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Fad Diets
Fad Diets

Learn English with this diet English lesson

Date: Jun 07 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Are there healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight? Most experts say that the healthiest way to diet is to eat nutritious foods in moderation and to exercise. And those same experts agree that most fad diets are not healthy at all.

Fad diets come and go in popularity, and they all have different rules. On Atkins, you don’t eat carbs. On South Beach, you avoid fat. And then there are fad diets such as the acai berry craze, in which you drink smoothies made of a berry from the Brazilian rain forest. Could it ever be healthy to eat according to such strict rules?

Find out what Amanda and Lily think about fad diets in this English lesson.





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Amanda:  Well, here I go again.

Lily:  What do you mean?

Amanda:  I read my magazine, and I’m going to try this new fad diet again.

Lily:  You know those things never work! You lose weight for maybe two weeks, and then it all comes back.

Amanda:  Yes and no. Sometimes when you have a trip that you’re going to go on and you need to drop 10 pounds, or you’re going to be in a swimsuit, you kind of want to try one of those fad diets just to see if it works.

Lily:  But there’s no nutritional basis to a lot of them.

Amanda:  That’s not really a priority for me, though. The whole point of a fad diet is to lose some weight, right?

Lily:  Get on the bandwagon?

Amanda:  I tried Atkins. That was no carbs, and my diet consisted of cheese and beef. I switched to the South Beach diet.

Lily:  Oh, what was that one again?

Amanda:  I don’t really remember. I remember I ate a lot of peanut butter.

Lily:  Did you do the acai berry one, too?

Amanda:  Yes, is that the one that’s more of a cleanse? That seems to be the one that the celebrities go on, right? Before the Grammys and the Oscars, when they want to squeeze into an evening gown?

Lily:  So are you a health nut, too? Or do you just do the diets?

Amanda:  I want to say that yes, I’m a health nut, but the honest truth is I just want to try the diet. It seems like a quick fix, kind of maybe a cheating way of losing weight. I don’t really care what goes in, as long as something’s going out.


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Amanda is about to try a new fad diet. Lily’s suspicious, because she knows that those kinds of diets are just a quick fix. They allow someone to lose weight, but usually the weight comes back.

Amanda knows that there’s no real nutritional value to these kinds of diets, and that the weight doesn’t always stay off, but she doesn’t necessarily care. Sometimes all you want is to lose that weight for a particular vacation or event.

It seems as if Amanda has tried most of the fad diets out there. She’s usually ready to jump on the bandwagon of whatever diet is popular. Lily probably hopes that someday Amanda will try to have better nutrition overall, too.

Have you ever tried a fad diet? What was the experience like? What do you think is the healthiest way to lose weight?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i agree with dear Parisa

01:51 PM Aug 20 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was 85kg  and now I am 63 kg … you  can just lose your wight with good diet and exersice 

just it ;)

10:07 AM Aug 20 2013 |


VOLTSSuper Member!


açai berry juice is pretty delicious and very health… it also can be served on the plate as a kind of a viscid açai mixtured with guaraná, banana and honey. it has many calories, problably more calories than a lunch. It’s normal to eat it in brazil but usually not as a diet.

04:57 AM Jul 23 2013 |



United States

I have tried the Atkins diet, but not for so long, I dropped some pounds but I did not like it at all to get into it again.

Since that experience, that was not easy, I decided to stay eating healthy and moderate, the results are longer and better for my nutritional needs.

06:23 PM Jun 09 2013 |




I do sport since I was a little child, I played football, basketball, swimming….and when I went to the university, I had to drop out all this sports and I changed for going to the gym.
In the gym I realised that many things. On the one hand, a fad diet rarely has success, because people do it until they lose weigth or they get tired, and then they come back with the everyday’s routine, eating the same things that they ate before beginning the diet. In my opinion the most important thing to lose weigth isn’t doing a diet, it is changing your eating habits. Not only for a few days or one or two months, else for “the rest of your life” (it sounds very hard, but don’t be afraid xD). This will help to lose weigth and won’t recover it, furthermore, without a fad diet, you won’t feel tired or ungry, because you will lose weigth gradually without big changes. Moreover, if you combine a change in your eating habits with exercise, it’s onle needed few exercise, you will feel complete different and well.

