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Date: Sep 06 2013

Themes: Health, Sports

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Do you like to work out? Are you motivated to get in shape, or is exercise the last thing you want to do with your free time? It seems like people feel one way or the other. While fitness is a big priority for some people, it can also be painful, hard work.

There are many reasons that people choose to exercise. Maybe your doctor has told you that you need to lower your cholesterol with a daily cardio plan. Maybe you want to lose weight and you’re exercising with friends. Maybe you’ve hired a personal trainer who knows how to encourage you to work hard. No matter why you do it, exercise is a big commitment and it’s something to be proud of!

Find out if Lily and Marni like to work out in this English lesson about good health.


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Marni:  I’ve got to stretch. I just finished a killer workout!

Lily:  Oh, really?

Marni:  Yeah.

Lily:  You actually make time to work out?

Marni:  It’s so important! I love doing cardio. I love getting my heart rate up. I just go running or jogging for an hour.

Lily:  I’ve never really felt motivated to actually get in shape like that. I don’t run. I’m really clumsy and I fall over things. I don’t like exercising that much, you know?

Marni:  You know what I think you need?

Lily:  What?

Marni:  A personal trainer. You need someone who’s going to be there and whip you into shape, tell you what to do… that’ll motivate you.

Lily:  I don’t think I would respond very well to someone yelling at me for an hour while I’m doing push-ups. It wouldn’t spur me on towards fitness. Do you know what I mean?

Marni:  But they do motivate you. They do encourage you to get in shape. They’ll work with you with your personal goals. And I know you have some problems with cholesterol, so you might want to think about it.

Lily:  I guess.


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Marni won’t stop talking about how much she loves to work out. She wants Lily to get excited about exercise, but Lily’s just not interested. Lily feels clumsy and isn’t motivated to go running or visit the gym. She thinks that hiring a personal trainer would be like paying someone to yell at her, and she’s definitely not cool with that plan.

Lily sounds like a lot of people in the world. She knows how important exercise is for her health, but finding the energy and interest to do it is a challenge. Marni’s attitude is the exact opposite. She’s a little obsessed with fitness and will do or say anything it takes to convince Lily to give it a try. But will it work?

Do you exercise regularly? Have you always liked to work out, or is it something you learned to like? What’s the best way to become fit?



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in my mind ,to carry on exersice depends more on your persistence and courage ,rather than hobby alone  .Most people have hobbies ,but  it doesn.t mean they can keep doing it

02:23 AM Sep 07 2013 |




please i have one question 

is’nt (killer)word mean :  assassin?

so how here it is mean :very good, awesome, or cool???

plz answer me :)


10:36 PM Sep 06 2013 |

1 person likes this





we all know how much is important to work out… but unfortunately little who’s listen to the advise , and i am one of them… i didn’t work out from alot of years my last time was in school befor 5 years and there is many reasons prevent me :

1- i have not free  time

2- there is no friends can encourage me to work out with them

3- i dont like sport

help me, what can i do? ;)


10:30 PM Sep 06 2013 |




Only those who exercise know how it feels when you take a shower after getting ur ass killed through working out; it feels sooo aaaaawwesome

The best time to get into it is the MORNING; believe it or not, exercising definitely helps to kick your day off on the right foot !!!

Those who are still lazing about it I have only one question to ask you !! Do you prefer to suffer the pain of work-out or the pain of regret ? ;) 

08:08 PM Sep 06 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i exercise 3 times a week at gym; and i really enjoy it cuz when u exercise u feel good and u will get more of aplomb i mean Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. :)

05:16 PM Sep 06 2013 |




Being fit is very important for many reasons one of them is keeping your health. Jogging and going gym daily for sure will help you, and you will find it amuse specially if you have accompany .As we know gym has many equipments which will make it more easier to lose weight; treadmills ,chest and shoulder press ,many machines and classes for many muscles.

But one of the problems here is that many don’t have a time for, some got over this by having their own in their houses or a little one in their work to do it anytime they want. Sure I know it may cost much and how expensive it’s for some, but the non acceptable thing when I hear that a person has a time and money for and be lazy to do!!!

For all who have a time or not, have a money or not ,here’s an App ‘You Are Your Own Gym’ which you can follow on youtube, and you can download on you own phone. That guy will help you use everything around you to train; your car, trees, seats, doors or whatever. If you are at home, hotel, work, or street, all what you need to look around and pick a strong thing to start. He will show you the mother of push up which is a little bit hard, but step by step you will do it!!

Someone who I know once told me that after follow his exercises ,he now has a muscles which he doesn’t think to have ‘this person goes to gym but these muscles didn’t appear until he follows him’. The witness here is that maybe that guy will help you more than the gym equipments which is many and several. Less effort, less time and without money you will have a train for your all body bones and muscles ,not for specific one as in gym’ every machine there is specific and train specific muscle’.

 Here’s the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF5-uMJD8uw                 enough being lazy and go. 

