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Being Sick
Being Sick

Learn English with this being sick English lesson

Date: Jan 08 2018

Themes: Health

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Achoo! Uh-oh. Are you getting sick?

Sneezing, headaches, and a warm, red face are all signs that you have a cold. Most of the time, extra rest can help people feel better. Sometimes, though, an illness is more serious, so people need medicine to get over it.

When health problems don’t go away after a couple of days, it’s time to talk to a doctor. The doctor might use a thermometer to check the patient’s temperature. He or she can look at the symptoms and diagnose the sickness.

Find out if Amanda is really ill, or if she’s just imagining her health problems in this English lesson about being sick.


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Amanda:  I don’t feel well.

Mason:  Oh yeah? What kind of symptoms do you have?

Amanda:  I’ve got a fever. My temperature is off the charts. It’s probably 120 [degrees Fahrenheit] right now. My palms are clammy. I’ve got the chills. I don’t know if I’m hot or cold.

Mason:  Wow, here, let me feel your forehead. You know, Amanda, I don’t really feel anything. Are you sure this isn’t just all in your head?

Amanda:  How could it be all in my head? Look at my face. It’s bright red.

Mason:  Let me ask you this. Is there anything that you’re maybe trying to avoid or that’s stressing you out lately?

Amanda:  I don’t really want to go to work tomorrow.

Mason:  Have you ever been described as a hypochondriac?

Amanda:  I don’t even know what that means.

Mason:  OK. Still, I think you might just want to take it easy, and you’ll probably just get over it.

Amanda:  Are you a doctor?

Mason:  I’m a doctor of awesome!

Amanda:  I don’t really think you can diagnose me, do you?

Mason:  Not officially, but I don’t really see any of the stuff you’re talking about.

Amanda:  Why don’t we just have you take my temperature, and we’ll call it good?

Mason:  OK. I’ll go find the thermometer.

Amanda:  Thanks.


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Amanda thinks she’s getting sick. She tells Mason a list of her symptoms: a very high temperature, the chills, and a bright red face.

Mason isn’t sure about Amanda’s illness, though. He thinks she’s imagining her health problems, maybe because she wants to skip work tomorrow. He thinks resting will help her get over it.

Amanda doesn’t think that Mason has the skills to diagnose her. He isn’t a doctor, after all. She asks him to get the thermometer, which will tell the truth about how high her temperature is.

Do you go to the doctor right away when you feel sick? Have you ever thought you were sick, but really just wanted to avoid doing something you dislike?



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The Last Joke


Doctors use medicine to treat diseases , or disorders of the body .

However , the medicine we need is often very expensive or difficult to find .

There are also many diseases which doctors can’t cure .

Suffering from any illness is an unpleasant experience . Being sick is not fun for anyone

It is better to protect ourselves from diseases before they can occur .

There is an English proverb which says “ Prevention is better than cure ” .

02:38 PM Jan 08 2018 |


ola3Super Member!


How to stop being sick.
Stay positive. Great mood kills all the bacteria. Not proved but true. Take it as magic.
Take as much water as you can. It’s a true healer. Pharmaceutical companies don’t advertise water as a healer, because they need to sell drugs. So develop a habit to drink water.
Fresh air.

02:07 PM Jan 08 2018 |



United Kingdom

When being sick, I wait for few days before booking an appointment with my GP. Usually, over-the-counter medicines rectify day to day ailments. And if I don’t get it over with over the counter medicines, I request my GP to prescribe me antibiotics.
Sometimes, that’s as well true that I’m only tired, and I like to exaggerate my situation for taking a leave. :)) It’s all right if you do that few times a year. If cars need service so do we humans.

10:21 AM Jan 08 2018 |



you must be careful because winter is coming :):): even came :)

07:44 AM Jan 08 2018 |

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hofpilsSuper Member!


I had a cold for some weeks. No, I didn’t prented this cold. My temperature was normal and I didn’t have a clammy skin. I felt some sickness and nose runs. For this cases I can make a diagnosis on my self or I’m capable to recognize my symptoms.

05:59 AM Jan 08 2018 |



Ive’d been sick last week. It was cold, with cough and snizzing. I didn’t go to doctor, i stayed at home and take a good rest for two days,... i treated my self with water therapy (dringking distilled water as more as i could). And with that, i helped my self to get over it.

08:49 PM Nov 14 2013 |


South Korea

 i pretended to be sick when i was young. i didn’t want to  go to school because i had not do my school assignment.

it’s really important to keep in shape. let’s work out.

01:33 AM Nov 14 2013 |




i had a bad headache the other day . but now  i have got over it .

08:45 AM Nov 12 2013 |




I used to fake sickness in order to avoid to go to school. hhhhhh!

It was a bliss if my plan worked. Really I can’t tell.

This happens to probably the most of people. You just need to remember that time. It’s a cool, happy and tremendous period of one’s life.

09:11 PM Nov 11 2013 |




I am in the same page with  Nadya. If there is someting that gives me the chills is going to a doctor for a check-up. First i would try  any kind of  pills  and grandMa medicines and as a last resort, if nothing works out  I would make an appoinment with a doctor. Yes, many times  I  have wished that i were sick  ,i knew that  it would be a good and reasonable excuse  to skip  an undesirable  work or situation.

08:32 PM Nov 11 2013 |



When I was a schooling kid , I usually had a pseudo-fever ..cuz i didn’t want to go to school hehe :D

01:33 PM Nov 11 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i never use this gimmik to avoid doing something.

12:48 PM Nov 11 2013 |



Im not afraid to be sick ,coz ım a human..plus,ım very sensitive to cold weather..ı can be easily sick..


Im afraid of to be alone in this sickness period..ı need a warm smile,sincere caring..a hot drink or soup .. 

11:00 AM Nov 11 2013 |




I’m going to doctor only if I was sicking more than week. 

When I’m sick It is uncomfortable and sad. But when my daughters are sicking it is terrify. 

09:51 AM Nov 11 2013 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I have not time to getting sick ;).

07:10 AM Nov 11 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’ve got a cold just right now and my face is really bright red and i think it should be fine to call for a doctor.

06:27 AM Nov 11 2013 |




I got a cough for 3dys,I think i will get over it. To make myself recover quickly,I am going to see a doc this afternoon..><

However,I never imagine that i am sick in order to skip the classes or the heavy work…If i do that,i will feel guilty….......

06:13 AM Nov 11 2013 |



Russian Federation

I don’t go to the doctor right away when I feel sick and besides I don’t go to the doctor when I have a cold. Of course, I realize that is not right but I hate doctors and hospitals and I’m afraid of them very much.

Oh, yes! Sometimes I imagined that I was sick when I wanted to avoid doing something for example, I didn’t want to go to school when I was a pupil.

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