the sunday school   parents are free to attend  the sunday service and lecture . I have been present  while my cousing was teaching at the sunday school , as Erise  pointed out  , the class was amusing and entertainment.. I liked it. 

08:40 PM Apr 03 2013 |




Going to Sunday School is one of the option for kids to comprehend about their religion and belief to something. Some parents force their children to attend to any individual religion class that In my view, it isn’t a great idea to push them to be sink in any specific notion. The best way to bring up children to these school is encouraging them to study all of diffferent religions and give them opportunity to choose the best one. Otherwise, they rebel against you and your religion and never come to sunday school.  

06:48 PM Apr 03 2013 |




We’ve not Sunday school in Tunisia, but by another side, it takes place in public school , and it continuous for 12 years, so it stops just when we have 18 years old, that means last year in high school, but I think that taking religion lessons doesn’t disturb kids,  as well as it is for parents, for my own experience I’ve never seen someone rebelling against those lessons, for me it just something necessary in person’s life, we’ve got to know our religion a little bit, that would be good, they’re not teaching us extremism , it’s just kind of religion’s bases ! So i’m not really agree with Mason and Lily. 

we might study religion lessons even in public school, without being against religion or being fed up with that !

06:21 PM Apr 03 2013 |


United States

some of my best childhood memories are in sunday school, the boys and girls there were not little salvages like those in normal schools

05:49 PM Apr 03 2013 |




Religious, primary or secondary all  are types of education. If kids rebel against the lectures it only means the teaching process failed.

If the lessons are lively and interesting the learners will benefit from it, and the knowledge will help them in their further life.

Do they introduce to  different types of religion at Sunday School?



We don’t have sunday schools here, because kids take religion classes in public schools their entire education, even in college there’s a required course for religion. Religion is very important here that you don’t have a choice in studying it like in sunday schools.

02:45 PM Apr 03 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i did not go to sunday school when i was a kid because sunday school were not so popular by that time. i was going to church with my mother.now children are luck because they have sunday schoolsn,they can get religious classis.

01:29 PM Apr 03 2013 |

Ya Nina


Sunday school exists in my country, but it isn’t as popular like as example in the United States. Such schools always work at buildings of churches. In my country only dedicated people who go to the church every Sunday conduct their children at such school. I never went to Sunday school. My grandmother was a dedicated woman so she took me on the church Sunday service and told me about religious, its role in our life, about God and faith. I’m very sorry that in that time I was a small girl and didn’t understand a lot of things that she told me and couldn’t appreciate all that information.

I’ve never thought about it but may be my children should attend Sunday school. I realize that it hardly will be interested for them, but probably they can get something importance about God, creation of our world and role of a man in it.

12:15 PM Apr 03 2013 |




Guys come on, on the weekends kids have to get some rest and have fun. Instead, they go to sunday school every weekend after a whole week of studying so it’s normal that some kids don’t like to go to sunday school and it might influence their relationship with religion in the long run, of course there’re other options and in my view they have to be amusing and attractive for kids.

10:11 AM Apr 03 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Religious discussions may be hard however they’re sweet, I remember a voluntary class in the last term of my school, because of limited time and full of lessons for final exam, students were free to attend in or not. Most of students didn’t take part in that class and we were a few but much interested in religious topics, with a cool teacher who could answer all of our questions about different religions and different thoughts in classic and modern philosophies, from my point of view, he was knowledgeable enough to answer those curious students. He encouraged us to study more about other religions instead of persuading us about Islam. We read Torah, Gospel and Avesta as well as Quran, compared other religion theories with Islam, disputed about them freely and so on. So I think an optional or voluntary class is better than forcible one, and weekend is not good enough for religious classes, may be most of children want to be free and play with friends or have other plans for their holidays rather than go to school.




We havent sunday schools in our country,but there are  special schools where everyone who wants can study Koran.

09:27 AM Apr 03 2013 |




I think all religions mean peace, love and spirituality, so they shouldn’t be educated that way specially for childern, we shouldn’t force them to learn their religion like they learn any subject in school.



Saudi Arabia

The weekends in my country is thursday and friday . The first time i hear  with sunday school not found in our region because all the people are muslims not christians . The kids in Saudi Arabia are learning islamic religion during all the week at the school . The subjects at the school include materials science and religion and so on . Some students go at the afternoon to mosque to learn Holy Quraan and the sayings prophet Muhammad peace be upon him .

07:08 AM Apr 03 2013 |

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