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Learn English with this deodorant English lesson

Date: Nov 08 2017

Themes: Friend, Health, Sports

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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It’s extremely awkward to tell a friend that they stink. But when getting close to a friend’s armpit makes you want to hold your nose, it’s time to find something tactful to say. Sometimes people don’t even know that they are in need of a strong deodorant. Others don’t care and aren’t self-conscious at all.

Talking about hygiene is tricky. Has anyone ever said that you have bad breath, or that something was stuck in your teeth? That person was probably as embarrassed to tell you as you were to hear it. But would you rather not know that you have bad breath or something stuck in your teeth? That might be worse!

Read more to learn who has a hygiene problem in this English lesson about deodorant.


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Marni:  Lily, I just did a killer workout. I feel great.

Lily:  So, did you shower afterwards?

Marni:  Nah. I like to sweat and just feel it.

Lily:  The particular scent of exertion.

Marni:  Yeah! I love it! I mean, you know? It feels good, you know?

Lily:  Maybe you should try a deodorant when you work out. I know I do, and it makes me feel a whole lot less self-conscious about things.

Marni:  Oh. Are you saying that I stink? I mean I use…

Lily:  Sorry! I’m trying to be tactful.

Marni:  Geez, I’m embarrassed. I use these natural methods. I use the crystals under my armpits. If you’re having to hold your nose around me, I need to clearly rethink this.

Lily:  It’s hard, because you never know what the actual etiquette is for that. Most people just ignore it and sort of inch away if somebody is a little bit more pungent than normal. I think I might have some deodorant in my bag, actually. Hold on a second. Let me look for it. Here you go.

Marni:  OK. Well, is this roll-on or spray? How do I use this?

Lily:  It’s a roll-on. It’s full of essential oils. It’ll make you smell like a lavender bush.

Marni:  All right. Well, that sounds great.


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Even though it’s hard to talk about, Lily feels like she has to tell Marni something awkward. She kind of stinks! Marni has been exercising and she just doesn’t smell good. Lily must really care about Marni to find a way to talk to her about her hygiene. It’s a very uncomfortable subject and it’s important to be tactful.

Marni is embarrassed, but she doesn’t seem too hurt by what Lily has shared. Lily offers to let Marni try her special deodorant with essential oil from a lavender plant. It smells wonderful, and it’s going to help. Talking about hygiene isn’t going to mess up their friendship after all.

Do you use deodorant? Do you think everyone should, or is it not that important?



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  Using a deodorant is helpful to mask the bad smell that arise during times of exertion. But I always apply it in the morning after a shower , and it lasts the entire day. And yes , I love doing workouts! 

02:54 PM May 17 2018 |



That awkward moment when you use deodorant, but it actually makes you smell worse.

10:30 AM Nov 08 2017 |

1 person likes this

andreia silva


Se shoud take a shower instead of simply use The  roll on deodorant …rs

11:26 PM Nov 07 2017 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I agree with this post

its verry important to use this..

also u dont wanna to have bad smelly..i use deodorant

08:58 AM Nov 05 2015 |




I use deodorant every day and anti perspirant. Thats so important because I dont wanna be smelly, and i hate it when someone come near me n that person its smelling :p Pls use deodorant!!

09:25 PM Jul 08 2014 |

1 person likes this




I like Dolce Gabbana, light blue

And Versace is unbeatable. It’s just magic. When you wear it, it’s so classic, it’s even dictates Vesace clothing design. Really, you can’t help feeling it.  Aromatherapy is a very pshychological thing.


09:08 PM Jan 02 2014 |




as far as im concerned, deodorant is not the great solution for those who have that burden of stinking.i used to use it, for a few times, just to swag.now i prefer perfumes, at least there is no contact with my body with it.as a tip, ill advise them just  meticulously get washed,every time they have sweat a lot.moreover, concerning deodorants i red some bad ad on internet where one allegedly say that breast cancers are caused by deos…i dont know, maybe its true, maybe not.

11:14 AM Nov 05 2013 |




Deodorant? I really don’t know that before. All the people around me they don’t use it.And I even can’t find it in the supermarket! I think we chinese don’t use it because we smell just ok. But I know many girls use perfume. Maybe that is a kind of deodorant?

And I think keeping oneself clean clothes and clean body is just enough. Why should use some chemical products on one’s body? Does the chemical products have no damage to the body and no smell?

02:20 AM Nov 05 2013 |



I use Rexona deodorant too, it’s the best , really

07:00 PM Nov 04 2013 |

1 person likes this




Yes, I do. It is pivotal. I think everyone should use it.

03:07 PM Nov 04 2013 |




It’s really so hard to find one of your friends having this proplem and don’t use the deodorant and most of the times you can’t face that type of truth with your friend as it gonna be very embarrasing to him.

12:15 PM Nov 04 2013 |

1 person likes this



topic is out of my range :)

10:36 AM Nov 04 2013 |

1 person likes this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I seldom stink, cos I don’t have enough oil in my body. But I’m used to using some deodorants to just avoid smelling bad and keep the hygiene of my body.

09:48 AM Nov 04 2013 |




Yeah . i think it’s very important to be self-conscious about personal hygiene .

on one hand, it’s good for your health . on the other hand , this shows your respect to others around u .

i’m sensitive to stinks . so i can smell bad on the bus frequently , especially in winter . but it’s a little impolite to hold your nose at front of this person . besides , it’s not tactful to tell someone something awkward in pubic . this would make him/her feel embrassed . so in this situation , i’ll try my best to inch away from him/her or turn around not to face to face with him/her .

07:09 AM Nov 04 2013 |



I use Rexona deodorant. I think everyone should have his/her own deodorant as it is important to keep the armpits dry all day and feel good, not stink. 

06:16 AM Nov 04 2013 |




What a touchy issue this time EB brought about. I don’t like to hurt feelings so my position is to Inch away as soon as posible from that person ,and not without wondering why that person likes coming across as someone that doesn’t care what others might think of his lack of hygiene. One interesting case: there Was two friends and one had Bad odour, his friend told him if he hadn’t notice that: no, Was the reply. Bad odours are like defects, after a time we Get used to them and don’t perceive it anymore, except by the people that are around us.

02:00 AM Nov 04 2013 |



Yes I do! And I think it is important, no matter the level of exertion. Armpits without a special care stinks! People need to get self-conscious about that. And I think must people do! I agree that it needs to be tactful for telling someone that he or she is pungent! It’s an embarrassed situation for both, so it’s important to be handy! Personally I prefer avoid it, if it’s an occasional situation.

10:15 PM Nov 01 2013 |

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