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Put One Over
Put One Over English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this dating English lesson

Date: Jul 09 2013

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Are you the kind of person who likes to play pranks on your friends? Do you make phone calls from anonymous numbers and disguise your voice? Do you send your friends weird, embarrassing packages in the mail? Do you tell your friends that a terrible tragedy has happened, when really everything is just fine, just to see how your friend will react? Some people just really love to do all they can to put one over on their pals.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little trick. But how do you know when the trick has gone too far? What if you try to put one over on your friend, and your friend really takes it seriously? What if your friend gets upset, and believes that something terrible really has happened, or that some stranger really did send them a bizarre gift in the mail? When that happens, it’s probably a good idea to reel it in and stop playing tricks for awhile.

Find out whether anyone is trying to put one over on someone else in this English lesson.




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Greta:  What are you doing here, Jeff? Didn’t you know this is where I was supposed to meet my date?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Greta:  So what, you’re here to spy on me?

Jeff:  No. What do you know about your date?

Greta:  Let’s see. I know he has brown hair and brown eyes. I know he’s artistic and he’s musical. And he’s tech-savvy. He likes natural medicine and skydiving and—oh my god. It’s you.

Jeff:  It’s me! It’s me.

Greta:  Are you trying to put one over on me? It seems like a really mean trick to play. What are you trying to prove?

Jeff:  No no no. I’m not trying to put one over on you. You remember when I was stuck under that rock? And you were the one I called?

Greta:  Yeah, because you carry around some stupid old picture of me.

Jeff:  No, it’s not that. It’s just that when I was laying there I was thinking, “Who would I want to be spending time with right now? Who would be the coolest?” And it’s you.

Greta:  Really?

Jeff:  Yeah. I was just hoping you’d come by and be funny, maybe a little mean, and be pretty. Like you are. And you did.

Greta:  What about Lily?

Jeff:  Oh, she’s OK. But I put one over on myself by convincing myself I needed to be around somebody younger. You were right. I need to be around somebody my age. Which is you.

Greta:  But do we have anything in common?

Jeff:  Well… Do you like Mel Brooks movies?

Greta:  I love them. Do you like sushi?

Jeff:  Oh yeah. Love it.

Greta:  I don’t know Jeff. You know that I’m new to this whole dating thing. I just really need to make sure I can trust you. Ever since I was in that movie Double Date, where the boyfriend was leading those two separate lives, I’m really paranoid that someone’s going to try to put something over on me.

Jeff:  I promise. I won’t. OK? But I will put my chair right over here.


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Greta shows up for her secret date, and she’s surprised to find Jeff there. It doesn’t take her long to realize that Jeff actually is her date! Greta’s suspicious, though. Does Jeff really want to date her, or is he trying to play a trick on her?

Jeff promises that he’s not trying to put one over on her. In fact, he’s been having feelings for Greta ever since he got trapped under the rock. He doesn’t have feelings for Lily anymore, either.

Best of all, it turns out that the two of them have some things in common. They like the same movies, and the same food. It seems as if neither of them has any reason to be paranoid.

Do you think Jeff and Greta will be a successful couple? Have you ever tried to put one over on a friend, or had a friend put one over on you?



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That was just me when I was a kid! I loved to prank call my friends and to ring somebody else’s doorbell and run away! Hahaha that was so funny! I figured out it got too far when one of my friends got really pissed off! That was when I decided to reel it in…

01:40 PM Mar 13 2014 |

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It´s definitely better to play a prank on a good friend who does the same every once in a while, than a person you don´t know very well. Actually, it doesn´t matter, either they laugh, or they won´t. But it´s always better to start with a harmless joke and be frugal with everything that could hurt someone.

11:35 AM Aug 03 2013 |

Sumer wql

Sumer wql


i think Jeff is smart that he can realize his love for Greta is deeper than he thought,and he is a luck man that Greta not ignor his love emotion when she know him was her date. what’s more, they two have same hobbies ,and the same age,though they got  some wrong way and wasted some time, eventually they got a right place .i think they all got a successful relationship.

sometimes,if someone was more brave there might be more happy couples.i don’t know  whether i like my friend or just put one over on myself that he should only be my friend.i have no idea about love,maybe when i know it i wouldn’t be single.

08:22 AM Jul 26 2013 |



I think they will be a successful couple .At first , Greta was afraid that Jeff was just trying to put one over on her. But Jeff convinced her that he really loves her. You can see Greta was happy, and she loves Jeff too. Besides they konw each other and have somethings in common.

I seldom put one over on a friend, but I think it’s OK to do that if you don’t go too far. Tricks may bring more fun to life.

12:55 AM Jul 23 2013 |




I can´t remember the last time I had played a prank on one of my friends, obviously tricks are not a twist in my character, although I take it with good humor ,  when some of my buddies  put one over me.  Although Greta is acting  cautiously if  Jeff is honest  with her he will eventually win over Greta`s heart.   Hope so.!!!




Why not, they can try :)

I’m not that person who like to play pranks on someone,even though I have a sense of humor ;p I can’t lie and no one would believe me xD Of course, I have friends who still try to put one over on me but they know where the limit is and don’t go too far. Often there are funny situations :)

04:57 PM Jul 09 2013 |




I think so. Jeff will date Greta. They seem a nice couple. And me, I have to put one over sometimes, it’s necessary for once in a while. I as weel was to put one over by my friends, I didn’t like, but after I took as a joke… That’s it….

03:59 PM Jul 09 2013 |



well, i think so,they will, one thing little justify it is the thing in common
putting one over on someone else isnt cool,but only cool and romantic if it is for your love one to surprise, but i must see to it that this wont get into a serious and dangerous situation to the extent that leads to a break up lol

02:54 PM Jul 09 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i don’t know ,but i like the phrasal (put one over )

02:35 PM Jul 09 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think so

01:21 PM Jul 09 2013 |



couple weeks ago Jeff was chasing Lily. his words arent convincing.he gave up from Lily and now he is looking for a new adventure .)) now he has more possiblity to date with Greta.Greta u havent been dating with anybody ever since i know you :) it’s time to get experience :) 

08:52 AM Jul 09 2013 |



ı had many times one over on my friends :)  its really enjoyable but if you had it true friend..

08:04 AM Jul 09 2013 |

Irene Forever


Putting one over on somebody is definitely not my cup of tea. I always say and do what I think is the right action which can’t do any harm. However sometimes I say something that people don’t like. You know themselves about not liking the truth told you by someone. But after years I’ve become more diplomatic, and I think before saying though it’s not always easy for women as our tongues are always in a hurry. .:-) All the same,  it’s so hard to keep myself from saying something that has some impo rtance for me, but it mustn’t be said. As for making offensive  tricks on people, I’m not like that. I never do it, and I don’t like to be fooled either.

07:45 AM Jul 09 2013 |




putting one over on someone depends on situations. There are some situations that we cannot bear putting one over on us. This action leads always to hurt one’s feelings.

07:28 AM Jul 09 2013 |




I donot like puting one over someone, and if you do it unsuitable,it may cause some serious problem and you may feel regretful.

06:32 AM Jul 09 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m one of happy and funy person who wants to laugh all the time.

puting one over is my main factor for fun but I never do something that cause problems and I don’t do unrespectable actions too.

Fun, joke, put one over and kinds of things have a band that we must not go beyond it.

06:07 AM Jul 09 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like this subject.

02:51 AM Jul 09 2013 |

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