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Seasonal Work
Seasonal Work

Learn English with this seasonal work English lesson

Date: Mar 28 2018

Themes: Holidays, Work

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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In songs and movies, the holidays are often called the most wonderful time of the year. Spending time with family and friends, creating traditions, and going to parties all make the season special.

However, the holidays could also be named the most expensive time of year. Buying presents can strain your budget. When your expenses exceed your income, you might be worried about how to pay your bills.

One way people make ends meet is by temping. Adding a part-time or seasonal job might make your life busier for a time, but it will definitely help you make more money. It’s also a good way to take a sneak peak at another job. Maybe you’ll even end up getting hired permanently!

Learn what advice Rafael gives Jeff about seasonal work in this English lesson.


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Rafael:  Hey, Jeff. What’s going on, man?

Jeff:  You know what? I need to make some more money.

Rafael:  Oh, OK. Well, it’s holiday season. It’s going to be pretty hard to find a job. Have you ever thought of temping?

Jeff:  You know, I’ve heard of it. What does that involve? What am I getting myself into?

Rafael:  Temping is basically short for a temporary job, and it can range from lots of things, like working retail, customer service, grocery stuff… you name it.

Jeff:  OK. Other than the extra money, are there any perks?

Rafael:  Well, as long as you don’t get yourself fired or anything, it could be a lot of fun.

Jeff:  Interesting. You know what? I have a buddy that did that, and he ended up getting hired on permanently.

Rafael:  That’s awesome. That’s another cool thing about temp jobs. It can go from being a temp to being hired.

Jeff:  Although, he did complain a lot about getting almost no respect from anybody else there while he was a temp.

Rafael:  Well, think about it this way. You’re earning a little bit of extra money. So in the end of the day, if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s worth it.

Jeff:  I’m going to give it a shot.


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Jeff tells Rafael that he needs to make some more money. Unfortunately, it’s holiday season, and there are not many good jobs available. Rafael suggests Jeff try temping. Working part-time at a clothing store or coffee shop might not be Jeff’s dream job, but it will help him pay the bills.

Jeff asks Rafael what kind of commitment is involved with temping. He also wants to know what perks he’ll get through seasonal work. Rafael says that it can be fun to work somewhere else for awhile. There’s also the possibility that temporary work can lead to a permanent position.

Have you ever tried temping? What kinds of perks have you had at part-time jobs?



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In Afghanistan unemployment ratio is high and the common temping is street vending, unfortunately it has no any perks and you must charge the permission ticket to do it. But I love seasonal works due to make some money and become self-reliance to pay some university fee and no need financial aid with high interest rate.

09:06 AM Mar 28 2018 |

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United States

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08:26 PM Apr 19 2014 |




I  had  tried temping twice . Actully , it was’nt for earn money . Beacaus I am a student , I feel so boring during  holidays , I had long leisure time . So I decided to have a part time job . I was hired in Costa Caffe . Really it was very useful and wonderful experience .

06:55 PM Jan 25 2014 |




Bcz of being in my father clothing shop during holidays and also in the summer i’ve never got this opportunity to take a temping occupation. In fact to handle my expensive expenses I used to be a translator. The payment was fair enough. I was perfetly able to have a lot of great vacations with my crazy friends with no worries about high priced costs. Nowadays, In addition to translating I usually take some industrial projects as well as consulting for dissertation on special subjects make me afford of paying lots of things. 

06:25 AM Jan 03 2014 |




I had tried temping in restaurant during my summer holiday.That’s a good experience,except perks i made friends with my customers,really cool.

08:25 AM Dec 31 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

seasonal work is ok because it give us some money to pay our bills and ect. 

04:54 PM Dec 30 2013 |




I tried temping last summer but I didn’t get a job because of holiday-season. A lot of young people want to get a part-time job in summer and I wasn’t fast enough. After summer I can’t work because of school. Maybe next summer.

03:40 PM Dec 30 2013 |

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Marcel We

Marcel We


I think in my summer holidays I’ll try it or “give it a shot” (as it’s called here). I’ve already thought of looking for some possibilities that could be appealing to me but so far I haven’t had enough time because of school. I think temping has a lot of advantages because you can not only earn some extra money you also get some work-experience and if you apply for a job in future you can mention it in your application because it shows that you are an ambitious and hard-working person. 

12:10 PM Dec 30 2013 |




 I have tried temporary  work ,way ,way back in time during the summer recess  of the  primary school. The pay was not good  and perks were non-existent. I agree that  people  holding a temporary position don´t get a lot of respect ,after all your boss  knows that you aren`t going to stay long  and doesn`t want   to get involved too much , other  that checking on you to be sure that you are working hard  to earn the money  that they are paying  for. jejejejeje,  but not always works it that way, i should be more optimistic. :))))

11:33 AM Dec 30 2013 |



Seasonal work is useful for any young man ,trainning skills,adding  confidence,getting friend ,i think it is a lot fun,is it?  BUt  you should attention  drug or other bad things 。Otherwise i think seasonal work is good things for anyone.

09:18 AM Dec 30 2013 |

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