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High School Dances
High School Dances

Learn English with this teenage English lesson

Date: Feb 07 2018

Themes: School

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Depending on what your social life was like in high school, your memories of high school dances are probably either really great or really terrible. If you were in a popular clique, you probably had a great time at dances. But if you were a wallflower or a loner, you might have felt left out. You might hate to think about the prom or the homecoming dance.

Even if you do have negative memories of those dances, though, just hearing the music from that time can take you back. It can remind you of the DJ, and the dresses, and the suits. And maybe it can make you glad that you never have to go to a high school dance again!

Find out whether Lily and Marni have fond memories of their high school dances in this English lesson.


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Marni:  Lily, you know what happened to me the other day?

Lily:  What?

Marni:  I was going through my high school yearbook, and I came across the photos of the high school dances, and I totally put on my prom dress and played some songs from that era. It just took me back. Didn’t you just love high school dances?

Lily:  I was never really a fan, to be honest, because I was a bit of a wallflower. I didn’t really identify with any particular group. I was by myself most of the time. So those high school dances never really held any sort of appeal for me, personally.

Marni:  Gosh, I’m sorry. I really loved them. I was homecoming queen.

Lily:  Wow.

Marni:  So I always had such a busy social life that I totally just loved going to dances. It was a big part of the clique that I hung out with.

Lily:  Nice. Did you ever ask someone out yourself?

Marni:  Yeah, maybe once or twice. But mostly I got asked to dances.

Lily:  You’re like every girl I ever wanted to be. The life of the party.

Marni:  No, not really. Honestly, I loved dancing. I loved going and hanging out.

Lily:  Well, at least you didn’t feel left out.


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Marni just discovered a nostalgic item from her past: some photographs of high school dances. She really loved those dances, and has very fond memories of them.

Lily, on the other hand, didn’t love her high school dances. She wasn’t popular, and wasn’t really part of a clique. Marni always had a busy social life. She got asked to many dances, and was even homecoming queen.

Though she was very popular, though, that’s not why Marni loved those dances. She simply loved dancing!

Did you go to dances when you were in high school? If so, did you enjoy them? Do you like to dance now?



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United Kingdom

My high school dances are the sweetest flashback to my college days. But I couldn’t visit it without the support of this great writing service https://britishessaywriter.org.uk/. Thank you guys for help!

08:48 PM Feb 08 2018 |




School dances – the only thing this word reminds me is the folk dances we were instructed to do at primary school. Interestingly, we danced with some American music although I don’t know the authenticity. One of the music was called Oklahoma Mixer. Gosh, now that I am writing about it, the tune has come back to me…Stop it! No kid enjoyed the dancing, but I have to admit holding the hands of some girls I thought cute was a bit thrilling. We all hid such excitements, we were all so shy eleven-year olds. 

03:07 PM Feb 09 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We have high schools here. but we never dance in them. cause we can’t. we don’t have any salon for dancing or have party!

07:30 PM Oct 13 2013 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

This year I’m dancing almost every day. Forro, bachata, zouk, kizomba and other dances. I really like it.  

01:41 PM Oct 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

all the iranian are good dancers :)) but we dont have a special dance party like this in our islamic country!!

12:04 PM Oct 09 2013 |

javier armando


I was stucked in my home every weekend, though my friends used to party , I felt that laying on couch and watching a film was the best, but now that I have been recently hanging out and going to some parties, I realize that I have missed lots of fun! damn If only I could turn back time! so since now on I plan to party as hell!

11:37 PM Oct 07 2013 |



In high school i didn’t go for dances. I was a wallflower. However, years later i have took hip-hop classes (new school style) in a gym, i went to international workshops and i even became a dancer and teacher. When you dance hip-hop for real you become conscious of the cliques.
I also have taken tango lessons for one year. Tango is very different from hip-hop. It is a very technical and coordinated dance and you should dance it with real passion! In the present i only dance socially with friends for fun.

10:11 PM Oct 07 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I l♥ve dance,

when I am unhappy

I do this ♣♥

05:29 PM Oct 07 2013 |


Russian Federation

Dancing is very good idea with a bulging belly, after good sleep with second half! I can do it every day instead of useful work.

03:52 PM Oct 07 2013 |




What interesting contrast between Marni and Lily. Of  both  I  prefer Marni: outgoing  , always so eager   to burn  her heels  on a dancing floor.  Maybe Lily in her high school  days was  extremely shy  ,otherwise why she  a young and pretty girl  would rather  have preferred  to go unnotice  or look at as a wallflower.        

12:06 PM Oct 07 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I was kind of a wallflower, I didn’t like to participate to some homecomings, but most of my friends were very popular and had their cliques.

11:59 AM Oct 07 2013 |


United States

Nah… I always wanted to go to those dances but the pretty girls only wanted big popular guys so No I did not like them… and the food served was food made with our money (classroom) so we could buy our own food at the party!

12:59 AM Oct 07 2013 |

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