On the other hand, fad diet for a objective into close time is a quick fix, but it doesn’t solve your problem in the long term.

An advice, you should forget fad diets, change your eating habits and  I am sure that your health and your behaviour will improve very much.

03:41 PM Jun 09 2013 |




I haven’t tried any one of fad diets before, but a collegue of mine tried one after she gave birth a baby. She told me that during her pregnant period, she weighted 50 pounds more than prior to pregnancy, it was 30 pounds that she lost by fad diet, which is very dramaticly effective. But what is bad is that few monthes later, the dorped weigth cames back! She seemed to be more bigger even than she was before fad diet.

in my opinion, fad diets are not healthy, and even damage our health sometims. Because what dieter eat is not based on balanced nurition. in addition, the dieter either do extra excerises , or is treated with massage on the bed. During fad diet, although weight is droped , but the dieter doesn’t looks very well, my collegue is an example, because her figure is slim, but she looked like kind of tired and pale.

So, i prefer a healthy way of losing weight, which means doing excersise in regular, eating more vegetables, and  decreasing red meat.   

08:17 AM Jun 08 2013 |




Diet is a culture; I know some places which in women specially follow a diet to gain pounds, no wonder they not accept skinny, touchy body and for sure not fatty one, for them having a slim body is not adorable, a little bit pounds will be nice. On the other hand many people follow it to loose weight, have a thinner body.. etc. What I wanted to say that the icon of the beauty have a different shapes from one person to another, from a culture to another!!

Many women regularly follow a diet for beauty okay, whatever diet is a style of life to be healthy and fight the diseases. We should raise up our children how be mindful; eat well and do exercises to love their bodies without issues as they can. To be honest I love fast food much, I eat what I want and not gain pounds, once I asked my doctor and he replied there’re some bodies which burn fats ,carbs.. etc, whatever they eat, won’t gain weight:) It doesn’t mean I don’t care myself, I do for my health ,in addition to I do sports a lot .Eat what you want with less quantities for better life:)

Sometimes we have a habit eating meals in a specific time not concern maybe we are not really hungry, so just follow “Clock Fast”; listen to your body and eat when you feel hunger not when people want you to do. Now to be more sure make “Apple Test” it will help you determine if it’s a real or a fake hunger; pick a fruit, if you are really hungry you’ll feel satisfied with, if not you’ll say “oh, I love burger.. etc” .That may help decrease your eating!!

DASH Diet is the one which recommended and in a row for 3 years ,nevertheless it targets blood pressure , it fights other kinds and weight as well. I love Dr OZ Show and The Doctors a lot ,I gain much calories of info when I watch such a programs..HEE





I’ve never tried a fad diet. I think people who really need lose weight, should do sports, dont eat fast foods, eat more fruits &vegetables, drink more water & dont eat all food from the fridge before go to sleep and the middle of the night. Sometime people are fat cuz have bad feeding habits, so should change this for better habits, but its demand common sense and strong will sometimes. But the most important is feeling good in own body. 

08:23 PM Jun 07 2013 |




Yes to drink as much as 2 cup water before meals food.

07:58 PM Jun 07 2013 |




I tried some diets. But all of them didn’t give me good results for long period of life.

Now I think that exercise is good for body and health.

But I have not time for it. My babies take all my time.

07:35 PM Jun 07 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i didnt try any diet

the best way is to do sport

05:56 PM Jun 07 2013 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


I dont want to get on the bandwagon…, I dont want to  be a health nut…., I would like to do more of a cleanse, it’s true Im searching for a quick fix and avoid carbs in a fad diet in order to drop some kilos and squeeze into my new gown, but I dont want to try a cheating way of losing weight, I would like to try something really healthy :)

03:49 PM Jun 07 2013 |




To prevent that fluctuation of weight which is a pain, always,  better to solve a problem inside, in your brain. It doesn’t happen in a week, it takes some time to tell that food is not that makes you happy. The best approach to any diet is to get to it psyhologically creating a new neuron pathway to stay away from junk food, not to get into binging but eat moderately, veggies, fruits, water.

