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Learn English with this painting English lesson

Date: Apr 03 2018

Themes: Hobbies, How To

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Painting is a way we bring color into our lives. We paint houses and walls cheerful colors to make us smile. And we paint pictures that remind us of beautiful places or people to hang on our walls. Museums are full of paintings that were done by famous artists.

But does that mean everybody is artistic? Can everybody paint? Or do you need a special kind of talent to take a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece?

People use different colors for different feelings. Warm colors, like red and yellow, show love and passion. Cold colors, like blue and green, can either show sadness or quiet. Sometimes it’s therapeutic to paint your feelings. But if you don’t like painting, all the colors might be overwhelming.

Amanda and Marni both paint, but one of them doesn’t like painting at all. Learn about their experiences in this English lesson about art.


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Marni:  I just went to this art class. I am just the worst painter. I’m so talentless.

Amanda:  Wow, Marni, you’re kind of down in the dumps right now. I love painting.

Marni:  You do?

Amanda:  Yeah, do you know that I fired my counselor because I just picked up painting? It’s so therapeutic!

Marni:  I just wish I was more artistic. I mean, I have no vision. I look at a blank canvas, and it just is a blank canvas to me.

Amanda:  I don’t think it’s really about skill set. I think it’s about the flow and the energy, and everything kind of comes together.

Marni:  Wow, I wish I had your vision. Man, I just feel stuck.

Amanda:  So you don’t get excited when you see a palette in front of you? All colors of the rainbow.

Marni:  No, it just feels overwhelming. It’s like, which colors do I choose? What is speaking to me? How am I going to make this come together on the canvas? And the canvas just feels like it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Amanda:  I just think it’s kind of a party for my eyes.

Marni:  Wow.

Amanda:  And my hands.

Marni:  You know, I just think you probably have a lot more talent than I do, and it’s OK. We all have our talents, and clearly, painting is not one of mine.


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Marni meets Amanda after a painting class. She’s clearly upset by her experience with art. Marni doesn’t think she has any talent for painting, so spending time in front of a blank canvas just makes her unhappy.

Amanda, on the other hand, loves painting. Filling her canvas with different colors is a really relaxing experience for her. She says she loves seeing how the finished piece comes together. She doesn’t follow any rules for painting, she just lets her ideas come naturally.

Marni doesn’t agree with Amanda. She still thinks it’s too much trouble to pick out colors or decide what to paint. Marni says Amanda has more talent than she does, but that’s OK with her. Not everybody can paint a masterpiece.

Do you like painting? Do you think painting is relaxing or stressful? Should Marni keep trying to paint?



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ml2000Super Member!


Everyone is different. If you don’t like art, it is clearly not your thing. Just like if you do not like watching TV, spending time in front of a TV just makes you unhappy.

05:37 AM Apr 07 2018 |


ml2000Super Member!


If you are depressed, you feel down in the dumps.

05:34 AM Apr 07 2018 |



United States

I don’t see painting relaxing because I have to put lots of effort to do that. But I do find peaceful by looking at drawing pictures of a small peaceful village in the middle of nature.

06:24 PM Apr 06 2018 |


GWTASuper Member!


I have many handicraft skills but painting doesn´t belong to it.

08:36 AM Apr 03 2018 |

1 person likes this


United States


01:40 PM Dec 28 2016 |


United States

Following the time when i was in grade school i have been enthusiastic about drawing. I used to copy pictures. As i developed, i figured out descriptions how to draw without anyone else and kept on working on drawing any chance i had. I do scene, conceptual, and picture. I appreciate utilizing oil hues, water hues, aclyric, and hued pencils. I think time flies quick when i am painting and i feel incredible each time i am done painting. Infrequently i get extremely joined to my artistic creations since every work of art has a piece of me. It may appear to be crazy yet it is valid. After i complete my work of art i go straight to kitchen and make me something to eat on the grounds that i get super ravenous in the wake of painting.:)

12:59 PM Feb 17 2016 |

1 person likes this



thanks for the lesson!

