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Date: Apr 19 2013

Themes: Health


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Have you ever felt so sad that you can’t get out of bed? Have you been so sad that you just can’t snap out of it? Maybe you were suffering from depression.

It can be hard to tell the difference between depression and regular sadness, though. Depression is different from a bad mood. It’s a medical condition that can cause great pain to people throughout their lives.


snap out of it expr.


Example Tom was acting very negative, so I told him to snap out of it.

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Do you know anyone who suffers from depression? What do you think helps people with depression? Have you ever had depression?


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Russian Federation

Depression is my natural mood

05:13 AM Jun 04 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if u are very sad u can stay with your friends or your best friend or call them:)

09:44 AM Apr 26 2013 |



South Korea

um..season affective disorder ! yep,,...during winter season, In Oregon, much rain drops. in the case of that, it could happen to people.

but more servere things is the bleak view on a life , called depression. 

some are in trouble fiancially or mentally. it’s not easy to be treated through snapping out of it. meds and talking with people who are in the same difficulty would be better to get out of the mood swings as well as their willpower.

07:55 AM Apr 25 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have suffered from the seasonal affective disorde especially in winter and fall. It might happen to me because the lack of the sunshine or the cold weather,... I don’t know exactly why. Intersting, I feel depression or kind sad/ alone feelings on evening friday too, especially when I’m alone and no body can be with me/ talk to me. Listening to musics or reading a novel/ short story, something that makes you busy can be useful to get rid of the sad feelings, But for depression , I guess the best way is to see a doctoror /psychologist.  

06:17 PM Apr 24 2013 |



Russian Federation

Physical activity helps a lot.

02:53 PM Apr 24 2013 |



Yes sometimes I feel depressed or unhappy but it just a temporary situation , and a phone call or sms from someone I love can change my mood and raises my spirits.
But I know a lady who has been suffering from a true depression for long time after her daughter died .
She used to come to our center for chemotherpy sessions as she is a breast cancer patient, and she was taking drugs for her depression. That was so sad and painful to see her unhappy while she has to fight a disease like cancer.
So yes I do believe that depression can lead to death or at least a miserable life.

06:35 AM Apr 24 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I dont know what the depression is!  for me ,I do listen to music , or work out anything I like and I will feel better .

11:18 PM Apr 21 2013 |

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United States

everyone has his own “pick-me-up” curing sad mood. but i guess, depression is the thing which is cured by good doctors or true friends

02:52 PM Apr 21 2013 |

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“soft-boiled eggs” – well, it’s rather more peculiar to the former generation, though maybe everything comes in circles, revealing fantastic sentimental feelings of love, admiration of the whole world—seeing what you want to see. The world of illusion, but there’s a pinch of truth there. Nobody wants to dig, unless it’s plain obvious, but if there’s the slightest hint of light, beauty in there, the poets will put it on the pedestal, will glorify that… well the hard-boiled ones just will shrug their shoulders in misunderstanding and move on.

To each his own…

01:30 PM Apr 21 2013 |



depresssion become more and more common nowadays

Why ????? many ppl don t have a friend, to talk with

they keep all their frustrations inside themselve

so it will change to depression very soon

beside that

many young ppl didn t learn to face a rough world

Parents tried to keep away from them all problems

so, how should the learn to solve big problems ???

They can t

They become ” soft boiled eggs”

01:12 PM Apr 21 2013 |

farooq ahmed


i felt many times in my life but I didnt go to doctor ever becz i couldnt afford dr’s high fees,,lols, but I m thankfull to God whenever i feel depression ,he helps me to cure my self without any doctor consultation. no doubt consult to ur doctors if u feel it is very important. but there r many ways to cure urself. like think  positive , offer prayers , helps the needy peoples , it gives us alot happiness and will realize our aim of life, one positive aspect of depression is, in my point of view is eating alot. i experienced when u eat ur fav dish u will feel better ,so  i m  healthy now lols

10:35 AM Apr 21 2013 |

farooq ahmed


yes i agree but i have to add one more thing, depression is the extreme lower state of self depriviaton, at that state depressed person more possible would commit to suicide. this is very pitiable conditon for me if I imagine about someone in it. but in my view anyone can snap out of it if he think about some positive things in his personallity ,and pray 5 times a day, becz pray gives spritual will power and happiness to live life with happiness and thankfull to God.

10:16 AM Apr 21 2013 |


Russian Federation

Milk and toasts and honey make it sunny))))))

09:58 AM Apr 21 2013 |




yeah , when i feel depressed that i dont want to get out of my bed all day , i cant do anything in depression .when i suffered depression that i eat a lot of chocotlate…it is terrbile …

07:56 AM Apr 21 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments, if you couldn’t do it, Obviously the only rational solution to your problem is suicide or Join the Army! Travel to exotic, distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people, and kill them!!!
why depression?? laugh!!

07:54 AM Apr 21 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Depression is too bad…........

06:44 AM Apr 21 2013 |




” Seasonal Affective Disorder”,  definitely. I hate gloomy weathers.

06:29 AM Apr 21 2013 |




if you have depression,then it’s usually a symptom that you have wrong,unhealthy outlook towards life(except when depression is caused by physical illnesses).most of the time it would have it’s roots somewhere in the past which for some reason you would’nt let go of it.The only easy way out of it is to simply LET GO OF EVERYTHING,let things flow in it’s own way.Keep things loose.Then you’re sure to get better..!

05:31 AM Apr 21 2013 |




oooff that’s depression 

01:48 AM Apr 21 2013 |




It’s a short life which we live and take us to our final day after day(if we want that or not).Don’t let it laught at you,washed up and put you under its control,seize your moments and cheer!!!

Melancholy, bleak, and sorrow what a bummed out idioms packed with unhappiness(watch the black point,however it can’t be that bad),breakthrough them and prove yourself.”For immediate joy stuck with what you love such as:chocolate,flowers,lip sticks,sport,reading,music,meeting friends and go outside,and other stuffs”,I heard that whatever I believe in we who can snap out of sadness.We have the willpower to do it…How?be satisfied;work hard(be risky to get your target),do your best,love,pray and let Allah manage it.Sometimes we crave something a lot and feel depression not get it…Why that?Act like alter ego and let it go,don’t think much,don’t live in dark ya maw!!!

I know someone who fell a victim under his depressing mood due to some emotional issue,people have weaved stories about him,to be honest meds have worked with him but not 100%, through a while he gets over his case by his own ability!

Now let me change the title to”Happy depression”which mean feel depressed due to the extra happiness which we live(look left feel happiness,and watch right find happiness,oh I got bored from happiness).......hehe.                   And What about this one?

10:40 PM Apr 20 2013 |

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