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:3-4)

And being slim is always healthy… and beautiful!



Saudi Arabia

I think the easiest way to loose wiegh is that you should smaller your dinner dish bellow your normal portion and eat in small amount. Also, try to feel in hunger because this the point which your body starts to burn fat. eventually, this was my fad diet actually I’m a health nut person.

12:37 PM Jun 07 2013 |




I have always been a little plump and chubby. It looked very cute when I was little. Everybody would love to squeeze my cheeks and hug me like a soft pillow when I was a little kid but when I grew up into a lady, I started to get irritated by my look. I was not fat but I was over my ideal weight. I tried to go on a diet many times by depriving myself of my favorite foods, sweets, and everything but I gave up too soon. My determination did not last more than 4-5 days, but last year around the new year, I made a big desicion to lose weight, but never and ever give up this time. I did a lot of research on the internet, what kind of food I should eat, what kind of food I should definitely avoid, what food is high calory or low calory, what keeps my tummy full and thus, eat less, etc. I got some idea hopefully, and realized that I could do that. Then I went to the dietician to get a well prepared list of meals in my hands. To my surprise, the dietician prepared a nice list of meals that I loved. She told me that the key was to keep the portion sizes under control, not avoid eating my favorite foods. However, the thing that she highly recommended was to exercise – run, jog, walk, or do whatever I wished. I set a nice and generous plan for exercising and followed it three times a day but really strictly. In order not to get bored of it too soon, I was easy on myself, too. And luckily, my dietician let me eat whatever I craved just once a week. “So that you will crave those yummy and high calory food less.” she told me and she was definitely right. It all worked out soon and within 3 months, I lost 26 pounds. I did not even get it back even though I stopped dieting. I ate pizza. I ate pastry. I had ice-cream. I ate pasta. I ate many other high calory food. I still eat them, and do not even gain one gram. Why? Because I exercise regularly on a daily basis. And when your body gets accustomed to a regular intake of foods in little portions, it becomes your way of living, like a kind of habit, and your stomache kind of rejects full portions. 

So if you really want to lose weight, be determined above all. Keep in mind that it will not be easy and that you will suffer from hunger but rely on a good diet and surely, water and fruits in between meals. Also, EXERCISE. There are many options for exercising. Get a trainer or go to the gym or do it at home by following the videos of well-known trainers on youtube. You do not have to push it really hard. Do not be hard on yourself. Pick exercises that you can handle and avoid muscle pains. :) Whatever you do, do it regularly. And be patient. It pays off in the end. :)

12:28 PM Jun 07 2013 |




i’ve been tired on a diet a lot , but never a fad diet , from my past expemyrience , i just know as long as i starve myself a bit , i will lose some weight .

when i was in highschool , i was very skinny , but most of the time , i paid a very close attention to what i was taken in .

my own way to keep in fit is to eat whatever u want , as long as u feel hunger everyday , so just control the quantity you are taking in 

12:03 PM Jun 07 2013 |




I agree with Lily that  most diets are a quick fix. I have seen people that  after following a strict  diet routine were able  to lose much weight ,almost at the cost of  depriving their  bodies  of all kind of sweets and carbs . The moment that they stop  following the routine, their bodies    that were suffering from hunger  took revenge  and added more weight  than before. I am not a doctor but  I wouldn´t recommend diet pills. I think that it may help exercising , more veggies , once a week to relish on a good dish of pasta with meat . After all we don´t want to be skinny supermodels.  lol  



why girl alway go diet? haha~

09:55 AM Jun 07 2013 |

1 person likes this




The healthiest way to lose weight is just to never think of losing weight! actually if u keep checking out ur diet progress, you will end up losing ur nerves not ur weight…. so just never eat until you feel hungry, and if u eat , never let urself feel fully satisfied of food…. of course this is not to forget that the best therapy to any problem is laughing…. so just keep laughing at ur obesity complex till fitness laughes for u :)

09:17 AM Jun 07 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i belive we can use any kind of foods but we must not lavish in eating and ofcourse have exercise and activity.

04:25 AM Jun 07 2013 |

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