08:31 AM Feb 15 2016 |



painting it takes time by is fan and relaxed 

01:47 AM Apr 30 2015 |




I don’t know how to paint (though I wish I did), but I do know how to draw anime characters!
When I was a kid, my friends and I used to compete to see who could draw the best drawing. It really increased my motivation, and as the time went by, I began to watch some youtube videos to learn new techniques.
It takes time, but in the end I feel proud of myself. :)

11:40 PM Jan 30 2014 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

Ever since i was in elementary school i have been passionate about drawing. I used to imitate pictures. As i grew, i learned to draw by myself and continued to practice drawing any chance i had. I do landscape, abstract, and portrait. I enjoy using oil colors, water colors, aclyric, and colored pencils. I think time flies fast when i am painting and i feel great every time i am done painting. Sometimes i get very attached to my paintings because each painting has a part of me. It might seem insane but it is true. After i get my art work done i go straight to kitchen and make me something to eat because i get super hungry after painting.:) 

09:04 PM Jan 29 2014 |




Absolutely yes. Undoubtedly it makes people to feel relaxed and helps them to get out of their turbulence mind. Actually for being a painter it’s necessary to have a peaceful and also passion soul beside special talents. I think some of them look at the universe in other window than ordinary people don’t. 

Last year and during in one of my trips to a castle I saw several masterpiece landscapes which hang on the walls as an art treasures. I got totally surprised. They were really fantastic. I had never realized that painting can be impressive me like this. I even can’t describe them how the great they were. the only word is WOW



11:47 AM Jan 29 2014 |

1 person likes this




I believe that human can learn everything ,but I also believe that they don’t like everything , so if you wanna be professional in the thing you learn you must choose the thing you like you must folow your heart ….

11:23 AM Jan 25 2014 |



I dont like painting to be honest. It seems like I dont have any talent for painting coz its not even fun to do that. Its so stressful in other words.

I’d rather love music, playing instruments and listening to good tunes. I think we should keep doing what we love to do if for pleasure.

03:49 PM Jan 23 2014 |




I think painting is relaxing.  I like painting but I’m not talented for that.  I believe you need talent and then you should improve your skills.  It’s important to discover whether you are good or not for doing any activity.

If you really love to do something it will be easier to improve your skill set and that will lead you to succeed.

I could spend hours in a museum it’s a wonderful experience, my favorite Monet – Water Lilies.


have a nice day :D

01:23 PM Jan 23 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I like painting but I ain’t good at that

12:57 PM Jan 23 2014 |



i like pianting,too. painting makes me feel relaxing and cheerful.I think always has a kind of painting way  just for you to realxing your feeling.

01:00 AM Jan 23 2014 |




Ryo, i like it! You’re talented, keep on doing that!

11:05 PM Jan 22 2014 |




As a way of consolation  to Marni I  also  climb  aboard  the bandwagon  of  untalented artists . I would suggest to Marni to go slowly by starting painting an apple ,a flower and so forth ,   with the proper guide eventually she should be able to paint more difficult subjects. I think that painting is  relaxing  and creative .  

09:04 PM Jan 22 2014 |

condemigSuper Member!

Dominican Republic

i don´t like painting, but i´m agree that painting it´s relaxing and  see the picture it´s to much  relaxing. 

07:36 PM Jan 22 2014 |




It’s true i inherited my mother’s beautiful look and i am happy about it ,BUT her painting skill ooooh i didn’t .”dodgy genes”

Being good at sewing ,i always wanted at least to master designing dresses that comes to my imagination ,but the moment i began drawing one ,the image in my mind shatters into unfamiliar pieces,it looks just like a 4years-old child drawing

AND guess what ? I immediatly HATE THE DRESS!

06:59 PM Jan 22 2014 |

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