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Date: Feb 21 2018

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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What’s your sign? Are you a stubborn Taurus? A two-faced Gemini? A determined Capricorn? The signs of the zodiac all have certain characteristics associated with them. Some people love to read their horoscopes and use them to predict how their day or their week will be. Other people think the whole thing is just silly. How could everyone born in a particular month be alike?

It’s possible that astrology is only as useful as you want it to be. You don’t have to be completely convinced to find it fun to look at your horoscope online or in the newspaper every now and then. And isn’t it fun when you discover something written about your sign that is actually very true? Find out whether Lily and Greta are believers in this English lesson.


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Lily:  Greta, what’s your sign?

Greta:  I think I’m a Virgo.

Lily:  Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Greta:  Is that what you mean when you say “sign”?

Lily:  Yeah. Sign like in astrology. There are 12 signs on the zodiac, and each one corresponds roughly with about a month or two of the regular calendar. And according to the zodiac, depending on what sign you are, it corresponds with what kind of personality you have, the path that your life will take, what kind of professions you like, and that sort of thing. It’s pretty cool.

Greta:  Huh. I’ve always thought of astrology as being sort of New Age-y, kind of woo-woo. Where’s the science behind the idea that all people born in August are similar?

Lily:  Yeah, it’s just kind of a fun thing to do. Even if it doesn’t always completely match up, it’s just fun to see what actual similarities there are.

Greta:  That’s true. I will say, I do like reading my horoscope in the paper. So I suppose I do buy into the astrology thing a little bit. But I rarely take the advice they offer.

Lily:  Yeah. It’s fun, but you don’t have to take it too seriously.


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Greta is not a big believer in astrology. She’s not even sure what her sign is. Lily seems to know a bit more about it. She understands that the zodiac assigns certain characteristics to people born at certain times in the calendar year.

Greta just has trouble believing that everyone born in a particular month could be alike. Lily thinks that maybe Greta’s taking it a bit too seriously. It can be fun to read your horoscope and see how it matches up to your life, but you don’t have to believe every word of it.

What’s your sign? Do you believe in astrology? Do you read your horoscope, or any similar predictions?



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I did not know “buy into” means “believe”. Very good article to learn vocabulary and also grammer.

12:38 PM Feb 22 2018 |




I am Capricorn. I don’t read my horoscope because I don’t believe the predictions about future, but I think there are many things similiars about chacteres. 

08:04 PM Feb 21 2018 |

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Russian Federation

I dont belive that  the  position of  stars above me can  impact on my destiny.  I never read horoscopes.  

08:04 PM Jun 19 2014 |



i am taurus.sometimes it is interesting to read about it.but i dont listen to dailys horoscope


03:21 PM Sep 29 2013 |




dear peyman1ath,

ok …did you read the lesson carefully ? to know what kind of astrology  it   talks about ?!!! I think you didn’t.. 

it talks about signs and reading horoscope in the paper >>

do you know  what writes  horoscope  ?

it writes how your day will go on …. and there are many  sentences  in  this  lesson i will use to explain my point of view :

1- ” And according to the zodiac, depending on what sign you are, it corresponds with what kind of personality you have”

2- ” the path that your life will take”

the second sentence explains exactly which kind of astrology Islam refuses

 Islam refuses any one/ thing  says : we  can know  the future…  even if science 

dear peyman1ath,

just Allah knows the future 

maybe my mistake was that i didn’t explain in  more details … 

thank for your opinion

11:31 PM Sep 04 2013 |

1 person likes this




I am capricornio and I´ve never paid so much attention to this kinds of things because I don’t believe in astrology, cards, people who is able to predict your future, etc. because I think that I am “the owner of my destiny” and “nothing is written” (it sounds very cinematographic jeje), but due this topic I have looked for information related with my sign and surprisingly…..the information that I found about capricornio describes me very well xDD. But, on the other hand I’ve read too the signs of my parents and my brother and…...”some things are true and others are false”...then I will not take seriously my coincidence jeje

02:47 PM Sep 03 2013 |




There’s something more about Astrology. I think it’s with everyone. No matter where you’re, you’ll be always feeling the energy,pain, pride of the city you were born in even though you lived there just only a few years. The climate of that city will be your climate. I was born in a city of harsh winters and muggy with ferocious mosquitos summers, but with beautiful rugged nature and I’m always looking for the same environment and very easily endure it.

12:13 AM Sep 03 2013 |




I’m a capricorn.  The best sign ever =D

Thanks for the lesson!!

08:35 PM Sep 02 2013 |




At first  i want to thank englishbaby for this fun lesson I’ve benefited  alot 

I am Muslim girl to that  my religion says  we musn’t believe astrology and no one know what is the future only Allah (the god ) ....

12:00 AM Sep 02 2013 |




Jasonlongo, on what day and month you were born. from that you come get to know what is your sign.