04:33 PM Sep 06 2013 |




I like spending my free time on doing sports and exercices. Its really relaxed me and i do this as regulary as I can. And now nobody has to motivate me cuz I do it myself :) I think the best way to become fit it starts at fast walking or running and increase the distance step by step each time. An sometimes u dont need pay for personal trainer if u have friend who helps u doing sport together. but if sb needs motivation, its here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZk40J_drws
so run and feel how ur heart beats :) today! 

04:26 PM Sep 06 2013 |




exercise is good for our health, so i do exercise everday.

03:12 PM Sep 06 2013 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I don’t do exercise very often, but I find other ways to stay in shape. I play tennis every day for two hours, where I run a lot, which exausts me. So now I can say that I have some muscles on my arms, haha! :D

02:48 PM Sep 06 2013 |



working out is one of the most important part of each day in my life. 3 time a week I try to visit fitness centre but cannot do it always. every day I do some exercises early in the morning. without it I can feel myself a little uncomfortable even all day)) 

02:21 PM Sep 06 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’m used to exercising everyday when I wake up in the morning for about thirty minutes and in the evening before sleeping just to get in shape. It stayed in me as an obligation (duty), if it happens that I didn’t exercise I fall sick. I got new words about exercise today !!! I really like English Baby !!!

02:18 PM Sep 06 2013 |



I exercise every day for about thirty mintues, twenty mintues for hula hoop and then ten mintues for jump rope. I like do some exercise as it will let me lose weight, it is my goal to keep slim.

Also it will make me feel happy after exercise. Come on!

01:52 PM Sep 06 2013 |



I exerceise three times a week in what I call my “home gym”. I’ve been doing it for two years now, just to stay in shape. 

My definition for workingt out is “self torture”! I don’t really like it, but I have to do it, you know, just like going to school. Something you’re obligated to do, but not really like.

I think the best way to become fit it is exercise regularly and eat healthy. And I believe that you eat determines the shape of your body more than anything. 

01:15 PM Sep 06 2013 |

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First off I work out 3 times a week, I get to the gym, and I do some cardio exercises, to be honest, I got used to motivate myself, when I’m over there I just try to focus on my health thing right? The important thing is not the way we get there, it’s rather the way how we carry on and not stop it, I guess it’s kind of necessities. Second off, I work out for 45min, being with friends or not it’s not a big deal as well as personal trainer, I just know what I’ve to do.

Since I’ve been training for months, it’s no longer hard to make it, I just got into that and it becomes like a part of my life. 

10:13 AM Sep 06 2013 |

2 people like this



there are alot of excercices in a day for a lazy person ,

to get up ,to wash face ,to take a shower, to prepare breakfast,have a breakfast, to read daily newspaper,to open PC, to read and answer mails,then visit ebaby, to read lesson and comments ,and then to try to write somethings…really more exercices !

they makes me tired..ı think, ı need take a break , ı need a cup of coffee..:)

well, ı feel my self better ,ım motivated to lesson ,

Exercise..its a torment for body ..everyday same and regular action.hard but good for health and for keeping body good performance or  get in shape well..nice idea..for people who think losing weight..ı think its best and free way is to walk..you need only a pair sport shoes..jogging is another second way ..fitness is little expensive sports..

also to ride bicyle is a kind of exercise ,and swimming too…ebaby forgat them :)

10:13 AM Sep 06 2013 |




Motivation-it’s the first what you need to reach your aim in any business.

Then -your efforts.Nothing will come to you,if you don’t work on it.

Next -it’s  your desire to see the result and get an award.

Just start and after don’t allow yourself to stop!




I can’t say I like to work out. May be it’s because I’m lazy or may be I don’t have much motivation. The idea of a personal trainer sounds interesting to me, but it should be quite expensive. But I agree that in order to get in shape you have to exercise. I’ll surely make an effort for the next summer to look pretty at the beach :) And besides, swimming is a good exercise as well, and walking along the beach is very pleasant. That’s not a real work out, but an exercise still and it’s better than nothing!

cynthia95Super Member!


I like to swim in the evening.Swimming can make me get in shape.Also I think swimming is a kind of cardio and it can keep me in good fitness.

05:17 AM Sep 06 2013 |

1 person likes this




I like work out and take in shape myself.
But I need only one condition, I do it in the open area.
I hate close me in a gym foe exsemple…..

04:58 AM Sep 06 2013 |

1 person likes this




I do exercise everyday, latin dancing every morning in the nearby park (from Monday to Friday) with my buddies. We are lucky to have a passionate teacher to teach us. Already done that for 2 years.

I practise TaiChi at nights. I do that since 2006, quite long, eh?  There is also one nice coach from He Nan province, the origin place of Taichi. Most of buddies are men. I think I am pretty good even I am a lady, ha.

I do these just because I love that, sure, it keeps me fit and look younger, and spiritful. I also meet new ppl and become friends with them, and I like that.

I do not like running or jogging, I just think that is so boring, not funny.  Sure, what kind of exercise is not important, only you love it and keep doing, it does good to you.

Believe me, workout can cheer you up!!!

04:46 AM Sep 06 2013 |

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