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ring true

ring true

Date: Dec 19 2013

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“What’s important to me is to make sure my characters ring true and reflect a trueness to society.”

Actor Kerry Washington speaking about what she tries to do while acting


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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seem to be correct; sound likely

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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The music of a symphony or a choir can be a spiritual experience. It can make one person smile and another cry. It all depends on the kind of music, the person or people performing it, and the person who is listening to it. Yet the music of a bell is going to have the same exact sound for each person who hears it. It can be played softly or loudly, but it will ring in the same key each time.

If something rings true for you, it means that it seems or sounds correct to you. If your friend tells you that she didn’t like a movie and you agree with her, her opinion rings true for you. If a man reads a book about a person who grew up in the same city as he did, that person’s story could ring true for him. In many ways, when something rings true for two people, they are hearing something in the same key… whether it’s an opinion they both share, an experience they both had, or simply the sound of a bell.

Actor Kerry Washington wants to be sure that the characters she plays on TV or in movies ring true with the people who are watching her. She’s not interested in being a character that other people can’t understand. She’s interested in characters who seem real and who people will believe.

Is there a book or a movie that rings true for you? How is it like something you’ve experienced or something you feel?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She told me why she was late, but her story doesn’t ring true.”

“The words in this song really ring true for me. It’s my favorite!”

“I understand why this book rings true for you, but I find it hard to believe.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Ria1990 to appear authentic
by Ria1990
Nijar Sound true!
by Nijar
 julito to give the impression of being true
by julito

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Once i was seeing a wonderful movie that suddenly a sentence drew my attention and made lots of sense to u. According to this dialog as far as i remember the main character said:

Secrets have weights. The more u keep the harder is keeping move. 

This interesting phrase was very ring true for me. 

06:20 AM Dec 25 2013 |




The new appointed Pope  is making headlines and gaining respect in the media and the people because  he is addressing controversial issues  with determination and courage . The Pope  in his youth lived  and studied in my neighborhood  and i know people who have met him personally . His words rings true for me  that he is  set  to bring about a needed  renovation in the catholic church  .

08:13 PM Dec 19 2013 |



she said ” woman and man can not be friends “

he answered ” it doesnt ring true ..you cannot know it unless you tried “

she answered ” your words ring true,now” 

04:35 PM Dec 19 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

sounds reasonable and believable 

11:20 AM Dec 19 2013 |

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I really liked the phrase in the movie Nothing but the Truth ”  Sometimes a mistake is like wearing white after Labour Day, and sometimes a mistake is invading Russia in winter! ” It’s about that mistakes differ, about a slight mistake and a serious one. It makes you think a little bit and to take life a little bit serious in different situations of course. The phrase ‘ring true’ to me since 3 months ago I went through quite an incident that caused me much pain, but a person whose blame was just kept on saying, “oops, sorry, it was a mistake”.

04:30 AM Dec 19 2013 |




I like movie Shawshank Redemption,Andy said “hope is a good thing and maybe the best things ,and no good things ever dies that rings true for me.

03:11 AM Dec 19 2013 |

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