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Learn English with this graphic novels English lesson

Date: Feb 06 2018

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Have you ever seen the movies “Batman,” “Spiderman,” or “Iron Man”? Each of these superheroes started as a story in a comic book. Comics can be found on the shelves of bookstores, in newspapers, and of course, on the internet. They are read by millions of people around the world. And they’re not just for kids… adults like comics, too.

What makes a comic book good? You might like a comic book because you enjoy the author’s sense of humor. It’s possible that you choose your comics because of their illustrations. Some people read comics as an escape when their lives are stressful. Whether you prefer dark comics or the goofier kind, you can always find one that will make you happy.

Jeff and Mason are discussing how they feel about comic books. Read more to learn what they like and don’t like in today’s English lesson.


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Mason:  I’m so excited, man. It is Wednesday. You know what that means?

Jeff:  No.

Mason:  New comic book day.

Jeff:  Is it?

Mason:  Absolutely.

Jeff:  Wow.

Mason:  I know it’s a little bit weird, but I still love going to the comic book store every week on the day that they put the new books out on the shelves.

Jeff:  I used to love them, but come on. You’re a grown man. Isn’t that a little childish?

Mason:  No way, dude. There are so many different types of comics. There’s absolutely something for everybody.

Jeff:  Do you like maybe something with a little more sense of humor? Like comics in a newspaper or political cartoons?

Mason:  Not as much. To me, comics have kind of been my escape, so I like the goofier stuff, or stuff that’s a little bit more kind of dark.

Jeff:  I guess you have a point. When I used to really like them, I liked the ones that paid a lot of attention to detail with the illustrations. I like the visual aspect almost more than the story.

Mason:  Absolutely. Don’t even get me started about the art. A comic can have a great story, but if the art’s no good, I’m not much into the style… I can’t really get into it.

Jeff:  You swayed me.

Mason:  I’ve got plenty you can borrow just to start. So there you go.

Jeff:  All right.


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Mason is sharing his love of comics with Jeff. Every week, he enjoys going to the comic book store to look at the new books. Mason explains that there are so many kinds of comics available, that everyone should be able to find a comic they like. Jeff isn’t so sure he believes his friend, though.

Jeff feels like comic books are for kids, and that Mason might be a little old to still be reading them. But after they talk about comics for a few minutes, Jeff starts to remember what he liked about them when he was younger. Mason makes some excellent points and Jeff decides to give comics another chance.

Are comics popular with you and your friends? What is your favorite comic, and what makes it so good?



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Well!! Generally, reading comic books or magazines are really funny and full of humor senses that make me to be happy, laugh so much and take me out of my stressful life as well as daily problems. Yeha, it’s cool. In fact i think the point

03:54 PM Feb 06 2018 |




Well!! Generally, reading comic books or magazines are really funny and full of humor senses that make me to be happy, laugh so much and take me out of my stressful life as well as daily problems. Yeha, it’s cool. In fact i think the point is here that bcz I read different papers and books i prefer to see comedy movies besides serials instead of reading comic gazettes. Bunch of them are “Friends”, “Mr. Bean”, “Jim Cary Produces”, “Big bang Theory”, “New girl” and so on.

Another main thing is that bcz most of my friends whom i meet up them are really crazy and make themselves fool mostly i can see the effect of humor such as comic books or other kinds of them on my life, practically.

07:29 AM Feb 12 2014 |

Carla Cristina Fagundes


Well, I’m not used to read comics, but I like political cartoons, because I think they are funny and sarcastic at the same time.

01:18 AM Feb 10 2014 |




I haven’t read a lot of comics, but I like some.  I learned many things.  Some of them talk about society problems in disguise. 

Dilbert is one of my favorites

have a nice day

10:18 PM Feb 09 2014 |




Remember that I was younger, I liked reading “Donald Duck” (my brother had a huge collection of it):)

04:03 PM Feb 07 2014 |




bazinga ! sheldon , raja , howard , leonerd

09:21 AM Feb 07 2014 |




Comics are fun in leaning English. You look at the with interest and you laugh and English phrases are memorized better. I alway need some visual aids to learn something. It’s fun.

10:59 PM Feb 05 2014 |

1 person likes this




jejejeje!!! Mason should be a  fan of  the freakiest  guys  I have ever seen on a comedy show “The big bang theory ” ,they  are a bunch of  boys  that prefer  to visit regularly a comic store  than going out on a date.  I usually like to  read cartoons on line, some of them are very funny: Andy Capp , Blondie, Dennis the menace . 

07:01 PM Feb 05 2014 |




I like reading all kinds of comics – from those made for kids, to those that are a little darker. I don’t care if it sounds childish! It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed and that I always will! My shelves are full of them!

Besides, they’ve already thaught me so many things! Lately, I decided to buy a few in English, and what I like the most about them is that they’re full of slang and expressions!

It’s quite up to you what you’re going to do with those comics… You can just sit there, say that they’re made for kids and miss out on a great opportunity to learn something new or leave this concept and take action now!

04:20 PM Feb 05 2014 |


Viet Nam

I liked to read comics when i were a junior. I could read them throughout night without sleeping so mom turned my room’s lights off at the bedtime which was usually 9PM. But it didnt stop me from reading, i read the book by using the flashlight and that’s why my vision is getting bad. I had to wear the eyeglasses since 7th grade. I only liked the goofy comics. I also liked to draw the comic characters eventhough i dont have the artistic.

03:10 PM Feb 05 2014 |



I don’t read comics much any more but I sometimes go to a manga cafe for escaping busy day as the guys are talking. 

02:53 PM Feb 05 2014 |




The comics are not very popular with me and friends actually.But I always see there are many kids reading the comics in the bookshop or library.My friends and I prefer the animation.

01:30 PM Feb 05 2014 |

1 person likes this



Comics are not popular with me and my friends. I don’t have favorite comic, but I love to watch comics (e.g. Marvel comic publisher) that are made into movies.

12:36 PM Feb 05 2014 |




I agree with the guy, that comics (mangas) can be an escape from the reality of this world. They have the same effect of a movie or a song sometimes. But because of the continuance, they tok a longer part in our life or has a more longer effect than a movie. I like dark and serious ones like Berserk, but also a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist series. I used to like american comics too, but those “stretch tights and wearing an underwear on your trousers” idea seems a little unreal to me now. I also don’t believe a completely good or completely bad character anymore. 

11:40 AM Feb 05 2014 |




comic sucks, playboy rocks. 

09:49 AM Feb 05 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you know,i think all people some times need to forget their problems and make different situations to laugh,so what can be better than a comic book when you’re with friends?

I  do enjoy comics!

09:26 AM Feb 05 2014 |

munisa alimatova


so, i think, comics are not popular with me cos Ain’t like. but it is popular with friends.

05:36 AM Feb 05 2014 |

1 person likes this




Yeah, comics are popular around me and my friends. I like reading romance comic but I also read Shounen comic such as, Death note, One Piece and Naruto.   

05:13 AM Feb 05 2014 |




Comics are popular with my and my friends,Most of comics we like are from japan.I like Detective Conan,Inuyasha,Hokajeninjia.

03:13 AM Feb 05 2014 |




I read no comics

02:26 AM Feb 05 2014 |

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