06:34 PM Sep 01 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I don’t know my sign, can someone help me ?

06:17 PM Sep 01 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am a lion

I mean my sign is lion :)

I believe in astrology

at least I wanna believe, cause it always says good things.

but you really should not take it seriously cause some times it takes control of you and you have no one to blame but a piece of paper saying:go for it it is the right choice (and actually it is not) :(

04:18 PM Sep 01 2013 |

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Saudi Arabia

i dont believe in astrology at all

04:03 PM Sep 01 2013 |




astrology in my think it is just silly in iraq we have alot of people belive in horoscope

02:29 AM Sep 01 2013 |

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My sign is fishes, but I do’nt believe that it could have influence on my day or week. Maybe I believe in some influence in our personality, but I’m not sure about it.

10:00 PM Aug 31 2013 |



United States

I am a Capricorn , and at age 57, I noticed that different signs are more or less compatible , In general. My close friends seem to fit the clam of compatibly in regards to closers respected boundaries. To elaborate my point . For example a Aries Ram seem to get along well with the Goat Capricorn . My longest best friend (50 years now)is a Ram and has all the characteristics described in astrology, and we but heads sometimes but constructively work things out. Also astrology is triangular prism (Sun, Rising & Moon signs) , Your sun sign indicates which constellation of the zodiac the sun occupied when you were born. Though it is the most popular and familiar of your astrological signs, in fact it is only part of your astrological DNA. Other major elements include your rising sign, or ascendant and your moon sign.

Considering the influence earth’s moon has over the tides - the once unmeasured force of gravity - is it so farfetched to imagine that the cosmic dance of the planets and the stars might somehow influence life here on earth in ways as yet unmeasured?

Whether you read your horoscopes to unlock the secrets of your future, for seeds of contemplation and inspiration from enlightened thinkers or just for entertainment, one thing is for sure.

When you read and meditate upon your horoscopes, you are tuning into yourself and participating in the cosmic dance of the universe, because those stars, moons, asteroids and planets, which influence the authors of your horoscope are certainly influencing you in some way!

Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon (ascendant) where you were born (latitude and longitude), on the exact date, and precise time you were born.

Knowing your rising sign will provide a fuller picture.

Also important is your moon sign, which is the sign of the zodiac that the moon occupied when you were born, where you were born.

Chinese astrology has Monkey , Rooster , Dog , Pig, Rat, Ox , Tiger, Rabbit , Dragon Snake, Horse and Sheep, depending on the year we were born. I don’t know much about Chinese Astrology and any one who knows , Please share, I do Know 2013 is the Year of the Snake. I don’t know 1956 ( my birth date ) Is the Year of the Fire Monkey.

05:48 PM Aug 31 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I believe people born in similar signs have similar characteristics; I’m in Aries, and I’ve seen so many people in this sign who have similar habits to mine.

I had a biology teacher who said there is a scientific reason, relating to the effects on the baby when he’s in his mommy’s body!

However I don’t usually read horoscopes, I haven’t seen any true thing in those few ones I’ve read. 

04:24 PM Aug 31 2013 |



United States

Good Lesson.

I believe in Astrology , although how it’s translation comes in to play (a matter of accuracy).Though in question can it pin point and predict our personal daily lives (I have no conclusions )

In my views it depends on the state of mind , and how well our center is not compromised.. Still this gets deep and all through time astrology is the science of · The twelve signs · Constellations form Earths view, is a constant galaxial, elliptical motion.


(1. (Astronomy) any of a vast number of star systems held together by gravitational attraction in an asymmetric shape (an irregular galaxy) or, more usually, in a symmetrical shape (a regular galaxy), which is either a spiral or an ellipse Former names island universe extragalactic nebula Related adjective galactic

2. a splendid gathering, esp one of famous or distinguished people


“Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for human meaning in the sky. It has been argued that astrology began as a study as soon as human beings made conscious attempts to measure, record, and predict seasonal changes by reference to astronomical cycles.

Early evidence of such practices appears as markings on bones and cave walls, which show that lunar cycles were being noted as early as 25,000 years ago; the first step towards recording the Moon’s influence upon tides and rivers, and towards organizing a communal calendar. With the Neolithic agricultural revolution new needs were also met by increasing knowledge of constellations, whose appearances in the night-time sky change with the seasons, allowing the rising of particular star-groups to herald annual floods or seasonal activities. By the 3rd millennium BC, widespread civilisations had developed sophisticated awareness of celestial cycles, and are believed to have consciously oriented their temples to create alignment with the heliacal risings of the stars”

04:05 PM Aug 31 2013 |



i am muslim  and in islam the “Astrology” is a superstition!!! so i don’t belive we are in 2013!! :)

03:47 PM Aug 31 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

not at all

09:52 AM Aug 31 2013 |

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