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Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3
《钢铁侠 3》

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Date: May 27 2013

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Tony Stark, aka the alter ego of Iron Man, is back! In the newest movie in this blockbuster trilogy, Stark is traumatized from a recent near-death experience, and he keeps having panic attacks. Meanwhile, he must face a powerful new enemy: the Mandarin.

Iron Man is an interesting superhero, because unlike Superman or Spiderman, he doesn’t actually have any special powers. It’s just the suit that Stark has built that makes him powerful. Some people like this aspect of the movie, because they feel it gives Iron Man more human qualities. Many people must agree, because the movie is doing great business at the box office!

托尼·斯塔克 (Tony Stark),也就是变身为“钢铁侠”的超级英雄又回来了!在“钢铁侠系列”最新的第三部影片中,斯塔克因不久前的濒死经历受到了精神创伤,导致焦虑症不时发作。而同时,他又必须面对强大的新敌人:曼达林 (Mandarin)。



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Mason:  I’ve got to be honest, I’m not really keeping up with the movies that are supposed to come out this summer. But I am really excited for the new Iron Man.

Lily:  Oh yeah, did you like the other movies a lot?

Mason:  I did like the other ones. I thought the second one was a little bit weak.

Lily:  Yeah.

Mason:  But this looks like the dark Iron Man. It’s going to be more like the new Batman, where it’s moody, and Tony Stark gets kind of beat down and he has to fight his way back up, you know?

Lily:  I’m glad. Because I saw the other ones, and it was a lot of Robert Downey Jr. in bronzer, with the weird mustache, and it didn’t really seem very superhero-y.

Mason:  Well I’m pretty sure it’ll still be a lot of Robert Downey Jr. and the bronzer and the mustache.

Lily:  Oh, okay.

Mason:  The thing is, unlike a lot of superhero comics, with Iron Man, it’s really all about Tony Stark, and the character of this real guy, not so much his alter ego.

Lily:  Yeah.

Mason:  Cause that’s just a metal suit, whereas Tony Stark is awesome, in a jerky kind of way.

Lily:  And did you read the comic books? Is that why you’re really into it?

Mason:  You know, I didn’t read the comics. So I’m actually enjoying not knowing a whole lot of the backstory-

Lily:  Cool.

Mason:  And just being able to embrace how they present the movies, right? Cause they always change stuff in the movies.

Lily:  That’s true.

Mason:  And if you’re really that into it, you’re going to hate it.


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Mason tells Lily that he’s not really paying attention to summer movies in general, but he’s very excited about Iron Man 3. He liked the other movies OK, but he’s particularly excited about the new one. He likes that this movie will show a dark side of Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Lily is glad that the new movie looks good, because she wasn’t that excited about the other ones. She felt like those movies were just about Robert Downey Jr. looking like a movie star.

Mason thinks what’s coolest about Iron Man is that it’s really about Tony Stark as a human being. He just happens to also be able to put on a suit and become a superhero.

Have you seen the Iron Man movies? What did you think? Who is your favorite superhero, and why?



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United States

Firstly, I liked this thought of spreading english knowledge through movies. I am a bit late to notice this tutorial but it is worth my time. This is really good.

Yeah, I’ve watched all the movies of Iron Man. All the movies hd versions are awesome. My favorite hero is Iron Man. I can’t explain the reason, but I just liked the stunts and attitude of the character. Other superheros are also cool, but I particularly like this one.

Keep this kind of stuff coming. Thank you!

03:21 PM Feb 11 2018 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

I watched it yesterday as 3D  and liked it..ı advice it to watch,ppl

06:38 AM May 28 2013 |



i will try to see thsi 

10:26 PM May 27 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

ummm.. despite the other superhero movies , i think that iron man is the best one because it’s more likely to belive than spiderman and superman.. for me i saw the movie cuz i really like Tony Stark.. loool he is handsome and wearing the iron suite makes him more sexier hahahaha 

03:38 PM May 27 2013 |

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Hong Kong

I have seen many of superhero films and I had seen the Iron Man 3 2 weeks ago. The article about the human side of Iron man is right that Iron man is just a human originally, who invent an intelligent metal suit for himself to be a superhero. Deeper focus on the humanilty of Tony Stark in the Iron man 3 this time may not grant more applause though the scene of many different cool type of iron man showed up in the end of the movie. I think the audience prefer to watch the tactics the Iron man used to beat the enermy, an upgraded Iron man suit, gorgeous fighting scene mostly, etc. In addition, the power of Mandarin is obvious greater than the Iron man. The Mandarin can be undead and healing themselves quickly but the Iron man who relies on the suit solely. Such powerful enermy should not be defeated so easily. The movie should spend more time to describe the preparation and the progress to defeat the Mandarin. I am also a die hard fans of Iron man, however, Iron man 3 really put me down this time.

09:05 AM May 27 2013 |



I’v seen the Iron Man3 last month.But before it,I haven’t seen the Iron Man movies.Like the Transformers movies,spider man movies,I think these movies have the same theme of ‘superhero’.But Iron Man3 is still excited me. Especially,when over 42 Iron mans appered at the same time.

06:58 AM May 27 2013 |




superhero-y ??

05:17 AM May 27 2013 |


South Korea

Fortunately, I saw the Iron Man 3 last week. I thought what made me crazy about this kind of films? First, it provides many prospects about the growth of sciences. If human wears a suit which is made of iron, he can do anything using unlimited power. Second, the justice always wins the evil. Even evildoer wants to destroy a peaceful world with weapons. However, Tony Stark prevent enermies  from destroying the world anytime. Third, he often shows his love to his wife and saves child and others in spite of big difficulties. Hence, many people may give a big hand to Iron Man 3.

01:00 PM May 25 2013 |

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